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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 9

Part 9


Arnav grumpily moved towards the poolside feeling frustrated about their incomplete act. He ran his long fingers in between his hair and took long steps towards the open area.
This was one area he loved the most in his house. The area where he can relax and drain down his anxiety.
The Pool side.
It was a huge area covered with lush green grasses. The path was paved with grabbles which leaded to a huge pool. The pool area was covered with glass façade so that the it is illuminated with natural light during the day time and have the huge view of his vast estate while relaxing in the pool. The heated pool also had central heating system, which was effective during winter season. An attached bar served him the finest alcohols specially selected by him during his journey broad.
It was one Arnav’s private place and no one was allowed to servents were allowed to enter when he was inside.
Arnav threw his closes and removed the last piece of his clothing on the floor and dived inside the cool water.
After swimming full length of the pool he got up and made himself a drink. Sipping in one go he made another one and took it near the pool.
Resting his head on the edge of the floor and immersing himself in the water Arnav closed his eyes and took a deep breadth.
I am a virgin”, her words still echoing in his mind.
Arnav turned towards the floor and again gulped down the whole red wine in one go.
“crap!” he slapped the water splashing it with a hard thud.
“Why Arnav Why? Why did you expect her to be different?” he mentally cursed her.
“Every girl is same. Just their way of attracting men are different. But all woman are same. This girl is also no different”, he threw the glass and broke into pieces.
“damn it!”
“but why the hell are you so angry? So what she is pretending? As if you are going to keep her with you forever? Come on dude? forgot your motto? Arnav Singh Raizada will never marry a girl. He will never give any girl his surname. Never. NEVER EVER”.
“but out of all the people why? Why did Khushi pretend? I thought at least she is transparent. Well it is another seekh (learning) for you”.
“I don’t care if she is virgin or not. Why should I be bothered? Not that I have forced her to be with me? She herself has agreed to be my girl-friend. Who cares who is her husband and why should I get effected whether she is truthful or not. I should mind my own business that’s it. I have wasted my time on her and I will not waste anymore”.
The End.
He dipped himself inside the pool and swim the full length underwater.
The moment he touched picked his head up from the water he saw Khushi standing near the door way.
One word
Her hair ruffled and skin to her skin, the white fabric of her long frock giving her an angelic look. He clean, fresh face sending tingling sensation inside his tummy. And her swollen lips awaking his desire once again.
“how can someone manage to look so beautiful all the time? And why is this female hell bend on showing herself simple? Was she really this much simple? Or is it a part of her seduction? Whatever it is, she knows her job well it looks and she is the master of seduction.
“Hi!” she said in a low voice.
“Want some drinks? Help yourself”.
“I don’t drink. Thanks but”.
Arnav let out a mocking tone and said, well Miss Gupta looks like you are hell bend on proving something.
Khushi narrowed her brows and looked at him, “what do you mean?”
“Nothing, I have soft drinks in the refrigerator, if you want have some”.
Khushi went towards the bar counter and poured some coke for herself in a wine glass.
Khushi kept looking at Arnav who was now taking a lap to come to the bar side while sipping her coke.
“should I get you something?” she asked.
Panting heavily he replied, “a glass of red wine please”.
“sure!” Khushi said and took his glass which was kept on the glass-tiled flooring and pour the red wine form the bottle from the table.
Handing over the glass to him she sat on the side of the pool dipping her legs.
“so, Miss gupta! Have you gone through the project file?” Arnav sipped his wine and chuckled.
Miss Gupta?” she thought. “Why was he acting so formal suddenly?”
“can I join you inside the pool?”
Arnav cocked his right eyebrows and checked her out. “like this?”
Khushi checked her dress and bit her lips. I haven’t brought any swim suit. I did not know you have a pool.
Arnav without further delay pulled her leg and khushi slipped inside the water.
Arnav held her dangerously close to him and that’s when Khushi came in contact with his broad masculine chest. He was not shaved. She noted. This dark brown hair in his chest made him look more manly and irresistible. He could feel her nipples pricking his chest through her dress and her lips parted anticipating his next move.
“Why so much pretends miss gupta?” he couldnot help anymore but to ask. He himself was shocked by his behaviour. No matter now much he prepared himself not to ask, but he failed miserably.
“pretend? Pretend what Arnav?”
“Oh come on babes”
“I am not getting you Arnav. What are you talking about?” Khushi held her chest while she spoke.
“Pretend that you are naïve, untouched” Arnav pushed her a little and turned to gulp down his wine.
Khushi stopped him and turned him towards her.
She knew she is not answerable to him. It was her personal thing and why would she explain him? And for what? This relationship has no future. None of them expect any long term relationship out of this. And even if this is long term they are both aware of why they were together. It was only sexual attracting nothing else. He wanted to satisfy his hunger and she wanted to take revenge on her husband by moving now showing him that she is not a fool to wait for him for her entire life.
But despite of the reality she chose to tell him, “I am not pretending. I am untouched”.
Arnav stared at her for few seconds. His heart wanting to believe what she was saying but his mind refused to accept.
“I have never shared a bed with my husband. He never touched me”. Khushi dindot want to make fool out of herself. She did not want to tell that like a stupid she waited of her man for 20 years who never showed up. She did not wanted to be a laughing stock in front of him. She carefully hid the truth but she did not lie to Arnav.
“its upto you whether you want to believe or not. And I am sure you will know that what I am saying is the truth in due course of time. This is something I cannot hide or pretend”.
“what about boyfriends? Never had any?”
“you are my first” she said holding her chin up.
Now that statement was enough for Arnav to get aroused once again. Isnt that what he wanted few minutes back when he was all over her?
He did not know why he felt special suddenly. He did not know why her virginity turned him on more. He did not know why he felt proud of himself for being the first for her.
He pulled her in his embrace and kissed her passionately.


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