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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 21

Part 21

Taming Khushi

She was unable to stop his assult, as he drove her to the heights of passion just with his mere kiss. He feels so good. And she kept on drowning. His tongue danced inside her mouth tasting her sweetness and his salty lips played havoc with her senses. He moment he slid his arm near her bosom, Khushi came back to her senses. What the hell is he doing? Khushi pushed him with her full force making him topple back few steps.
“What the hell do you think you are doing? And who gave the right to touch me like this after what you have done?” Khushi spatted angrily, her chest halved due to his kiss effect, her body trembled due to his touch.
“you gave the right sanorita” Arnav circled his arms around her petite waist and hauled her towards him leaving no space between each other.
“Me?” Khushi mocked him. “I don’t even want you to touch me Arnav. Everything is over between us”, she said with a determined voice deliberately not showing her vulnerability.
“Un..han! but I don’t see you protesting” he said gazing her face passionately, tracing her lips with his thumb.
“that’s because you deliberately tried to seduce me Arnav. And if it was someone else also I would have…”
she words were cut off immediately when Arnav tore the pallu from where it was pinned, making Khushi stunned. He pulled out the pleets from her peticote and picked her up in no time.
“Lets see how much you can resist me Khushi and don’t you dare say that if it was someone else you would have given yourself it this”.
Jealousy, it was pure jealousy in his words and he doesnot seem to bother about it leaving Khushi gasping. How on the man can look so sexy despite of what he has done to her. How can she still be so desperate for him? How can she shamelessly want him inside her right there?
Arnav moved back to lay his eyes on his figure. Utterely Sexy she was. The colour of he blouse blending with her skin as if she was wearing nothing at all.
No just a correction, her pink pebbles were still not in view and Arnav was hungry to take them in between his teeth, just the way he liked.
He could easily see she was aroused. Her darted pebbles did not remain hidden inside her blouse.
Khushi covered herself with her hand and took few steps backward nodding negatively. But Arnav pushed her near the wall and thrust his big thigh in between her leg rolling up her peticote.
“Arnav!” she gasped feeling his manhood thrust somewhere near her belly and his thigh placed perfectly near her intimate part, which now oozed heat.
“Lier, look at you Khushi, you want me as much as I want and you are still in denial…hah!?” Arnav traced his moving glance over her making her shudder in embarrassment.
Arnav loosened the sting of her petticoat and move his thighs so that the material pools near her high heels.
He closed his mouth near her crock of her neck and bit her hard earning a pleasurable cry.
He undid her blouse, which fell lose over her shoulder and before Khushi could anticipate, his notorious tongue was assaulting her left bosom.
Khushi hopelessly arched back still protesting a little but unable to move him from her clutch. Her mind cried out “Pleasure” “Pleasure” like mantra and her hands betrayed her protest.
She gave him full access to her delicious bosoms and Arnav did not miss a single chance devouring it like a king. He swirled his tongue against it to taste it thoroughly, teasing her nipples with his teeth and then again soothing it with his wet lips.
Her breast even swelled more, becoming red and full and before she could understand she was carried to his bed and both of them toppled down together. Arnav made sure he did not leave her for one second.
Khushi was almost in the verge of explosion when his betrayal started nagging her. She did not want to give him, she did not want to come for him, and she doesn’t want him to win in this game.
With determination she showed immense control not to shudder under his touch.
Arnav moved down to kiss her belly. He dipped his tongue inside and earned a desired moan from her. Khushi fisted his hair and tried to push his away. She tried to fight with him wiggling out from his clutches but then Arnav took both her hand and pinned her on two sides and finally dipped his head to kiss her most intimate point, where she craved for him the most.
“No!” she whispered softly then gasp when Arnav kissed her with full passion tasting her sex, licking her swollen lips and then slowing inserting his finger inside her fold. Khushi threw herself back and arched in pleasure. Unconsciously positioning her near his mouth as if begging him to take it even deeper.
“You want to be touched like this by someone else Khushi?” he looked up to see her condition which was as bad as his. Eyes close, mouth open inhaling long and deep breath.
“No!” she made a small voice. And Arnav happily gave her what she wanted. More of him, more of his tongue, more of this expert finger. Now the game was on Arnav’s hands totally he thought. But.
“NO, I don’t want you to touch me there Arnav. Go and touch your…” her words were trailed off them Arnav started unbuttoning his shirt, next was his trousers, then flew his boxers and finally she saw his prod erecting darting in front of her eyes.
