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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 2

Part 2


“Miss Gupta, this way” told the receptionist. Misha had to leave for some urgent meeting suddenly taking place leaving Khushi alone to attend the meeting with Mr. Raizada.

Khushi had been very nervous throught her drive towards AR, Arnav singh Riazada’s office.
The moment her car stopped inside the portico, one tall uniformed man open the door to let her out of the car.
“Uh! That’s grand she noted mentally.
The portico was double height. The roof rested on 6 huge white pillars. It wasnot at all a fancy building what she had picturized it to be. It was a kind of heritage building with white brick façade.
The moment she stepped on the stairway, she could easily make out the pricy marble floor laid under her black leather stiletto.
The stair laid towards a waste opening inside, with mezzanine floor above her head. And the skylight filling up the entire ground floor.
“she had seen many offices but Arnav Singh Raizada’s office was something one should definitely visit once in her lifetime.
The entire atmosphere was filled with busy young people. She noticed a stark difference between the office get up and the people working in it. The office was grand and looked as as if it was an office of some man in his 50. If she did not know Arnav by face she would have easily perceived him as one of those who is in his 50s. but the sight inside was just the opposite. Nearly all employees were inbetween 20s to 35s, very young and vibrant.
However scrutinizing each and everything around her she went towards the huge desk, which was absolutely placed at the center of the hallway.
“Erm! I would have an appointment with Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada”.
“you are late by 30 seconds maam”, came the reply.
Khushi frowned a little and looked at her watch, which was tied in her thin wrist.
“Does that mean he will not meet today?” Khushi questioned regretting seeing around his office, which could have saved 2 mins of her time.
“Well, Mr. Raizada doesnot meet anyone who misses” the receptionist finally looked at Khushi keeping her paper-work.
“Can you kindly check with him once if that’s not a big problem”.
“I cant Miss gupta, its his order and I am afraid you have to take another appointment with him”.
“Ok. Can I speak to Mr aman Mathur?”.
The receptionist dialed his extension.
“Some Miss Gupta wants to talk to you sir”.
The receptionist handed over the phone to Khushi.
“Hi! Mr Mathur”.
“You are late Miss Gupta”.
“I know, I am sorry for that”.
“I m afraid you cannot meet him today”.
“That’s ok but can you rescedule the meeting?”
“I have to check with him, as he will be traveling next week. Anyways I will inform you after speaking to him”.
“Thanks a tone and my apology”.
“Make sure next time you are here on time”.
Khushi gave a warm smile towards the receptionist and handed over the receiver.
“Thanks a lot. I should get going now”.
Khushi picked up her file and stuffs from the sofa and headed towards the exit when suddenly someone called her from behind.
“Miss Gupta!”.
Khushi was almost about to fall hearing her name all of a sudden but she managed.
“yes!” she said turning towards the source of her name.
“I am sorry to stop you like that but Mr. Raizada would like to meet you now”.
Khushi’s eyes widened. “How is that possible, she thought”.
Without saying anything she nodded and started walking behind the man.
The man took her upstairs and made her sit in an elite waiting zone.
Big white sofa’s, she wondered how can they maintain them so nicely.
Buffet served at once corner.
Her nose filled with coffee odor.
“Maam! You may proceed towards Mr Raizada’s Chamber”.
Khushi strengthened up herself and brushed the crease of her trousers.
“Come in” came the husky voice.
Khushi gulped heard hearing his voice for the first time. It is even sexier than his interviews.
She came inside and was blown away with his musky smell of his aftershave. It was so freaking orgasmic, Khushi thought. She mentally felt embarrassed to even think like this.
She nervously looked towards him, his hair perfectly gelled up, one, no two strands of hair fell perfectly over his forehead. Thankfully his eyes were downcast so it was easy for Khushi to seem him more closely.
His chrisp white shirt was complementing his complexion. “he has a flawless complexion” she mentally noted.
Her eyes then went towards his cheeks with two days old stubble. She wondered how those would feel on her skin. She blushed a little for fantasizing like a teenagers.
Then her eyes feel on the movement of his finger over the paper on with he was scribbling something.
