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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Last


You are my Wife

He pulled her for the one last time crashing her in his crest holding her as if his life is depended on her. Khushi’s eyes went to his disoriented face and slowly she cupped his chiseled jaw to ease the pain, which was exposed and raw. She has never seen Arnav so vulnerable and it pained her. A lot.
“Baby, what’s wrong with you? I am worried. The moment we landed in Lucknow, you seemed troubled”. She leaned onto his chest and held him firmly by his back. “Please share what’s troubling you”, she said in a small voice barely audible.
Arnav held his breath unable to express his words, his pain, his loss to her. How could he say that this was the very place, which took away his wife. His dear little wife whom he loved with all his heart and now seeing his Khushi in this very place the sleeping devil is now wide and awake. What if this place took away his Khushi from him? He realized he wont be able to survive if this happens and that’s when he realized how much this woman who was hugging him with all her heart means to him. Arnav clutched her more into his embrace and whispered, “I love you Khushi”.
He could sense she was smiling against his chest and his heart swelled up with unknown rush of emotions, which he only felt with his late wife. “God Arnav I waited for so long to hear it from you”, she looked up then kissed his tender lips.
“I love you too baby”, Khushi whispered across his lips and Arnav pulled her along with him towards the bed. In no time he shredded his clothing’s and hers as well and drove inside her urgently.
Once they headed towards completion both screamed each other’s names and fell back on each other gasping for air.
Arnav parked the car where Khushi asked him to stop and killed the engine. If he could, he would have never broken his kiss with her few seconds back and make sure she was right beside him in the car. Now seeing her retiring back memories flushed in his head. How he waited to board his flight when he got the devastating news of his wife dead due to the sudden fire calamity. He covered his face with this palm and realized he was soaked in sweat.
He looked through wide screen, saw the love if his life speaking to an old man who was giving some papers to Khushi.
His knuckles turned white due to the shear pressure he was holding the staring. Few more seconds he counted and then opened the car door and walked towards his world.
From distance it looked as if a lion was just let out and he was hungry to grab anything that comes in his way.
Khushi sensed him and turned her head towards the energy, which baffled her. She saw Arnav’s red eyes and immediately sensed something was terribly hurting the man. Khushi bunched the papers in the other man’s hand and ran towards her love. She flew in his arms and hugged him tightly.
Arnav closed his eyes and inhaled her sweet fragrance and hid his face near her nape. “Please lets go back Khushi. It is killing me.
The pain in his voice almost tore her heart into piece and she knew nothing is more important than this man’s comfort. She cupped his face and kissed him whole-heartedly. “Lets leave”, she commanded and took his hand and headed towards the car.
Settling Arnav in the passenger seat without his protest she walked quickly to the other side of the car and took the driver seat. She glaced at the man who looked like a vulnerable boy, she wanted to hug him tightly in her arms and took away whatever discomfort he was fighting but seeing the other man watching them she just reached to his shoulders and squeezed him. But his composure remained same. Eyes on the road, face drained out, sweating like hell.
“we are going away from here, right away, are you ok?” Khushi enquired.
“Lets just leave immediately Khushi, before I do something which both of us will regret”, he commanded in a harsh tone.
But Khushi didn’t feel bad at all because she knew he was troubled and not in himself.
She ignited the engine and drove off from the site.
The moment Khushi closed the door behind her, Arnav grabbed her the smashed her against the wall.
Khushi gasped audible unable to understand his rage. This was the first time he held her so tightly and almost manhandled.
With shaking hands she held him and in one swift moment Arnav tore her dresses and took her by the wall.
“aaaah!” she cried of experiencing the sudden stretching of her tissues but immediately eased out when she sensed he was not moving. Like her he was also shaking. His back muscles tensed at her touch and then he looked at her with tearful eyes and Khushi’s shocked turned to horror. He was crying. Oh god he was cry, why? She wanted to ask him but he silenced her with his lips.
It was soft, tending and apologetic. She had to give be back to him otherwise he would have taken blame of what he just did to her taking her so roughly. With that she closed her eyes and given in. There lips trembled for the first time. His lips were shy yet firm tasting her, savoring her. She parted her lips to let his tongue in and with a groan he invaded his tongue.
Her legs clung to his back holding him tightly. He was still not moving, just kissing her. His hand teased her nipples and peaked them for him to take then in his mouth.
Khushi threw her head back and arched him in encouragement and he dipped his head to kiss her red buds.
“Please Arnav take me, take all of me, right now, forever.
“Forever” the word suddenly sounded to right and that was exactly what he was going to do. Make her, his forever. It was time to move on, time to cherish the past and hug what was offered to him. His Khushi, only his Khushi whom he loves equally. The sadness that he felt when he lost his wife, the same feeling he got thinking if one day he loses his Khushi. He was sure that if there was one woman in this world who could replace his wife it would be Khushi and he for once want to take that chance and want to be happy to have a family of his own with his Khushi. And two tiny little daughter running inside his mansion clinging to him and calling him papa.
More tears accumulated in his eyes and he look his love to the bed. Bed was where she belongs at the moment to make love tenderly and lovingly with all his heart.
It was beyond Khushi to understand how different it felt this time when plunged in slowly, taking all his time, kissing her with every stroke. Khushi’s heart was about to burst any moment feeling love, only love and then he spoke.
“Shaadi Karogi mujhse?”
and the time stood still between them.
Arnav came face to face with her and looked into her eyes urging to spill over her pearl drops.