Gulpin hard Khushi tried to move back but her eyes popped out when she saw him tearing a protection and rolling it up.
With one smooth movement he pulled her long legs towards him and positioned himself.
“I waited for this for one whole week Miss Gupta, and I am not going to leave you now. You are mine now and forever”, He pushed inside her with one long thrust earning his name from her sweet mouth.
“Ar….nav…. you will not get what you want… I… I…..”
“Don’t promise something which you cannot keep. I want you to come for me and you know it. Don’t hold yourself back. We both know what we want”.
“Why me? Arnav?”
“Only you”, he took out his entire form to thurst back much deeper this time.
It was almost 10 minutes and it was as if she had taken oath not to come before him and give him the pleasure. Arnav was almost sweating hard trying to find the point to her release but she was determined not to come.
Then he heard what he never expected, “I am too immune by your touch Arnav, you cannot make me come”, she challenged painfully. This resistance was become tough for her. The more she resisted the more it fired her up.
Arnav braced himself and looked at her with a mocking expression, “Really? Khush you really think so that I cannot make you come if I want to? Lets try out this then and lets see”, he slid his hardform out.
Khushi looked at him feeling disappointed but after few seconds her disappointment turned into shock when he removed his protection and filled her in with passion.
Khushi gasped out loud, unable to form any words, it was their first time skin to skin touch. His silk form inside her heated soft core. It was out of the world.
Arnav lost his patience and started moving passionately inside her, building up the rhythem.
“Arnav con…dom? What….if….Aaah!” her words trailed off.
She matched his rhythem ashamedly unable to control any more. “This feels so god Arnav. You feel so good”.
“We feel so good Khushi” he paced up and Khushi braced to consume him more and more. And after that there was fireworks everywhere. Her hips jerked, Arnav pushed himself deeper and both of them convulsed together, their contractions matched, their body crashed against each other and she felt his hot milk inside her.
She never thought that her resistance would back fair her like this. Her organs hit three time more than normal.
Arnav was about to get up to check her whether she was ok or not when she pulled him in her embrace and started sobbing.
Arnav held her close to his body and caressed her hair. “I am sorry baby…I am so sorry”, he did not know why he apologized but all he knew was that he did not want to make her cry.
Khushi slowly pulled back to look at him then cupping his face she spoke.
“Arnav…oh Arnav…Arnav”
Arnav kissed her forehead and trached the side of her lips, “what is it sweetheart?”
Khushi gulped to stop herself from showing her weakness but she failed. Why to pretend in front of the person she loves the most?.
“Arnav can I ask you something? Please?” she sobbed.
“Ask anything, but stop crying first”.
Khushi held his hand and kissed, “Arnav I know this is impossible and that you don’t ever come back to the person you ever dated….” She chocked. “but please please can you give me a second chance? Please? I cannot live without you. and I am ready to become your mis….” She chocked the word mistress.
Arnav very well understood what she was about to say. He remove her hand from his checks and looking directly in her eyes he said “NO, I cannot give you any second chance Khushi”.
Khushi cried out bitterly and hugged him tightly. “Its ok, I know, I understand”.
“Because for me there is no second chance when I haven’t left my first chance Khushi. I have never left you. It was you who walked out not me. So for me you are still very much there in my life.
Khushi took a sharp breath and then looked at him and searched in his eyes trying to understand what he just said.
“Khushi I have never ditched you and never will. Because I like you a lot and you are the only woman with whom I felt like this. Khushi…” he cupped her face. “don’t ever leave me like this, you don’t know how difficult it was for me to live without you”.
“What about what I saw downstairs aranv? You Lavanya?”
“It was my Di’s wish not mine and I told her that very day, the day you walked out of my life that I can never marry lavanya. Khushi! She is a good friend of mine but she cannot take your position in my life”.
“My position?” Khushi looked at him dazed.
“Yes your position. You belong right here, beside me, for the rest of my life. I need you more than anything”.
“Khushi, I know I cannot marry you and you know the reason, but would you like to move in with me forever? As my partner?”
“Arnav!” she throw her arms around him and kissed him furiously. Yes, Yes Arnav I would love to stay with you now and forever”.
Arnav kissed her sideways and hugged her tightly.
“I really love you Khushi!” Arnav sealed his love pressing a passionate kiss over her lips.
Her I love you too lost in their kiss, but Arnav knew how much she loved him.


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