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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 8

Part 8

Shocking Truth

Khushi planned to freshen up a bit before she met him. She was truly very excited and thrilled about the new happenings. The thought about Arnav made her heart beat faster.
She opened her dress and and exposed her skin to the cool air of air-conditioner sipping through the thin opening between the door and the floor. Rubbing her hand over her goose bumps to smooth them she walked inside the shower cubicle.
She took out the warm fluffy towel from the heated rod and dried her skin. She took another one and tired her hair in a bun in order to stop the dripping water.
She couldnot her but to walk towards his bathrobe and smiled shyly. Picking it up in her hand she brushed her beautiful fingers over it. “this must he covering him when he is wearing nothing at all everytime after his bath”.
Khushi slapped her embarrassing thought, “whats gotten into you Khushi? I cant believe this you are bloody visualizing a nude male?”.
But still she was unable to remove his thought from her mind. “Oh how she wish to see his muscle flex without his shirt. How he would be trapping her inbetween his strong muscular arms, How she would kiss him on his chest”.
She could sense her buds betraying her in no time pricking on the robe. And a gush of warm lather flooding in between her inner thighs.
If she haven’t taken a shower few minutes back she would have surely taken after this.
Sighing she fastened the rob belt around her tiny waist and unlatched the door.
Hmming her favorite song she went towards the dressing unit.
She saw her reflextion on the mirror and smiled. “you are behaving like a teenager Khushi”, she mentally warned her.
She closed the distence and was about to sit on the stool when her eyes caught on a small box classily wrapped in a navy blue silk material with a white big semi-precious stone  dominating the box.
Her brows frowned and she looked closer to it.
“a small token for starting a new relation”, peeped beneath the box.
Having no interested in the content of the box Khushi pushed the box aside and picked up the note.
She read the full messeage this time
“a small token for starting a new relation” from Arnav.
Khushi noted that it was not typed. It was handwritten and personalized. She admired his handwriting. It was very artistic. His “l” were very long and thin same as “g” and in his name lift stem of the “A” was dragged down and right stem of the “v” was dragged up.
She smiled looking at the note and couldnot help but to admire it. Suddenly the whole thing stuck to her.
Few butterflies flapped inside her tummy with excitement “omg! He is back. He…he is here…Arnav”, she thought.
Looking here and there trying to find out where he is, forgetting the condition she was in, she was about to step inside the room, when a strong hand swayed her and instantly turned her around.
Khushi gasped and held her breath.
Her eyes wide
her heart missing a beat
her breath becoming shorter
her skin going cold
There he was casting a spell on her in no time.
She watched him watching her with his molten brown eyes as if making love to her with his eyes only and she felt week. How does a man manage to look so perfect even after a hectic fight journey for several hours she thought. Her hand slowly slid towards his shoulder while his arms circled possessively around her waist.
“You…you are back?”
Arnav kissed her lips and replied. “hmm! I had too”.
He felt her smiling against his lips.
“Impatient you are?” her finger reached his neck and then to the line of his hair which continued till his shoulder line at his back.
“aren’t you?” he said huskily against her wet lips.
He picked her up suspending her in air for sometime holding her waist tightly and then again steadied her on the ground.
“How have you been Arnav?” she asked pulled herself back from the kiss.
“I am fine, and what about you? did you miss me?” he eyed at the sensitive spot below her ears.
She knew exactly what was coming. He was about to kiss her there. She closed her eyes and held her breath gripping his shirt collar.
The moment he touched his lips there, she felt as if she will explode in tiny pieces. And to make it worse, his green stubbles were creating havoc senses, making her knees feel like jelly.
“Arr…na..v!” she let out a helpless cry.
“Hmm!” he continued his assault.
“sssstop please”, she pleaded in between her shot breaths.
“I am hungry Khushi”, Arnav groaned not able to hide his erecting anymore. His hard form aching to be freed as quickly as possible.
Arnav gritted his teeth in frustration and took her lips inside his mouth in a hungry kiss.
“I want you right you woman! I want you so badly”.
In no time he picked her up and went towards his bedroom. Khushi nervously held onto him biting her lips.
“That’s not your job Khushi, spare it for me”, he said looking at her biting her lips. “I promise you, you will love to touch them when I swell It up for you. Did anybody ever say that your lips are so sexy?”