“Will you marry me sweety? And be with me forever with respect? I want to shout and tell everyone that you are my wife, the one I love”.
And then Khushi couldnot stop her tears. “Yes yes yes, I want to marry you Arnav, I want to be your wife and share your love and sorrows. Please give me a chance”, she chocked and clung to him. “I am so happy, oh aranv you don’t know how happy I am”.
“I should have said this long back, but…”
“shh! I know what held you back and I totally understand. But now that you want to marry me, I want to know everything about you. Tell me”.
Arnav was still inside her making love to her but he knew this was the best time to tell her everything when both were exposed both knew how much they needed each other.
“This place took away my wife Khushi. And seeing you going away from me made me face the demons of my past”.
“Oh arnav I am so sorry. If I knew, if you told me, I would have never come here”.
“That’s more than enough for me Khushi that you don’t want me to be in pain”.
“Never” she breathe out taking his serum in his womb, contracting herself around his hard form when orgasm hit her.
Both of them were smiling looking at each other after the completion when Khushi was about to get up from the bed to wash but Arnav held her back.
“Arnav, I promise I will be back in 5 minutes, let me go and wash, you know we are lately not using contraceptive so…”.
“so?” Arnav held her chin
“I might be…umm”
“Please don’t kill my baby”, Arnav kissed her forehead. “Let him or her come in our world”.
“arnav…she gasped hearing his confession. Arnav wants their baby. Their own baby.
She looked at him and his glassy eyes and immediately hugged him.
“Please don’t cry” she said in a small voice. “Please don’t”.
“Khushi I lost everything here and I want everything back right here. I will not let this place win this time. I will have a wife and a baby and laugh at this place who wanted to snatch away my happiness my wife, my dearest wife, whom I still love a lot, my sweet innocent tintin.
Her heart stopped “tin…tin?” she chocked out
“Yes her name was tintin”.
Everything went blank in her mind, her nerves tensed and her form shaking.
“Sweet little tintin. She was fair, beautiful, used to have piggy tails, her hair brown and soft, the most beautiful girl in this world. When I filled her mang with the sindoor she looked so angelic it’s beyond to describe. The way she looked at me was something I’ll never forget. She reminds me of you sometimes. Her skin tone, her big bambi eyes, her ridiculously long lashes and her pink rosy lips, all so similar to with yours. Sometimes I used to wonder how she would have looked as a grown up woman. But then I pasteurized you in my mind. I wanted her to look like you. Just like you”.
Hearing his heart felt and how much he loved her, Khushi’s world shattered into pieces. How she blamed him all the time for not showing up and then the question slipped.
“What happened to her?”
“I was waiting in the Airport to come to Lucknow to take her with me and seal our marriage in papers. Child marriage is not acceptable in the eyes of law, so I have to make it lawfully correct and then bring her with all love in my house. I was so excited to see her, to touch her to love her but then the most devastating news came to me. My parents told me tintin was dead. I could not move, not a single step then I fainted”.
“Oh Arnav” Khushi gasped and hugged him.
“When my senses came back I could not talk for many days and then one fine day I burst out seeing over childhood photo. I have to otherwise I would have had serious problem”.
“I knew” Khushi said in a low voice.
“Then slowly I regained my life and promised my tintin that if ever there is going to be a woman in my life it would be her only. She will always remain my wife… then I met you…”
“She is still you wife Arnav”, Khushi closed her eyes ugly guilt taking over her. All her life she blamed this man who was not only devastated but was in the verge of losing his life, his mind. “Rubble” she chocked out holding him tightly in his arms, scared what if he rejects her after hearing such things. What if he blames her for being in someone else’s arms not giving a hoot to their new found love.
“Please forgive me R…” she chocked his nickname.
“Hey sweety, it wasnot your fault and you don’t have to be sorry. What you have given me is more than what I could expect and I promise you I love you nothing less than her.
“your love for me cannot be compared with anything. It is pure and innocent. While I am the one who should be punished”.
Able to understand what she was blabbering he looked into her eyes.
“you looked tensed” he said cupping her face.
“I am Arnav. What if you ever come to know that your wife has betrayed you, shared her bed with someone”.
Arnav’s face drained the colour but with determination he said, I am sure she will have some explanation for it. But I know my tintin she would never so such a thing without any reason.
“She already did it Arnav. She did it. She did not wait for you, she cursed your love, she is a horrible person, I am a horrible person, I am horrible Rubble. You tintin is horrible”.
She ran towards the bathroom and closed the door behind unable to face him anymore.
“My tintin…My Khushi…” Arnav looked at the closed door and ran towards it. He barged in and gathered Khushi’s small form in his arms. “Tell me it is true, tell me it is you…you are…you are my tintin…” he kissed her madly all over her face and then he remembered her virginity and his heart swelled in happiness. Even if she hadn’t been a virgin he would have cared a damn. He loved his woman, he loved this woman and now he has his woman in his life. He loved her as tintin, he loves her even more as Khushi.
“I love you tintin, my Khushi, my happiness and nothing else matters to me. I know what was your reason to come close to me. It was a huge misunderstanding. I blame myself for not enquiring about it. Even I could have atleast tired to know but I did not. Somewhere even I lost hope which I souldnot have. I myself slept with other girls so why do you think I will blame you Khushi?”
“till when you could control Arnav, isnot it natural to seek but you never committed to anyone and you almost lost me because  you refused to forget your wife”.
“that it is you. That is all that matters. I love you and always will”.
“shh! Enough of this baby. Now let us make things the way it should be”.
He took her hand in his and looked into her glassy eyes. With the other hand he rubbed his thumb to brush off her tears.
“Will you marry me Khushi? I want you marry Khushi because I love her more than tintin”.
Khushi threw herself in his arms and wept until he settled her in the bed and make love again and again.

