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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 20

Part 20

The Charmer and his lady 

For the first time in last two week, Arnav was looking forward to this day. After all it was the day which Khushi wont be able to avoid him like last two weeks. It has been pathetic. Khushi coming to the same office but avoiding Arnav as if he doesn’t exists. During the joint meeting he tried to communicate with her in professional level only to get her monosyllables back with few deliberate taunts. But unlike every other times Arnav enjoyed her fuming and angry looks that she threw on him constantly. He loved how her face used to turn red when he tried to pull her leg indirectly in the meeting. But no words come out from her mouth. After that horrifying incident where he said he loves his wife more than Khushi, which had been an out right, lie, he just couldnot forgive himself. And moreover when he asked her to get out her knew it was final nail to the coffin. But he was Arnav singh Raizada, and he knew that he will make her beg for him at the end. His gut feeling was that the passion, the desire that he had for her, she had the same urge to be with him. And past two weeks had proved that so. He had ofen caught her looking at him when he was engrossed in his office work, some times mutting something which was barely audiable and then her famous pout which melted his heart. If he wanted her would have taken her then and there and proved that he was right, that she wants him as much as he wants her. But he backed off thinking to give her sometime to settle down and let the reality hit her.
And the reality hit her every second. Be it staring at the white ceiling at night, feeling pathetically hollow not being in his arms, missing making breakfast for him. She almost had a panic attack not able to speak to him despite of working so close to him in the office and still managing to keep her hands off.
This was the day both were eagerly looking forward to. More than Khushi it was Arnav. After all it was the stone lying ceremony of their joint project and whether she liked it or not she have to stay close to him and give her interviews with him. He was the financer and the architectural firm where as hers was interior design. He held almost 70 percent of the stake in the project, so he had an upper hand always. If he wanted he would have null the contracted and given it to someone else. But he did not do it. It was not for her, she dismissed her tiny hope that he loved her as much as she did by thinking Arnav singh Raizada was a man of principles and he would never effect his professionalism by mixing it with his personal issues.
They had been lovers but they were colleagues too and she knew she was stuck with him till the project was over. It was her greatest opportunity to do something abroad and she would have been an emotional fool to walk out. If she could leave her past behind and be strong then she would be able to leave behind this Arnav singh Raizada bug from her life.
But this bug was more than anything for her. The more the days passed, the more she got restless about the whole fiasco.
“hey devi maiya rakhsha karna” Khushi looked at the sky then felt a slender arm wrapping her. Khushi looked at misha and smiled sheepishly. It had been worse for her. She fought with misha over Arnav many times in last two weeks and finally decided not to speak to her at all. But misha never let Khushi go away from her as she knew, it was misha who had to be with her when she had no one to confide. She also knew it was the toughest phase in Khushi’s life and other than misha there was no one to make her understand. Unlike Khushi and Arnav, misha was quite aware of their chemisty. Not only chemistry but the hidden love between the duo. No matther how much Khushi denied the fact that Arnav doesnot love her, by the situation was screaming into her ears that no one in this world can love her more than Arnav. It was evident that the Casanova who had changed his boyfriends like clothers have not been advertised on the newspaper for past six months and no one had any clue about Khushi in his life. He had made sure to safe guard her moral at any cost and that proves a lot Even during last 2 weeks their had been no news about Arnav and his girl-friends which was again a proof that there had been none after Khushi.
“don’t worry khush! You look stunning. Uncle and Aunty would have been so happy to see you today achieving so much on your own. Trust me they are”.
“You…you think so mish?” she stammered nervously seeing the paparazzi clouded over the entrance of Raizada Mansion.
Arnav has organized the whole finction in Raizada mansion instead of any other five star hotel. Khushi initially refused to agree to it but later sighed protesting much. She just did not want to enter that house which had taken away her most precious relation and facing that house, the same evil…. No her mind scream. No matter how much he she cursed Arnav, but she just couldnot stop loving him. And that was the greatest truth, which hit her every now and then.
“of course… and I want that bugger to see this news and die out of jealosy” misha cursed Khushi’s husband.
“Stop it mish! There is no point thinking about him today. This is ou… my day”, Khushi bit back our. “and I don’t want to spoil it by thinking about such a negative person who doesnot hold any importance in my life any more”.
“Really?” Khushi heard a familiar voice. No matter how many times she had heard his voice, each time she heard him saying her entire nervous system collapsed. Khushi closed her eyes cursing her vulnerability and turned towards him.
