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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 22

Part 21


Both of them were so consumed with the passion that they couldnot go and attend the party. Misha and Anjali had to handle the situation.
There in Arnav’s room both the love birds were lying together, their sweat mingling, individual smell filling their nostrils and their bodies entangled with each other.
Arnav wrapped his arms around her possessively while Khushi pressed her ear against his chest to listen to his erotic heart beat. Once she heard those three Magical words she did not care about anything anymore and she knew it very well that Arnav was the man whom she can trust with her life. They made love to each other without any protection. Thankfully it was her sixth day, so there was less chance of her getting pregnant.
She was unconsciously drawing circular patterns surrounding his dark areola making his nipple taunt. Aranv sighed loving the feeling of her soft touches in his body. “Umm!” he shifted unable to bear any more.
Khushi blushed and hid her face under his arms, understanding what she was doing.
“I just love being with you like this sweetheart. You and me and nothing matters”, he said kissing her partitions. “I just love everything about you”.
“More than those sleek, gorgeous models?” Khushi teased him.
“Much much more than them Khushi. Infact I have never ever compared you with them. You know why? With you everything seemed to change, everything seemed intimate and real.
Khushi looked at him lovingly resting her chin on his chest. “and you are my first and last Arnav, I cannot even think in my dreams about anyone”.
“and what if your husband returns?”
“Well, I think you are going to take care of him more than me” she giggled. “will you allow your princess to be taken by someone?”
“I will kill him” with that he kissed her passionately.
They broke apart and Khushi asked, “what if Anjali Di doesnot accept me?”
“Oh she will love you don’t worry about that, she just wanted me to get married and get settled bas!”, he said caressing her back now.
Khushi shivered in his touch yet again. “how do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“How do you always make me shiver with every damn touch of yours?”
“because that’s exactly what I feel when you touch me sanorita”.
“Arnav, you said Lavanya is your friend. Then why that Article?”
“Di purposely did that so that I don’t turn my face back from the marriage. I had no clue she was doing it. If it were some other time the news would have come to me even before it got printed. But I was so into you, so into us that I did not bother to check my surroundings. Lavanya had hots for me since her teens, she even proposed to me, but I rejected her because I did not want to hurt her. We have never shared that kind of relationship.  You know what I mean?” he said cupping her soft breast and caressing it slowly. Khushi moaned and her nipples dug in his palms instantly. “ She was the only female in my life with whom I was only friends nothing else.”.
“She is very sexy and pretty, I must tell you”.
“ya that she is, but she never appealed me as you did Khushi and with you I have a different level of connection. Do you believe in soulmates? If yes then that’s what I would like to compare us with”.
Khushi claimed his lips earning a soft groan and whispered against his lips, “I do. And yes even I feel we are soul mates”.
Arnav was once again ready for her and Khushi was happy to know that. But this time it was her turn to drive him crazy.
She hovered over him and kissed him passionately rubbing her core along his full length.
“Oh f*ck” Arnav groaned with she teased him even more by taking his tip in her hand and rubbing it.
“You like it don’t you?” she asked with an evil grim.
“Oh yes, I love it babes. Come on now don’t tease me much otherwise I am going to eat you up.
“That’s what I want”, she moved down making sure every inch of her body slid against him.
Arnav grabbed her hair and made gave her a deadly look.
Khushi angled her face and questioned him still massaging his full taut form, “What?”
“What did you say that day?”
“What?” Khushi frowned a little
“that I would enjoy seeing lavanya riding on me and her breast bumping in the motion?”
Khushi closed her ears gesturing him i-am-not-listing. “Please Arnve you know it very well why I said that and I am not sorry”.
He pulled her on him by her hair and made her sit on him abs. “Listen woman, what you said was utterly wrong. And for that I will punish you”.
Arnav braced himself putting all his weight on his hips and slid his tongue from the well of her through then, towards her cleavage, then straight down making her throw her back and arch for him.
“I want to see you doing that”, Arnav husked near her naval blowing his hot breath.
“Oh Arnav” Khushi wrapped her legs around him and hid her face in embarrassment.
“I want to be inside you and you riding on me babes”, he said biting her a little.
“Aaah” she moaned in pleasure and Arnav dropped himself back on the mattress.