The End.

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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 22

Part 21


Both of them were so consumed with the passion that they couldnot go and attend the party. Misha and Anjali had to handle the situation.
There in Arnav’s room both the love birds were lying together, their sweat mingling, individual smell filling their nostrils and their bodies entangled with each other.
Arnav wrapped his arms around her possessively while Khushi pressed her ear against his chest to listen to his erotic heart beat. Once she heard those three Magical words she did not care about anything anymore and she knew it very well that Arnav was the man whom she can trust with her life. They made love to each other without any protection. Thankfully it was her sixth day, so there was less chance of her getting pregnant.
She was unconsciously drawing circular patterns surrounding his dark areola making his nipple taunt. Aranv sighed loving the feeling of her soft touches in his body. “Umm!” he shifted unable to bear any more.
Khushi blushed and hid her face under his arms, understanding what she was doing.
“I just love being with you like this sweetheart. You and me and nothing matters”, he said kissing her partitions. “I just love everything about you”.
“More than those sleek, gorgeous models?” Khushi teased him.
“Much much more than them Khushi. Infact I have never ever compared you with them. You know why? With you everything seemed to change, everything seemed intimate and real.
Khushi looked at him lovingly resting her chin on his chest. “and you are my first and last Arnav, I cannot even think in my dreams about anyone”.
“and what if your husband returns?”
“Well, I think you are going to take care of him more than me” she giggled. “will you allow your princess to be taken by someone?”
“I will kill him” with that he kissed her passionately.
They broke apart and Khushi asked, “what if Anjali Di doesnot accept me?”
“Oh she will love you don’t worry about that, she just wanted me to get married and get settled bas!”, he said caressing her back now.
Khushi shivered in his touch yet again. “how do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“How do you always make me shiver with every damn touch of yours?”
“because that’s exactly what I feel when you touch me sanorita”.
“Arnav, you said Lavanya is your friend. Then why that Article?”
“Di purposely did that so that I don’t turn my face back from the marriage. I had no clue she was doing it. If it were some other time the news would have come to me even before it got printed. But I was so into you, so into us that I did not bother to check my surroundings. Lavanya had hots for me since her teens, she even proposed to me, but I rejected her because I did not want to hurt her. We have never shared that kind of relationship.  You know what I mean?” he said cupping her soft breast and caressing it slowly. Khushi moaned and her nipples dug in his palms instantly. “ She was the only female in my life with whom I was only friends nothing else.”.
“She is very sexy and pretty, I must tell you”.
“ya that she is, but she never appealed me as you did Khushi and with you I have a different level of connection. Do you believe in soulmates? If yes then that’s what I would like to compare us with”.
Khushi claimed his lips earning a soft groan and whispered against his lips, “I do. And yes even I feel we are soul mates”.
Arnav was once again ready for her and Khushi was happy to know that. But this time it was her turn to drive him crazy.
She hovered over him and kissed him passionately rubbing her core along his full length.
“Oh f*ck” Arnav groaned with she teased him even more by taking his tip in her hand and rubbing it.
“You like it don’t you?” she asked with an evil grim.
“Oh yes, I love it babes. Come on now don’t tease me much otherwise I am going to eat you up.
“That’s what I want”, she moved down making sure every inch of her body slid against him.
Arnav grabbed her hair and made gave her a deadly look.
Khushi angled her face and questioned him still massaging his full taut form, “What?”
“What did you say that day?”
“What?” Khushi frowned a little
“that I would enjoy seeing lavanya riding on me and her breast bumping in the motion?”
Khushi closed her ears gesturing him i-am-not-listing. “Please Arnve you know it very well why I said that and I am not sorry”.
He pulled her on him by her hair and made her sit on him abs. “Listen woman, what you said was utterly wrong. And for that I will punish you”.
Arnav braced himself putting all his weight on his hips and slid his tongue from the well of her through then, towards her cleavage, then straight down making her throw her back and arch for him.
“I want to see you doing that”, Arnav husked near her naval blowing his hot breath.
“Oh Arnav” Khushi wrapped her legs around him and hid her face in embarrassment.
“I want to be inside you and you riding on me babes”, he said biting her a little.
“Aaah” she moaned in pleasure and Arnav dropped himself back on the mattress.
Khushi stared at him with her innocent eyes and bit her lips, her cheeks flamed red.
“Come on I want you to be the bad girl”.
Khushi went down and took him in her mouth and worked on it.
“Uff!” Arnav groaned and removed her hair with was blocking his view. His hips rocked seeing his Khushi devouring him with her mouth. Pleasure tears rolling down. Arnav took a drop in his finger and leaked it. He held her hair once again and looked straight in her eyes.
“Now!” he commanded in a tone which he himself couldnot recognize.
Khushi placed herself on him and slowly consumed him entirely.
Arnav cursed under his breath and arched for her. She was looking like a goddess, innocent yet seductive.
Khushi did not know that she knew her moves. It was their first time they were tying that position but it felt like it was a cake walk for her. May it was because of Arnav that she oozed so much passion.
She kept on moving on him and driving him crazy. She got her realize but did not stop. She kept on flaunting herself, her body, displaying it to him in erotic manner, playing with herself, and pinching her nipples.
Arnav groaned when she did that and gritted his teeth. “Offer me those baby”.
Khushi did not understand what her was talking about.
Arnav slid his fingers and flared  arcoss her breast. “These he commanded.
Khushi blushed and then leaned but Arnav stopped her earning a cute frown from his girl.
“Hold it and give it to me”.
Khushi hid her face with her palm and nodded a no. “I cant do this Ar…”
Arnav held her wrist and removed her palm, “yes you can for me”.
Khushi shyly held her left one and slowly leaned on him.
Her taut nipples brushed her lips but he did not open. Then she brushed her swells across his face and with her eyes she pleased. Looking straight into her eyes Arnav captured her pink nipples in between his teeth and with his hand wrapped around her waist fastened his speed.
When the heat became too much they collapsed on each other finding their release.
They rolled onto each other time to time and spend their entire night making love again and again.
Khushi shifted to Arnav’s apartment and they started sharing not only his house but his life too. The attraction between them started growing all the more. The more they made love the more they wanted each other in their arms. Day, Night, Midnight, in between Arnav’s works he came just to be inside his Khushi.
It was almost a month and they were as usual making love when Khushi’s phone buzzed.
“Not now baby”, Arnav protested.
“Arnav, misha a call hai, and I think it is urgent otherwise she wouldnot have called at this hour”.
“Iss misha ki bachi ko to mein…”
Khushi placed her finger on his lips and he happily sucked it.
Khushi sighed and took the call, while Arnav sucked her finger happily not parting his body from her. He showed his protest giving her deep thrust with his pelvis earning a glare from her.
Khushi disconnected the call and slapped him on his back lovingly. “Don’t do that while I am talking, you besharam”.
“Who had asked you to take that call while I am making love to you? It’s mine time and I want you full attention”.
“possessive hub…” Khushi paused realizing what she was about to say slip to tongue.
Arnav kissed her, “its ok” he assured her.
At night when they were lying togethen in each others arms Arnav asked about the call.
“Oh that call? I have to go to Lucknow”. Khushi sensed Aranv’s hand stilled. “baby khali ek hi din ki baat hai”, Khushi gather him in her arms. She liked when Arnav was all possessive that threw his tantrums on her. It felt she belonged to him that’s why he had opened up to him.
But Arnav did not still due to that. there was some other reasons, reason which he did not share with Khushi. Rather they never got a chance to share.
“Why Lucknow?” he asked in a flat voice.
“for my house. I am the benefiter of I and being the only child our ancestral house now belongs to me. I need to sign on the paper for some formalities”, Khushi said smuggling up.
“Do you want me to arrange to get it done here?”
“No, I want to go there, Arnav, I want to see my birth place. It has been long since I have been there”.
Arnav rolled and faced his back towards Khushi. Khushi pouted and then smiled. Kissing his shoulder she said, “please Arnav just one day?”
Khushi crossed Arnav and rolled to his side and looked into his eyes. “will you come with me please?”
“No…no I cannot come Khushi. Tumko agar tumhari house itni important hai, mujhse zada important hai, then go”. He brushed off her hand.
“Fine” Khushi said and pouted. “pehli baar I had asked you something…”
Arnav pulled her towards him and kissed her. The kiss you not passionate, not seductive, not loving but possessive. He kissed her as if his life depends on it. He kissed her as if he don’t want to loose her and seal her with him.
“Arnav!” she sighed.
“I will come with you”.
“Oh Arnav!” Khushi threw her arms around him and cradled in his arms.

