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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Last


You are my Wife

He pulled her for the one last time crashing her in his crest holding her as if his life is depended on her. Khushi’s eyes went to his disoriented face and slowly she cupped his chiseled jaw to ease the pain, which was exposed and raw. She has never seen Arnav so vulnerable and it pained her. A lot.
“Baby, what’s wrong with you? I am worried. The moment we landed in Lucknow, you seemed troubled”. She leaned onto his chest and held him firmly by his back. “Please share what’s troubling you”, she said in a small voice barely audible.
Arnav held his breath unable to express his words, his pain, his loss to her. How could he say that this was the very place, which took away his wife. His dear little wife whom he loved with all his heart and now seeing his Khushi in this very place the sleeping devil is now wide and awake. What if this place took away his Khushi from him? He realized he wont be able to survive if this happens and that’s when he realized how much this woman who was hugging him with all her heart means to him. Arnav clutched her more into his embrace and whispered, “I love you Khushi”.
He could sense she was smiling against his chest and his heart swelled up with unknown rush of emotions, which he only felt with his late wife. “God Arnav I waited for so long to hear it from you”, she looked up then kissed his tender lips.
“I love you too baby”, Khushi whispered across his lips and Arnav pulled her along with him towards the bed. In no time he shredded his clothing’s and hers as well and drove inside her urgently.
Once they headed towards completion both screamed each other’s names and fell back on each other gasping for air.
Arnav parked the car where Khushi asked him to stop and killed the engine. If he could, he would have never broken his kiss with her few seconds back and make sure she was right beside him in the car. Now seeing her retiring back memories flushed in his head. How he waited to board his flight when he got the devastating news of his wife dead due to the sudden fire calamity. He covered his face with this palm and realized he was soaked in sweat.
He looked through wide screen, saw the love if his life speaking to an old man who was giving some papers to Khushi.
His knuckles turned white due to the shear pressure he was holding the staring. Few more seconds he counted and then opened the car door and walked towards his world.
From distance it looked as if a lion was just let out and he was hungry to grab anything that comes in his way.
Khushi sensed him and turned her head towards the energy, which baffled her. She saw Arnav’s red eyes and immediately sensed something was terribly hurting the man. Khushi bunched the papers in the other man’s hand and ran towards her love. She flew in his arms and hugged him tightly.
Arnav closed his eyes and inhaled her sweet fragrance and hid his face near her nape. “Please lets go back Khushi. It is killing me.
The pain in his voice almost tore her heart into piece and she knew nothing is more important than this man’s comfort. She cupped his face and kissed him whole-heartedly. “Lets leave”, she commanded and took his hand and headed towards the car.
Settling Arnav in the passenger seat without his protest she walked quickly to the other side of the car and took the driver seat. She glaced at the man who looked like a vulnerable boy, she wanted to hug him tightly in her arms and took away whatever discomfort he was fighting but seeing the other man watching them she just reached to his shoulders and squeezed him. But his composure remained same. Eyes on the road, face drained out, sweating like hell.
“we are going away from here, right away, are you ok?” Khushi enquired.
“Lets just leave immediately Khushi, before I do something which both of us will regret”, he commanded in a harsh tone.
But Khushi didn’t feel bad at all because she knew he was troubled and not in himself.
She ignited the engine and drove off from the site.
The moment Khushi closed the door behind her, Arnav grabbed her the smashed her against the wall.
Khushi gasped audible unable to understand his rage. This was the first time he held her so tightly and almost manhandled.
With shaking hands she held him and in one swift moment Arnav tore her dresses and took her by the wall.
“aaaah!” she cried of experiencing the sudden stretching of her tissues but immediately eased out when she sensed he was not moving. Like her he was also shaking. His back muscles tensed at her touch and then he looked at her with tearful eyes and Khushi’s shocked turned to horror. He was crying. Oh god he was cry, why? She wanted to ask him but he silenced her with his lips.
It was soft, tending and apologetic. She had to give be back to him otherwise he would have taken blame of what he just did to her taking her so roughly. With that she closed her eyes and given in. There lips trembled for the first time. His lips were shy yet firm tasting her, savoring her. She parted her lips to let his tongue in and with a groan he invaded his tongue.
Her legs clung to his back holding him tightly. He was still not moving, just kissing her. His hand teased her nipples and peaked them for him to take then in his mouth.
Khushi threw her head back and arched him in encouragement and he dipped his head to kiss her red buds.
“Please Arnav take me, take all of me, right now, forever.
“Forever” the word suddenly sounded to right and that was exactly what he was going to do. Make her, his forever. It was time to move on, time to cherish the past and hug what was offered to him. His Khushi, only his Khushi whom he loves equally. The sadness that he felt when he lost his wife, the same feeling he got thinking if one day he loses his Khushi. He was sure that if there was one woman in this world who could replace his wife it would be Khushi and he for once want to take that chance and want to be happy to have a family of his own with his Khushi. And two tiny little daughter running inside his mansion clinging to him and calling him papa.
More tears accumulated in his eyes and he look his love to the bed. Bed was where she belongs at the moment to make love tenderly and lovingly with all his heart.
It was beyond Khushi to understand how different it felt this time when plunged in slowly, taking all his time, kissing her with every stroke. Khushi’s heart was about to burst any moment feeling love, only love and then he spoke.
“Shaadi Karogi mujhse?”
and the time stood still between them.
Arnav came face to face with her and looked into her eyes urging to spill over her pearl drops.
“Will you marry me sweety? And be with me forever with respect? I want to shout and tell everyone that you are my wife, the one I love”.