There he was standing right beside her. His mouth held the sexiest smirk, clean-shaven which actuated his pink lips. “Ridiculous” Khushi thought thinking about how on earth a man posses such a pink lush lips and each time her gaze went towards his thin, manly lips her pulse danced erotically.
Before Khushi could say anything her lips were covered with his for a welcome kiss. He realized reluctantly only to find a dazed Khushi flattering her lashes unknowingly. Her cheeks blushed with the cutest colour of red, which enhanced her beauty. He did not care that he was kissing a woman on road publically all he cared was that he waited to kiss her for so long. And when it happened the craving became more. “Damn you Khushi” he mentally said. “how can I want a woman like an adolescent desperate teenager?” he thought looking at the beautiful lady clad in a nude colour neat saree. Her hair drew up in a formal bun and she wore a beautiful white stone ear tub. Her face had minimal make up and her peach lip-stick “tsk tsk” became the victim of his mouth few seconds back.
Khushi just couldnot move from his grip, her legs turned into jelly and her every nerve screamed wanting him to touch her again, kiss her again… kiss her till the world ends and beyond. “oh how much she missed him”, she thought.
“I am going to kiss you again”, he husked.
“No” Khushi protested in a small voice, her eyelids automatically getting closed in the temptation and her lips parted to welcome his manly tongue.
When there lips were inches apart there was a tug in arnav’s hand.
“Finish this later to night both of you. Reporters are coming here, stop your road show you despos” misha bit out her lips feeling concerned for both of them.
Arnav moved back and held Khushi tightly who was about to faint any moment and cleaned the smudged lipstick.
He gave a side hug to misha and said “thanks” before the reporters finally came and surrounded them for their interview.
They were inside Raizada mansion and the party was on after the main event. The event went well and she was introduced to anjali, arnav’s sister. She immediately liked her a lot. She was a soothing woman. Her words felt like some rag chanted during the morning hours. They immidately bonded and started talking. Just when anjali offered Khushi some mocktail their gaze fell on a beautiful lady clad in a silver dress. Her bosoms spilled rightly over her bodice making a perfect cleavage and her elegant feet gave away the right view between the slits.
“Lavanya Kashyap”, she was the woman to die for Khushi noted. Despite of her ooh-lala come on baby attitute she had an elegant body language which protected her from all the men eyeing on her.
Khushi felt a knot inside her belly. What was she competing with? The girl in front of her oozed sex and no other woman in anrav’s past could have took that place on which lavanya was standing and she was perfect. Khushi acknowledged with a heavy heart.
Arnav approached Lavanya and air kissed her and then holdong her hand he walked towards Khushi. For the moment Khushi thought the glass would break into pieces the one anjali had offerend. Her hand itched to spill the entire mocktail on arnav’s face in anger. But she resisted.
Arnav came and stood right infront of Khushi holding lavanya’s arms and then introduced lavanya to her.
Lavanaya gracefully pulled out her hand to shake and Khushi unwillingly captured. Both the ladies air kissed each other before Khushi excused herself and started walking towards misha. Before she reached where misha was sitting, Arnav came and held her arms and spun her around crashing her on his hard plain of chest. Khushi’s eyes went wide and she stared at Arnav like she has seen some horror film.
“Saree with backless blouse…kisko marne ka irada hai?” Arnav finally broke their so called silence for long and asked her holding her pallu in one hand and another hand wrapped around her bare waist.
Khushi came back to her senses and glared at Arnav in anger. “haan to?” Khushi turned back to see lavanya smiling with Anjali and said “I guess she has better things to so you and I am sure you are al most dead by now…arenot you Mr Raizada?”
Arnav pulled her more towards him this time his fingers splayed over her bare back and the other hand touched the band of her petticoat around her waist making her shiver by his touch.
“you cant do this Arnav. We are in public”, Khushi tried to hid her flatter.
“As you say, lets finish it in my room”, with that he pick her up in his arms and walked straight towards his room.
The only person to see them was misha as Khushi had waved her before Khushi’s encounter by Arnav.
Khushi tried to protest in his arms, but all went in vail.
“no point trying princess to night you are mine”, Arnav growled at her to shut her up and pushed the door with his leg and in no time he deposited Khushi on his bed.
Khushi tried to get up and run towards the door but pushed the door shut with his palm trapping her between his palm in the process.
Khushi spun around only to be shocked to see the desire in his eye. It was not only desire but some mind of dangerous rage too.
Khushi shivered in fear because she knew what he was capable of when he was angry.
“No, you cannot touch me”, Khushi said in a low voice fearing of herself that if he touches her she will loose all her senses.
The rest of her pleas crashed passionately in his firey kiss. He was hungry…damn hungry for her and it was evident.

 Evil me cliff hanger ROFL...


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