Precap: Arrival of Khushi’s husband

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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 21

Part 21

Taming Khushi

She was unable to stop his assult, as he drove her to the heights of passion just with his mere kiss. He feels so good. And she kept on drowning. His tongue danced inside her mouth tasting her sweetness and his salty lips played havoc with her senses. He moment he slid his arm near her bosom, Khushi came back to her senses. What the hell is he doing? Khushi pushed him with her full force making him topple back few steps.
“What the hell do you think you are doing? And who gave the right to touch me like this after what you have done?” Khushi spatted angrily, her chest halved due to his kiss effect, her body trembled due to his touch.
“you gave the right sanorita” Arnav circled his arms around her petite waist and hauled her towards him leaving no space between each other.
“Me?” Khushi mocked him. “I don’t even want you to touch me Arnav. Everything is over between us”, she said with a determined voice deliberately not showing her vulnerability.
“Un..han! but I don’t see you protesting” he said gazing her face passionately, tracing her lips with his thumb.
“that’s because you deliberately tried to seduce me Arnav. And if it was someone else also I would have…”
she words were cut off immediately when Arnav tore the pallu from where it was pinned, making Khushi stunned. He pulled out the pleets from her peticote and picked her up in no time.
“Lets see how much you can resist me Khushi and don’t you dare say that if it was someone else you would have given yourself it this”.
Jealousy, it was pure jealousy in his words and he doesnot seem to bother about it leaving Khushi gasping. How on the man can look so sexy despite of what he has done to her. How can she still be so desperate for him? How can she shamelessly want him inside her right there?
Arnav moved back to lay his eyes on his figure. Utterely Sexy she was. The colour of he blouse blending with her skin as if she was wearing nothing at all.
No just a correction, her pink pebbles were still not in view and Arnav was hungry to take them in between his teeth, just the way he liked.
He could easily see she was aroused. Her darted pebbles did not remain hidden inside her blouse.
Khushi covered herself with her hand and took few steps backward nodding negatively. But Arnav pushed her near the wall and thrust his big thigh in between her leg rolling up her peticote.
“Arnav!” she gasped feeling his manhood thrust somewhere near her belly and his thigh placed perfectly near her intimate part, which now oozed heat.
“Lier, look at you Khushi, you want me as much as I want and you are still in denial…hah!?” Arnav traced his moving glance over her making her shudder in embarrassment.
Arnav loosened the sting of her petticoat and move his thighs so that the material pools near her high heels.
He closed his mouth near her crock of her neck and bit her hard earning a pleasurable cry.
He undid her blouse, which fell lose over her shoulder and before Khushi could anticipate, his notorious tongue was assaulting her left bosom.
Khushi hopelessly arched back still protesting a little but unable to move him from her clutch. Her mind cried out “Pleasure” “Pleasure” like mantra and her hands betrayed her protest.
She gave him full access to her delicious bosoms and Arnav did not miss a single chance devouring it like a king. He swirled his tongue against it to taste it thoroughly, teasing her nipples with his teeth and then again soothing it with his wet lips.
Her breast even swelled more, becoming red and full and before she could understand she was carried to his bed and both of them toppled down together. Arnav made sure he did not leave her for one second.
Khushi was almost in the verge of explosion when his betrayal started nagging her. She did not want to give him, she did not want to come for him, and she doesn’t want him to win in this game.
With determination she showed immense control not to shudder under his touch.
Arnav moved down to kiss her belly. He dipped his tongue inside and earned a desired moan from her. Khushi fisted his hair and tried to push his away. She tried to fight with him wiggling out from his clutches but then Arnav took both her hand and pinned her on two sides and finally dipped his head to kiss her most intimate point, where she craved for him the most.
“No!” she whispered softly then gasp when Arnav kissed her with full passion tasting her sex, licking her swollen lips and then slowing inserting his finger inside her fold. Khushi threw herself back and arched in pleasure. Unconsciously positioning her near his mouth as if begging him to take it even deeper.
“You want to be touched like this by someone else Khushi?” he looked up to see her condition which was as bad as his. Eyes close, mouth open inhaling long and deep breath.
“No!” she made a small voice. And Arnav happily gave her what she wanted. More of him, more of his tongue, more of this expert finger. Now the game was on Arnav’s hands totally he thought. But.
“NO, I don’t want you to touch me there Arnav. Go and touch your…” her words were trailed off them Arnav started unbuttoning his shirt, next was his trousers, then flew his boxers and finally she saw his prod erecting darting in front of her eyes.
Gulpin hard Khushi tried to move back but her eyes popped out when she saw him tearing a protection and rolling it up.
With one smooth movement he pulled her long legs towards him and positioned himself.
“I waited for this for one whole week Miss Gupta, and I am not going to leave you now. You are mine now and forever”, He pushed inside her with one long thrust earning his name from her sweet mouth.
“Ar….nav…. you will not get what you want… I… I…..”
“Don’t promise something which you cannot keep. I want you to come for me and you know it. Don’t hold yourself back. We both know what we want”.
“Why me? Arnav?”
“Only you”, he took out his entire form to thurst back much deeper this time.
It was almost 10 minutes and it was as if she had taken oath not to come before him and give him the pleasure. Arnav was almost sweating hard trying to find the point to her release but she was determined not to come.
Then he heard what he never expected, “I am too immune by your touch Arnav, you cannot make me come”, she challenged painfully. This resistance was become tough for her. The more she resisted the more it fired her up.
Arnav braced himself and looked at her with a mocking expression, “Really? Khush you really think so that I cannot make you come if I want to? Lets try out this then and lets see”, he slid his hardform out.
Khushi looked at him feeling disappointed but after few seconds her disappointment turned into shock when he removed his protection and filled her in with passion.
Khushi gasped out loud, unable to form any words, it was their first time skin to skin touch. His silk form inside her heated soft core. It was out of the world.
Arnav lost his patience and started moving passionately inside her, building up the rhythem.
“Arnav con…dom? What….if….Aaah!” her words trailed off.
She matched his rhythem ashamedly unable to control any more. “This feels so god Arnav. You feel so good”.
“We feel so good Khushi” he paced up and Khushi braced to consume him more and more. And after that there was fireworks everywhere. Her hips jerked, Arnav pushed himself deeper and both of them convulsed together, their contractions matched, their body crashed against each other and she felt his hot milk inside her.
She never thought that her resistance would back fair her like this. Her organs hit three time more than normal.
Arnav was about to get up to check her whether she was ok or not when she pulled him in her embrace and started sobbing.
Arnav held her close to his body and caressed her hair. “I am sorry baby…I am so sorry”, he did not know why he apologized but all he knew was that he did not want to make her cry.
Khushi slowly pulled back to look at him then cupping his face she spoke.
“Arnav…oh Arnav…Arnav”
Arnav kissed her forehead and trached the side of her lips, “what is it sweetheart?”
Khushi gulped to stop herself from showing her weakness but she failed. Why to pretend in front of the person she loves the most?.
“Arnav can I ask you something? Please?” she sobbed.
“Ask anything, but stop crying first”.
Khushi held his hand and kissed, “Arnav I know this is impossible and that you don’t ever come back to the person you ever dated….” She chocked. “but please please can you give me a second chance? Please? I cannot live without you. and I am ready to become your mis….” She chocked the word mistress.
Arnav very well understood what she was about to say. He remove her hand from his checks and looking directly in her eyes he said “NO, I cannot give you any second chance Khushi”.
Khushi cried out bitterly and hugged him tightly. “Its ok, I know, I understand”.
“Because for me there is no second chance when I haven’t left my first chance Khushi. I have never left you. It was you who walked out not me. So for me you are still very much there in my life.
Khushi took a sharp breath and then looked at him and searched in his eyes trying to understand what he just said.
“Khushi I have never ditched you and never will. Because I like you a lot and you are the only woman with whom I felt like this. Khushi…” he cupped her face. “don’t ever leave me like this, you don’t know how difficult it was for me to live without you”.
“What about what I saw downstairs aranv? You Lavanya?”
“It was my Di’s wish not mine and I told her that very day, the day you walked out of my life that I can never marry lavanya. Khushi! She is a good friend of mine but she cannot take your position in my life”.
“My position?” Khushi looked at him dazed.
“Yes your position. You belong right here, beside me, for the rest of my life. I need you more than anything”.
“Khushi, I know I cannot marry you and you know the reason, but would you like to move in with me forever? As my partner?”
“Arnav!” she throw her arms around him and kissed him furiously. Yes, Yes Arnav I would love to stay with you now and forever”.
Arnav kissed her sideways and hugged her tightly.
“I really love you Khushi!” Arnav sealed his love pressing a passionate kiss over her lips.
Her I love you too lost in their kiss, but Arnav knew how much she loved him.

