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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 5

Part 5

The Start

Misha eyes balls were traveling at the speed of ping-pong ball. Her head rested on her palm and her elbow rested on her thighs. She was sitting on the bed looking a hyper Khushi pacing in the room on the parquet flooring.
It continued for 10 more minutes and misha hardly had any patience left in her.
“STOP!” she shouted getting up and gritting her teeth.
Khushi looked at misha clutching her phone tightly in her hand. Her locks tickling onto her hyper tensed face and her cheeks adore a cut crimson blush due to the heat of the summers and the in built tension. She was wearing her regular white night dress which was a cotton pajama and a white plain t-shirt.
“will you call him?”
“Misha! Tu kya bol rahi hai?”
“enough Khushi! Kabse dekh rahi hoon tujhe bar bare huye”.
Khushi lessed the distance between them and held her shoulders. “Misha! Do you think what I am doing is right?”.
“It is Khushi! I told you so many times since the time you entered home”.
“But misha, what If you know”.
“Khushi! Arnav Singh Raizada ko kyan nahi pehchanta hai? Trust me he will never ever drag you into in life. He is a closed book”.
“Par mish, I am scared. Really I am. You know what If I start having some feelings?”
“there is not harm Khushi as far as you know your limits. Arnav Singh Raizada is a no nonsence man. He just cannot tolerate clingy woman. And I think you fit perfectly”.
“Umm! do you think I should tell him the set of rules?” Khushi asked bitting her lips.
“Set of rules?”
Arnav was typing something on his laptop when his phone beeped. He smiled and reached for his blackberry.
“Umm! there you go Miss Gupta” the thought.
He checked his BB messenger.
Khushi: Hi! :)
Arnav Singh Raizada: looks like someone has decided.
Khushi: Cant you say hi before x-rayng me?
Arnav singh Raizada: X-raying you is a better option than telling you hi, Miss Beautiful.
Khushi bit her lips and blushed when he acknowledged her as Miss Bautiful. It is cheesy but remembering his husky tone it felt nothing but cheesy.
Arnav Singh Raizada: I would love to see that blush Miss Gupta when you are near me.
Khushi: How do you know? :O
Arnav Singh Raizada: I think you need to do a little homework about your bed partner.
Khushi: you are not my bed partner
Arnav Singh Raizada: you will be in few hours, trust me.
Khushi: Confidant, are you.
Arnav Singh Raizada: Since childhood.
Khushi: Umm! well
Arnav Singh Raizada: I am waiting…..
Khushi: I have some conditions.
Arnav Singh Raizada: before that change my ID to Arnav.
Khushi: :O how do you know?
Arnav Singh Raizada: I know.
Khushi grumpily changed his name.
Khushi: Changed!
Arnav: Thank you darling. Arnav Singh Raizada is too formal for you sweetheart.
Khushi: Stop being flirty.
Arnav: You love it, don’t you?
Khushi: Shut up
Arnav: Cant as you are not here with me. Trust me when you are in my arms only my hands and lips will do the talking.
Khushi blushed at the thought and continued…
Khushi: shameless.
Arnav: something you would start loving soon. Ok! You were talking about some conditions.
Khushi: Ya
Arnav: Shoot
Khushi: Arnav I cannot date you.
Khushi: You there?
Arnav: Sorry my sister was calling me…So you don’t want to date me?
Khushi: Well, you know I wont be comfortable in getting into any relationships.
Arnav thought about her marriage part. his fingers itched to ask her about it, but he scrapped the idea as he thought it was too early to ask such personal thing to her and why would she like to discuss with him. Not that he cared but still, the thought of her being married were somewhere troubling him. He just wanted to avoid unnecessary embarrassing moments between husband and wives. But the Miss before her name made him confuse. Whatever little he studied about Khushi, he knew that she wasn’t really an experience types. Her touch, her kiss was annoyingly innocent.
Arnav: who wants to? And I would love to keep it the way you are imagining.
Khushi: No strings attached
Arnav: Yap, suits me actually.
Khushi: No personal questions
Arnav: except which positions you like :D