And then Khushi couldnot stop her tears. “Yes yes yes, I want to marry you Arnav, I want to be your wife and share your love and sorrows. Please give me a chance”, she chocked and clung to him. “I am so happy, oh aranv you don’t know how happy I am”.
“I should have said this long back, but…”
“shh! I know what held you back and I totally understand. But now that you want to marry me, I want to know everything about you. Tell me”.
Arnav was still inside her making love to her but he knew this was the best time to tell her everything when both were exposed both knew how much they needed each other.
“This place took away my wife Khushi. And seeing you going away from me made me face the demons of my past”.
“Oh arnav I am so sorry. If I knew, if you told me, I would have never come here”.
“That’s more than enough for me Khushi that you don’t want me to be in pain”.
“Never” she breathe out taking his serum in his womb, contracting herself around his hard form when orgasm hit her.
Both of them were smiling looking at each other after the completion when Khushi was about to get up from the bed to wash but Arnav held her back.
“Arnav, I promise I will be back in 5 minutes, let me go and wash, you know we are lately not using contraceptive so…”.
“so?” Arnav held her chin
“I might be…umm”
“Please don’t kill my baby”, Arnav kissed her forehead. “Let him or her come in our world”.
“arnav…she gasped hearing his confession. Arnav wants their baby. Their own baby.
She looked at him and his glassy eyes and immediately hugged him.
“Please don’t cry” she said in a small voice. “Please don’t”.
“Khushi I lost everything here and I want everything back right here. I will not let this place win this time. I will have a wife and a baby and laugh at this place who wanted to snatch away my happiness my wife, my dearest wife, whom I still love a lot, my sweet innocent tintin.
Her heart stopped “tin…tin?” she chocked out
“Yes her name was tintin”.
Everything went blank in her mind, her nerves tensed and her form shaking.
“Sweet little tintin. She was fair, beautiful, used to have piggy tails, her hair brown and soft, the most beautiful girl in this world. When I filled her mang with the sindoor she looked so angelic it’s beyond to describe. The way she looked at me was something I’ll never forget. She reminds me of you sometimes. Her skin tone, her big bambi eyes, her ridiculously long lashes and her pink rosy lips, all so similar to with yours. Sometimes I used to wonder how she would have looked as a grown up woman. But then I pasteurized you in my mind. I wanted her to look like you. Just like you”.
Hearing his heart felt and how much he loved her, Khushi’s world shattered into pieces. How she blamed him all the time for not showing up and then the question slipped.
“What happened to her?”
“I was waiting in the Airport to come to Lucknow to take her with me and seal our marriage in papers. Child marriage is not acceptable in the eyes of law, so I have to make it lawfully correct and then bring her with all love in my house. I was so excited to see her, to touch her to love her but then the most devastating news came to me. My parents told me tintin was dead. I could not move, not a single step then I fainted”.
“Oh Arnav” Khushi gasped and hugged him.
“When my senses came back I could not talk for many days and then one fine day I burst out seeing over childhood photo. I have to otherwise I would have had serious problem”.
“I knew” Khushi said in a low voice.
“Then slowly I regained my life and promised my tintin that if ever there is going to be a woman in my life it would be her only. She will always remain my wife… then I met you…”
“She is still you wife Arnav”, Khushi closed her eyes ugly guilt taking over her. All her life she blamed this man who was not only devastated but was in the verge of losing his life, his mind. “Rubble” she chocked out holding him tightly in his arms, scared what if he rejects her after hearing such things. What if he blames her for being in someone else’s arms not giving a hoot to their new found love.
“Please forgive me R…” she chocked his nickname.
“Hey sweety, it wasnot your fault and you don’t have to be sorry. What you have given me is more than what I could expect and I promise you I love you nothing less than her.
“your love for me cannot be compared with anything. It is pure and innocent. While I am the one who should be punished”.
Able to understand what she was blabbering he looked into her eyes.
“you looked tensed” he said cupping her face.
“I am Arnav. What if you ever come to know that your wife has betrayed you, shared her bed with someone”.
Arnav’s face drained the colour but with determination he said, I am sure she will have some explanation for it. But I know my tintin she would never so such a thing without any reason.
“She already did it Arnav. She did it. She did not wait for you, she cursed your love, she is a horrible person, I am a horrible person, I am horrible Rubble. You tintin is horrible”.
She ran towards the bathroom and closed the door behind unable to face him anymore.
“My tintin…My Khushi…” Arnav looked at the closed door and ran towards it. He barged in and gathered Khushi’s small form in his arms. “Tell me it is true, tell me it is you…you are…you are my tintin…” he kissed her madly all over her face and then he remembered her virginity and his heart swelled in happiness. Even if she hadn’t been a virgin he would have cared a damn. He loved his woman, he loved this woman and now he has his woman in his life. He loved her as tintin, he loves her even more as Khushi.
“I love you tintin, my Khushi, my happiness and nothing else matters to me. I know what was your reason to come close to me. It was a huge misunderstanding. I blame myself for not enquiring about it. Even I could have atleast tired to know but I did not. Somewhere even I lost hope which I souldnot have. I myself slept with other girls so why do you think I will blame you Khushi?”
“till when you could control Arnav, isnot it natural to seek but you never committed to anyone and you almost lost me because  you refused to forget your wife”.
“that it is you. That is all that matters. I love you and always will”.
“shh! Enough of this baby. Now let us make things the way it should be”.
He took her hand in his and looked into her glassy eyes. With the other hand he rubbed his thumb to brush off her tears.
“Will you marry me Khushi? I want you marry Khushi because I love her more than tintin”.
Khushi threw herself in his arms and wept until he settled her in the bed and make love again and again.

The End.

Thank you so much guys for such overwhelming response. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this FF… 


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