Monday, 22 July 2013

ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 20

Part 20

The Charmer and his lady 

For the first time in last two week, Arnav was looking forward to this day. After all it was the day which Khushi wont be able to avoid him like last two weeks. It has been pathetic. Khushi coming to the same office but avoiding Arnav as if he doesn’t exists. During the joint meeting he tried to communicate with her in professional level only to get her monosyllables back with few deliberate taunts. But unlike every other times Arnav enjoyed her fuming and angry looks that she threw on him constantly. He loved how her face used to turn red when he tried to pull her leg indirectly in the meeting. But no words come out from her mouth. After that horrifying incident where he said he loves his wife more than Khushi, which had been an out right, lie, he just couldnot forgive himself. And moreover when he asked her to get out her knew it was final nail to the coffin. But he was Arnav singh Raizada, and he knew that he will make her beg for him at the end. His gut feeling was that the passion, the desire that he had for her, she had the same urge to be with him. And past two weeks had proved that so. He had ofen caught her looking at him when he was engrossed in his office work, some times mutting something which was barely audiable and then her famous pout which melted his heart. If he wanted her would have taken her then and there and proved that he was right, that she wants him as much as he wants her. But he backed off thinking to give her sometime to settle down and let the reality hit her.
And the reality hit her every second. Be it staring at the white ceiling at night, feeling pathetically hollow not being in his arms, missing making breakfast for him. She almost had a panic attack not able to speak to him despite of working so close to him in the office and still managing to keep her hands off.
This was the day both were eagerly looking forward to. More than Khushi it was Arnav. After all it was the stone lying ceremony of their joint project and whether she liked it or not she have to stay close to him and give her interviews with him. He was the financer and the architectural firm where as hers was interior design. He held almost 70 percent of the stake in the project, so he had an upper hand always. If he wanted he would have null the contracted and given it to someone else. But he did not do it. It was not for her, she dismissed her tiny hope that he loved her as much as she did by thinking Arnav singh Raizada was a man of principles and he would never effect his professionalism by mixing it with his personal issues.
They had been lovers but they were colleagues too and she knew she was stuck with him till the project was over. It was her greatest opportunity to do something abroad and she would have been an emotional fool to walk out. If she could leave her past behind and be strong then she would be able to leave behind this Arnav singh Raizada bug from her life.
But this bug was more than anything for her. The more the days passed, the more she got restless about the whole fiasco.
“hey devi maiya rakhsha karna” Khushi looked at the sky then felt a slender arm wrapping her. Khushi looked at misha and smiled sheepishly. It had been worse for her. She fought with misha over Arnav many times in last two weeks and finally decided not to speak to her at all. But misha never let Khushi go away from her as she knew, it was misha who had to be with her when she had no one to confide. She also knew it was the toughest phase in Khushi’s life and other than misha there was no one to make her understand. Unlike Khushi and Arnav, misha was quite aware of their chemisty. Not only chemistry but the hidden love between the duo. No matther how much Khushi denied the fact that Arnav doesnot love her, by the situation was screaming into her ears that no one in this world can love her more than Arnav. It was evident that the Casanova who had changed his boyfriends like clothers have not been advertised on the newspaper for past six months and no one had any clue about Khushi in his life. He had made sure to safe guard her moral at any cost and that proves a lot Even during last 2 weeks their had been no news about Arnav and his girl-friends which was again a proof that there had been none after Khushi.
“don’t worry khush! You look stunning. Uncle and Aunty would have been so happy to see you today achieving so much on your own. Trust me they are”.
“You…you think so mish?” she stammered nervously seeing the paparazzi clouded over the entrance of Raizada Mansion.
Arnav has organized the whole finction in Raizada mansion instead of any other five star hotel. Khushi initially refused to agree to it but later sighed protesting much. She just did not want to enter that house which had taken away her most precious relation and facing that house, the same evil…. No her mind scream. No matter how much he she cursed Arnav, but she just couldnot stop loving him. And that was the greatest truth, which hit her every now and then.
“of course… and I want that bugger to see this news and die out of jealosy” misha cursed Khushi’s husband.
“Stop it mish! There is no point thinking about him today. This is ou… my day”, Khushi bit back our. “and I don’t want to spoil it by thinking about such a negative person who doesnot hold any importance in my life any more”.
“Really?” Khushi heard a familiar voice. No matter how many times she had heard his voice, each time she heard him saying her entire nervous system collapsed. Khushi closed her eyes cursing her vulnerability and turned towards him.