Arnav dropped her on bed and leaned for the unfinished kissed. He was holding her neck and pulling her towards his face. He caged her in between his legs. His knees rested either side of her thighs and Khushi was in sitting position.
He let out a heavy passionate groam when Khushi darted her tongue inside his mouth.
“Woman! You are so sexy”, he freed her hair opening the towel and massaged her scalp rhythmically.
Khushi closed her eyes and just felt what he was doing to her without any interraption. “It felt so nice, it felt so complete. What have I missed”, she thought.
Arnav pulled back once both were out of breath and looked at her seductively.
He slid his one arm inside her rob and touched her left breast. Khushi touched his hand to stop but gave in when his thumb started caring her darted peak. Khushi threw her head back in pleasure and moaned his name.
Getting the access of her long neck he dragged his open and flickered his tongue along her skin.
In one smooth motion he opened the belt of the rob and made her lie down on her back.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling exposed in front of man. It was a stomach flattering feeling. For the first time a man was seeing her, nude. How would he feel? Will he like her? Was she good enough for her? What if he does not like her features?
Sweat broke immediately on her forehead feeling nervous all of a sudden.
She gasped feeling his hand removing the left half of the robe. He saw her fisting the bedsheet.
He glanced at her face and was surprised to notice unexpected expression. The little he knew about Khushi, she was not the one who would pretend. Then why was she pretending that all these are new to her? Why was she pretending that it was the first time a male was touching her like this. Why she kept shuddering under her grip? She is married after all. Then why is she acting all amateurish?
Arnav removed the left side of the rob entirely now and gazed her perfect breast. Firm, ripened and beautifully round. Not that he has not seen good ones, but hers was different. It looked untouched. He did not know why he felt like that. Maybe he wished subconsciously that he was his first. But it was impossible, just impossible. She is married and before him someone else has devoured this. He did not know why he felt a slight tug thinking how unfortunate he is for having his woman after someone else. He immediately brushed away his thought and concentrated back in what he was doing.
He leaned further and kissed her sided just below her underarms against her swell.
“ar……nav!” she let out another moan in pleasure. She pressed her leg as much as possible to stop her from dripping.
He teased her few more seconds, making her restless. Her buds were now fully ripened to was aching to be pleased as soon as possible.
Arnav closed his eyes and continued his teaser until he heard her faint plea.
Arnav was just waiting for that moment. The moment he pleaded, he awarded her with his warm mouth.
Khushi fisted his hair and arched back giving him more access to her assests. Arnav sucked her violently till he felt her shudder under him.
Khushi felt a rush of heat tickled down her spice and contracting her womb, making her mind go blank and then flooded her with pool of erotic pulses at her core.
Arnav was surprised to see her hit such a strong orgasm. He embraced her quickly till she relaxed in his arms.
He slid his zip down and freed his aching silky length. The moment he touched his tip against her thrombing core, Khushi gasped her and looked at him wide eyed.
Arnav gave her a final look and was about to thrust in when she nervously said, “stop!”.
Arnav stopped immediately and looked at her.
“please….please make it slow”, she pleaded.
“Khushi?” Arnav searched her eyes.
“Arnav!....i…I am….i am a virgin”, Khushi closed her eyes and threw her body weight against the bed and started breathing heavily.
“What?” shocked would be an understatement what was going through?
“How is that possible Khushi?” Arnav got up from her and zipped him.
He could see her gulping in fear.
Khushi opened her eyes and meet his. Arnav held her hand and made her sit on the bed.
“I don’t want to talk about it Arnav. Please don’t ask me anything, which I cannot answer. All I can say it what I have said is true”.
Arnav looked at her and sighed. He did not understand what she was talking about. How can she be a virgin? She is freaking married and she claims her to be a virgin?
Arnav tried t make scene of the whole thing. Her actions definitely were proving that she was indeed in experience. But she can also act like that; just too make her partner on the edge. And every man likes her partner to be naïve and see her becoming experience in time.
Arnav took a deep breath and got up from the bed.
“get ready I will be waiting for you downstairs”, he said her used towel from the bed and headed towards the door.
He closed the door behind and headed towards his pool to get dipped in the cold water. A much needed comfort after such a hot incomplete session.


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