His fingers were artistic. Slightly pointed and protruding knuckles.
She immediately felt her panty becoming wet at the thought how he will manipulate her darting his finger inside her soft core. How will it feel if he inserts two of them together?
Before she could feel embarrassed again her thoughts broke by his words, “if you have finished checking me out, you may grab a chair and be seated.
“well, I have many interesting things to show you if you want”, he said with naughtiness while capping his cross and instantly looking at the blushing form infront of him.
Now it was his time to notice.
“long legs”, wonder how will it feel when it will wrap him
“sleek waistline, giving prominence to her perfectly shaped bosoms and equally bulging out hips”, aah! How sexy will it look when she will riding on me.
Her peeking nipples had not gone unnoticed by his hawk eyes, no matter how faint if was, but it couldn’t manage to escape his eyes, “she is turned on”, he mentally applauded.
“cant wait to calm them off with my tongue” he thought.
“uhuh” she cleared her throat bringing him back to his senses.
“Hello” she said looking at him, nervously trying to smooth her precipitation across her palm.
“Why you want to work with AR?” Arnav shot his first question looking directly in her eyes.
“Because I want to grow” came her straight, honest answer.
“Interesting Miss Gupta, I appreciate your honesty”.
“I have nothing to hide when I know you can easily figure out”.
“Umm impressive”.
“what will I get in return?”
“Excuse me?” Khushi frowned at his direct question.
“See miss gupta”, he got up from his chair and that’s when Khushi saw him fully.
He was tall, infact quite tall with a very strong persona. Broad shoulders, which can cover her entirely when he will be on top of her. His V shaped body narrowed down perfectly at his vest. His muscle flexes were clearly visible though the thin, costly linen which he was wearing.
“I have no reason to tie up with you if you see the scale of my company”.
“I think you have every reason to tie up with our company Mr. Raizada. Otherwise you wouldn’t have agreed to meet me at the first place”, she said confidently.
Arnav blocked the chair wheel from sliding with his foot and rested both his palm on the backback purposely brushing her shoulders in the process.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling his finger on her body and that was enough for her to lost all her controls.
“you have no idea why I agreed for this project Miss Gupta” he barely whispered against her ear, slowing blowing his warm breath on her earlobe, putting manly.
She thought she felt his lips on her ear and she jerked up only to get crashed on his heard chest.
He kicked her chair which moved towards the window and hit the sill and snaked his strong arms around her petite waist.
“perfect!” he thought mentally boring his eyes on her lips and back to her eyes.
“wh….y?” she stammed due to their close proximity with was not letting the right words come out from her month.
No matter how much she tried to protest but physically she just couldnot. His fingers were working like a magic on her body.
Suddenly everything became absouluty dizzy, before she could think what was happened, she blanked out.
Her lips were crashed brutally by him. “I like peach” he said against her lips tasting her lipstick. Khushi let out an embarrassing moan, which gave a sense of satisfaction to him.
In no time his hand started caressing her waist underneath her shirt. Khushi just couldnot help but to close her eyes and held his shoulder to keep herself from buckling.
He slowly parted her lips with his tongue and the taste inside her mouth just blew his away. He furiously deepened the kiss and was rewarded by her tongue immediately.
She tried to reciprocate back but he did not let her rule him at all. His tongue was demanding. He spun her around and made sure she is caged in between the table and him. In one swift movement he unbuttoned her shirt tearing it off.
“OH MY!” she was wearing a lacy peach colour bra underneath her peach shirt and he could see her light brown disc through it.
His hand mad it’s way towards the strap rested below her bosoms, her peeks dangerously shouting to get devoured.
He brushed his finger over her hardened peek, and she let out a throaty moan.
His pant could erupt any time now. He pressed himself a little more on her to let her feel, her effect on him.
The moment she felt his hardened form pressing against her belly, she came back to her senses and pushed with all her wits.
“How dare you?” she snapped back


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