There he was standing right beside her. His mouth held the sexiest smirk, clean-shaven which actuated his pink lips. “Ridiculous” Khushi thought thinking about how on earth a man posses such a pink lush lips and each time her gaze went towards his thin, manly lips her pulse danced erotically.
Before Khushi could say anything her lips were covered with his for a welcome kiss. He realized reluctantly only to find a dazed Khushi flattering her lashes unknowingly. Her cheeks blushed with the cutest colour of red, which enhanced her beauty. He did not care that he was kissing a woman on road publically all he cared was that he waited to kiss her for so long. And when it happened the craving became more. “Damn you Khushi” he mentally said. “how can I want a woman like an adolescent desperate teenager?” he thought looking at the beautiful lady clad in a nude colour neat saree. Her hair drew up in a formal bun and she wore a beautiful white stone ear tub. Her face had minimal make up and her peach lip-stick “tsk tsk” became the victim of his mouth few seconds back.
Khushi just couldnot move from his grip, her legs turned into jelly and her every nerve screamed wanting him to touch her again, kiss her again… kiss her till the world ends and beyond. “oh how much she missed him”, she thought.
“I am going to kiss you again”, he husked.
“No” Khushi protested in a small voice, her eyelids automatically getting closed in the temptation and her lips parted to welcome his manly tongue.
When there lips were inches apart there was a tug in arnav’s hand.
“Finish this later to night both of you. Reporters are coming here, stop your road show you despos” misha bit out her lips feeling concerned for both of them.
Arnav moved back and held Khushi tightly who was about to faint any moment and cleaned the smudged lipstick.
He gave a side hug to misha and said “thanks” before the reporters finally came and surrounded them for their interview.
They were inside Raizada mansion and the party was on after the main event. The event went well and she was introduced to anjali, arnav’s sister. She immediately liked her a lot. She was a soothing woman. Her words felt like some rag chanted during the morning hours. They immidately bonded and started talking. Just when anjali offered Khushi some mocktail their gaze fell on a beautiful lady clad in a silver dress. Her bosoms spilled rightly over her bodice making a perfect cleavage and her elegant feet gave away the right view between the slits.
“Lavanya Kashyap”, she was the woman to die for Khushi noted. Despite of her ooh-lala come on baby attitute she had an elegant body language which protected her from all the men eyeing on her.
Khushi felt a knot inside her belly. What was she competing with? The girl in front of her oozed sex and no other woman in anrav’s past could have took that place on which lavanya was standing and she was perfect. Khushi acknowledged with a heavy heart.
Arnav approached Lavanya and air kissed her and then holdong her hand he walked towards Khushi. For the moment Khushi thought the glass would break into pieces the one anjali had offerend. Her hand itched to spill the entire mocktail on arnav’s face in anger. But she resisted.
Arnav came and stood right infront of Khushi holding lavanya’s arms and then introduced lavanya to her.
Lavanaya gracefully pulled out her hand to shake and Khushi unwillingly captured. Both the ladies air kissed each other before Khushi excused herself and started walking towards misha. Before she reached where misha was sitting, Arnav came and held her arms and spun her around crashing her on his hard plain of chest. Khushi’s eyes went wide and she stared at Arnav like she has seen some horror film.
“Saree with backless blouse…kisko marne ka irada hai?” Arnav finally broke their so called silence for long and asked her holding her pallu in one hand and another hand wrapped around her bare waist.
Khushi came back to her senses and glared at Arnav in anger. “haan to?” Khushi turned back to see lavanya smiling with Anjali and said “I guess she has better things to so you and I am sure you are al most dead by now…arenot you Mr Raizada?”
Arnav pulled her more towards him this time his fingers splayed over her bare back and the other hand touched the band of her petticoat around her waist making her shiver by his touch.
“you cant do this Arnav. We are in public”, Khushi tried to hid her flatter.
“As you say, lets finish it in my room”, with that he pick her up in his arms and walked straight towards his room.
The only person to see them was misha as Khushi had waved her before Khushi’s encounter by Arnav.
Khushi tried to protest in his arms, but all went in vail.
“no point trying princess to night you are mine”, Arnav growled at her to shut her up and pushed the door with his leg and in no time he deposited Khushi on his bed.
Khushi tried to get up and run towards the door but pushed the door shut with his palm trapping her between his palm in the process.
Khushi spun around only to be shocked to see the desire in his eye. It was not only desire but some mind of dangerous rage too.
Khushi shivered in fear because she knew what he was capable of when he was angry.
“No, you cannot touch me”, Khushi said in a low voice fearing of herself that if he touches her she will loose all her senses.
The rest of her pleas crashed passionately in his firey kiss. He was hungry…damn hungry for her and it was evident.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 19