Khushi: Jerk
Arnav: Ok and hopefully even I can expect the same.
Khushi: Arnav this is too much.
Arnav: What? I am talking about the personal thingy.
Khushi: done.
Arnav: anything else?
Khushi: No gifts
Arnav: Why?
Khushi: that creates unnecessary memories.
Arnav: Wow! Suits me.
Khushi: No flowers
Arnav: Done.
Khushi: I will not like to be questioned about anything.
Arnav: Me too.
Khushi: Ok.
Arnav: Ok?
Khushi: Ya
Arnav: Phew! Long list.
Khushi: you mind?
Arnav: I am glad.
Khushi: Well then. When should I come to sign on those papers?
Arnav: Day after tomorrow? My office?
Khushi: Suits me. What time?
Arnav: Care to have lunch together?
Khushi: On me then.
Arnav: Sure.
Khushi: Great!
Arnav: this is the first time some girl is taking me out for lunch you know.
Khushi: Umm! I don’t mind as far say we pay equally in this.
Arnav: Are you always so much fussy?
Khushi: No.
Arnav: Is it only me?
Khushi: Kind off and before this I never did these kind of things with any man.
No matter how much he wanted to think straight but he couldn’t. Her once statement made his heart overwhelmed with joy that she was not like other females, who used guys like tissue papers. And he felt proud to be her first. He was sure than that Khushi and her husband did not stay together. It was almost confirmed. He was also thankful that she wasnot clingy and materialistic. Though he would love to shop of her and buy her things and that was apart of staying with Arnav Singh Raizada, but he was ok with the fact that she did not really care much about his money and she herself wanted to keep it 50-50.
Arnav: So see you in my office day after tomorrow.
Khushi: Keep my papers ready.
Arnav: Both at your service.
Khushi: Shut up
Arnav: you look cute when you say that.
Khushi: What? Shut up?
Arnav: ya
Khushi: GN
Arnav: GN, sweetheart
Khushi: SD
Arnav: About you on top.
Khushi: Bye.
“ASR, Miss Khushi Kumari gupta is waiting for you in the reception”.
“Bring her to my chamber, Sana” Arnav ordered his receptionist.
“May I come in?”
Khushi peeped through the door crack.
“I sould ask that not you”.
“shut up, will you?” Khushi through an angry glare.
“Come in, sweetheart. Just wanted to hear your shut up
Arnav got up from the chair and stroll towards her.
“AAh! How can a man look so handsome in a simple white ironed shirt and and black stripped silken trouser? He looked no less than a greek god which his unruly stubbles across his face giving his chin a masculine shape on this own”.
Before Khushi could understand he pulled her holding her waist and gazed her eyes. Khushi nerveously kept her hand on his chest and met his dark, honey brown eyes, filed with desire.
“Hi!” he said in his husky tone, which did not fail to send tingling sensation all over khushi’s body.
“Hello!” she said trying to sound non effected.
Arnav tucked her hair with is finger behind her ear, roaming his index finger lazily on her forehead.
“which flavour are you offering me today?”
Khushi’s eyes instandly went wide in shocked. Is he talking about co…”
“gutter mind! I am talking about your lipstick. And by the way that flavour I will offer you na?” the statement made Khushi embarrassingly blush and hit her on his chest.
“May I have the pleasure of kissing my lady?”
Khushi unconsciously licked her lips to make it ready for him and that did not go unnoticed by him.
Slowly gazing towards her lips he leaned to capture her petals in a slow, lingering and passionate kiss.
Khushi closed her eyes drinking his intoxicating nectar, her nose getting field by his erotic smell of his aftershave. She did not help but to move her hand towards his hair and pull him more into her slowly massaging his scalp in rhythm.
Arnav undid her hair and let it lose. Tangling his finger into her silky hair, drinking the smell of her fruity shampoo his tongue finally made its way through her lips. Earing a soft moan, he held her tight in his arms satisfied having what he was craving for since last 24 hours.
“I was never so desperate for a kiss”, he thought. But Khushi definitely had some magnetism, which made his desire her stronger.


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