Khushi stared at him with her innocent eyes and bit her lips, her cheeks flamed red.
“Come on I want you to be the bad girl”.
Khushi went down and took him in her mouth and worked on it.
“Uff!” Arnav groaned and removed her hair with was blocking his view. His hips rocked seeing his Khushi devouring him with her mouth. Pleasure tears rolling down. Arnav took a drop in his finger and leaked it. He held her hair once again and looked straight in her eyes.
“Now!” he commanded in a tone which he himself couldnot recognize.
Khushi placed herself on him and slowly consumed him entirely.
Arnav cursed under his breath and arched for her. She was looking like a goddess, innocent yet seductive.
Khushi did not know that she knew her moves. It was their first time they were tying that position but it felt like it was a cake walk for her. May it was because of Arnav that she oozed so much passion.
She kept on moving on him and driving him crazy. She got her realize but did not stop. She kept on flaunting herself, her body, displaying it to him in erotic manner, playing with herself, and pinching her nipples.
Arnav groaned when she did that and gritted his teeth. “Offer me those baby”.
Khushi did not understand what her was talking about.
Arnav slid his fingers and flared  arcoss her breast. “These he commanded.
Khushi blushed and then leaned but Arnav stopped her earning a cute frown from his girl.
“Hold it and give it to me”.
Khushi hid her face with her palm and nodded a no. “I cant do this Ar…”
Arnav held her wrist and removed her palm, “yes you can for me”.
Khushi shyly held her left one and slowly leaned on him.
Her taut nipples brushed her lips but he did not open. Then she brushed her swells across his face and with her eyes she pleased. Looking straight into her eyes Arnav captured her pink nipples in between his teeth and with his hand wrapped around her waist fastened his speed.
When the heat became too much they collapsed on each other finding their release.
They rolled onto each other time to time and spend their entire night making love again and again.
Khushi shifted to Arnav’s apartment and they started sharing not only his house but his life too. The attraction between them started growing all the more. The more they made love the more they wanted each other in their arms. Day, Night, Midnight, in between Arnav’s works he came just to be inside his Khushi.
It was almost a month and they were as usual making love when Khushi’s phone buzzed.
“Not now baby”, Arnav protested.
“Arnav, misha a call hai, and I think it is urgent otherwise she wouldnot have called at this hour”.
“Iss misha ki bachi ko to mein…”
Khushi placed her finger on his lips and he happily sucked it.
Khushi sighed and took the call, while Arnav sucked her finger happily not parting his body from her. He showed his protest giving her deep thrust with his pelvis earning a glare from her.
Khushi disconnected the call and slapped him on his back lovingly. “Don’t do that while I am talking, you besharam”.
“Who had asked you to take that call while I am making love to you? It’s mine time and I want you full attention”.
“possessive hub…” Khushi paused realizing what she was about to say slip to tongue.
Arnav kissed her, “its ok” he assured her.
At night when they were lying togethen in each others arms Arnav asked about the call.
“Oh that call? I have to go to Lucknow”. Khushi sensed Aranv’s hand stilled. “baby khali ek hi din ki baat hai”, Khushi gather him in her arms. She liked when Arnav was all possessive that threw his tantrums on her. It felt she belonged to him that’s why he had opened up to him.
But Arnav did not still due to that. there was some other reasons, reason which he did not share with Khushi. Rather they never got a chance to share.
“Why Lucknow?” he asked in a flat voice.
“for my house. I am the benefiter of I and being the only child our ancestral house now belongs to me. I need to sign on the paper for some formalities”, Khushi said smuggling up.
“Do you want me to arrange to get it done here?”
“No, I want to go there, Arnav, I want to see my birth place. It has been long since I have been there”.
Arnav rolled and faced his back towards Khushi. Khushi pouted and then smiled. Kissing his shoulder she said, “please Arnav just one day?”
Khushi crossed Arnav and rolled to his side and looked into his eyes. “will you come with me please?”
“No…no I cannot come Khushi. Tumko agar tumhari house itni important hai, mujhse zada important hai, then go”. He brushed off her hand.
“Fine” Khushi said and pouted. “pehli baar I had asked you something…”
Arnav pulled her towards him and kissed her. The kiss you not passionate, not seductive, not loving but possessive. He kissed her as if his life depends on it. He kissed her as if he don’t want to loose her and seal her with him.
“Arnav!” she sighed.
“I will come with you”.
“Oh Arnav!” Khushi threw her arms around him and cradled in his arms.

Precap: Arrival of Khushi’s husband


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