Part 19


She stared walking blankly in the busy roads and kept on tripping and bumping with people, earning few profanities from them. Few were kind enough to ask her whether she was ok by patting her shoulder. She stared at them blankly as if her world has fallen apart and she had nothing left for her.
She fought her tears back and promised herself that she wont cry. There was nothing to cry. Ek na ek din yeh to hona hi tha. Wasnot she the one who placed the no-strings-attached idea before him? Wasnot she the one who made it clear to him that she doensot want any attachment? Then where is his fault no? He never asked to fall in love with him. It was her choice to do so. Now that she had hopelessly fell in love with him, it was her mistake. Mistake? No it wasnot a mistake. Love cannot be a mistake. Love for a man like Arnav cannot be a mistake. Every time every moment she lived with him was wonderful. He was wonderful. He had never ever made any situation uneasy between them. And his charm, his body, his soul, it was just perfect. He was the man every women would desire. No doubt why each and every lover of him never wanted to leave him.
The little did Khushi knew why his ex-girlfriends never wanted to leave him. It was the power of his money that they craved for. Being Raizada’s girl-friend meant huge money spent behind them. But for Khushi it was their togetherness, their cute fights over non-issues, their passionate nights where they melted into each other and their special moments where they discuss few personal things. It was pure love for Khushi which she was going to miss.
Lavanya kashyap was girl who deserved to be Mrs Raizada, Arnav’s future wife. Khushi chocked with the thought. Mrs Raizada, Arnav’s better half. Did not she feel the same when she was with him during last 6 months. Did not she feel it was she who was could have been best fit for him? But how could she? How could she expect him to commit to her when she was second hand? Yes she was. She was married to someone else. Thought it was not legally done, but still her husband applied sindoor in between her partition. Their parents accepted that marriage. Even she was his wife till she was tired of waiting for him. She never allowed any other man to touch her physically and emotionally until Arnav happened.
Her marriage was like a curse for her, neither she could take it nor she could leave it and today it was a major hiatus for Arnav and her relationship. Lavanya was un married and beautiful, much more attractive and much more fashionable than she was. By their pictures together she was sure that they would make a good pair. But the thought made her heart swell. Her Arnav was never her Arnav. He was meant to be someone else’s.
Nausea hit her hard and she threw it out in the dustbin feeling extremely sick. The thought of someone will be bedding with him soon made her nerve loose. She had dealt with his past, but now that she had been with him for last 6 months and sharing not only his bed but also his life, his need it was hard for her to take the situation so easily.
She glanced up the hotel where Arnav had called her and decided to seat for a while for the nausea to go away. Drinking some water she picked up her mobile. Looking at their picture taken in Maldives when they had visited there for the first time, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She realized that Arnav made her weak. The whole thing, the whole six months made her weak. A tear dropped right at the center of the screen in between their faces, where Khushi was kissing him on his cheeks holding him tightly. The picture was taken by Arnav as Khushi’s both the arms were wrapped possessively around his neck.
“This has to end” her mind said. For their good, for their relationship sake. She did not want to spoil it. She never thought of spoiling it. How could she after all she loved him so much. So much that she even did not know until today.
Khushi decided to talk to him and end it in a happy note so that both doesnot regret this. It had to end, so let it end in a good note. She had her best time with him and that was more then enough for her to survive.
But not like this. Not in some hotel which had no soul. She wanted to end it either at her house, of at his place. Being misha present in her house, that wouldnot be possible. Then why not at his guest house? She thought.
She punched his number and waited for him to pick up the phone.
“Khushi!” he called her in a husky, frustrated voice.
“Arnav” she addressed him painfully.
“Come fast, I need to talk to you”.
“Arnav, can we please go to your guest house? I am not comfortable in the hotel” she said clutching her phone with both her hands.
“Guest house?” Arnav thought that wasnot possible as Lavanya was staying there. “it is not possible today Khushi”.
Khushi frowned in irritation and thought why, why wasnot it possible to meet him in the guest house, when they had always been there. Could it be possible that his future wife was staying there?
The urge of nausea came back once again. Could it be possible that he was sharing the same bed with her during weekdays while he was warming his bed with Khushi during weekends? Did they already made love? If yes then was it as good as they do? Did he…. She chocked… did he made her cry out his name like he does with Khushi?
“yes Arnav, is there a problem in that?”
Arnav did not want to tell her that Lavanya was staying in the guest house yet because he wanted to be with Khushi when he tells her the truth. The entire truth about lavanya.
“Where are you Khushi?” he asked her planning to take her to his home.
“I am right near the hotel. I don’t want to entire there and look like some whore Arnav”.
“Shut up Khushi. How dare you use such a cheap word?” Arnav was shocked, stunned by Khushi’s words. His Khushi can never say such a cheap word. He panicked at the thought that maybe she came to know about lavanya and that’s why she spatted out that word. “stay where you are I am picking you up”.
Arnav disconnected the phone and tossed his BMW key and rushed out of the suite.
He scratch stop the car in front of Khushi and puffed the engine by pushing the acceleration making it sound like a growl.
Khushi opened the door and let herself in. and the moment she was in he zoomed the car in high speed.
He kept on glancing at her and she was looking straight not meeting his eyes. He kept on pacing the car until they arrived at his house.
Khushi did not recognize where he had brought her. She opened her mouth to ask. Her words muffed up against his hard smooch. He dug his fingers in her skin and brutally inserted his tongue inside her sweet mouth. His kiss was so hard and yet it was so passionate that she had tars in her big doe eyes.
He could sense her lips trembling against his lips but he did not stop. He wanted to punish her for using such a bad word. And his punishment was his brutal kiss.
He pulled himself back to check her finally. Feeling bad looking at her bruised lips he pecked her lovingly and cupped her face. “Never ever us that word Khushi. You made me mad by telling that. Did I ever made you feel so cheap of yourself?”, he said in a low voice which sounded more like a chocked voice.
Khushi slowly picked her lashes up and nodded in negative sheepishly.
Arnav kissed her forehead and then wiped her tears. “sorry for the kiss”, he said and did not wait anymore. He got down from the car and held the door open for her.
Without giving her an opportunity to place her foot on the groud he swept her up in his arms and headed towards the entrance.
Khushi was so lost in Arnav that she forgot about the house.
Once she was placed on the bed she realized that it was someone’s house. Not a guest house.
“if you are wondering where I have brought you let me tell you this is my house and this is my bedroom and..” she leaned on her dangerously “this is my bed where you are sitting right now”.
Khushi gasped at their proximity. Arnav has never failed to make her jump like a rabbit whenever he seduced her out of the oddest situation possible.
But Khushi knew it very well, if she did not ask him now, she can never ask him in future. He was answerable to her after spending 6 months together. She felt that he was as easy as she was with him and there was no harm in asking him.
“Why did not you tell me earlier? Why did you hid such a big news? Did you think I will create a scene and bad mouth you Arnav? Why I had to read the news about you?” Khushi asked him in one breath.
Just as Arnav thought, the news had spilled the beans already. Wasn’t he the one wanted to do that what Khushi asked? Wasn’t he the one hoping that Khushi will hear the news first hand from him. But how could he stop her from reading it in the newspaper when it is all over the city?
“Khushi I wanted to tell you…”she hard him defending himself but she spatted out in anger.
“When? After your marriage? Or after you share your bed with her in your suhaag raat?” she got up and leveled her eyes with him.
Arnav gripped her shoulder painfully, “how dare you. how dare you talk to me like this?”. Arnav couldnot believe that out of all the people Khushi will not think about the situation. She was the last person to react so negatively he thought.
“What is wrong in the thinking Arnav? I wont be surprised if I hear that you are already sleeping with her”.
Arnav felt a stab, a sharp stab in her heart. How could she think about him like that? How could she think that he was two timing her? How could she even think that when it was Khushi writing all over him, he will go to someone else, forget about bedding that person. Arnav felt betrayed. Betrayed about Khushi’s behaviour. He thought he was wrong about thinking that Khushi was the only person who understood him and always given him benefit of the doubt. But he was wrong. She was just like other feisty, impulsive girl-friends. He knew it, it was over now and he cannot handle such situation. What amazed him was how could he live with a woman for 6 months? And he still craved for her more and more. Right now also he felt like pushing her on the bed and fill her with him hard and fast and take out the stupid bug from her head. But no he wont do that because he was terribly hurt and he said what he shouldnot have.
“don’t try to invade in my personal things Khushi. If you think that I have already fucked her then be it, I will not explain you about what I do with others”. He immediately cursed himself for being such an ass.
“I don’t wish to listen to it Arnav. I don’t want to listen to anything. I am sure you must have felt good while putting yourself inside her and I am sure you must have enjoyed the view of her voluptuous breast jerking up and down when she rode on you” and there she goes couldnot stop her tears anymore.
Arnav slid his hand inside his pocket so that he doesnot do anything inappropriate to her like hitting her for what she had said. He felt pathetic at that moment.
“So be it Mr Raizada, congratulations for your wedding and a goodbye from me”, Khushi felt pathetic to. She did not know from where those words came out from her mouth. She was the last person who would want to say such a thing and that to the person she loved the most.
“Khushi listen to me”, Arnav tried to talk to her and explain her that what she was thinking was all wrong, that she should listen to him and then decided. But she was almost unlocking the door.
“No Mr Raizada”, don’t try to stop me now. to be your mistress is the last thing I want. I understand that marriage was something we have never decided upon and I understand we would have never been married, that’s how how relation was. But not that you are going to get married and now that you have found your soul mate I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to be with you anymore. I wish you a very happy marriage life..” before she could utter further. Arnav hauled her and turned her towards him.
He jammed her hands and locked it like hand calves on the either side of her face and barked.
Khushi was shocked. She felt loss of words. His eyes were dangerous and scary. She has never seen him like this before.
“He was married?” she thought…”then what was he doing with her. Where is his wife? Why isnot there any information about his marital life? If he loves his wife so much then why was he  sleeping around with other females?”
“you…you are married? Where…where is your wife?” she chocked her words.
“SHE IS DEAD DAMN IT. BUT THAT DOESNOT GIVE ME LICIENCE TO MARRY SOMEONE ELSE. THAT DOESNOT TAKE AWAY MY LOVE FOR HER. I LOVE HER VERY MUCH AND I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER TILL MY LAST BREATH”, he lied. He knew he lied. He equally loves the woman who was standing in front of him. He loves Khushi so much that he couldn’t face his wife’s photo which he religiously did every morning. But this woman who stood in front of him got it all wrong. Everything wrong. And he knew if he doesnot let he go now the scene would turn ugly.
Streams of tears were not stopping anymore. She felt miserable and hurt. Such a big confession and he did after 6 months. But somehow the whole confession concerned her today. She felt ashamed of herself for being such an impulsive person. She knew she had hurt him a lot. But her respect for him touched the ultimate. He man who loves and wife even after she was dead and promising himself that he will never give that space to anyone proved how intense the person was. Arnav singh Raizada was a gem and Khushi had crushed it with her own hands.
Without any further delay she unlocked her locket, his love gift and separated it from her skin. It was the saddest moment in her lift. Parting that locket from herself was equivalrnt to part one of her body part. There was no physical pain, but emotionally she was crushed forever. She bundled the locket in his palm and turned to open the door, and before he could stop she ran out of his house.
Arnav held his hand to stop her and call her back but he could not. He was devastated. He turned to glance at the crumbled bed sheet where she sat and lost all his control over his emotions. He touched the area and punched it hard. “DAMN IT Khushi! Come…..back” he chocked before letting his tears fall apart for the first time in his life.