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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 19

Part 19


She stared walking blankly in the busy roads and kept on tripping and bumping with people, earning few profanities from them. Few were kind enough to ask her whether she was ok by patting her shoulder. She stared at them blankly as if her world has fallen apart and she had nothing left for her.
She fought her tears back and promised herself that she wont cry. There was nothing to cry. Ek na ek din yeh to hona hi tha. Wasnot she the one who placed the no-strings-attached idea before him? Wasnot she the one who made it clear to him that she doensot want any attachment? Then where is his fault no? He never asked to fall in love with him. It was her choice to do so. Now that she had hopelessly fell in love with him, it was her mistake. Mistake? No it wasnot a mistake. Love cannot be a mistake. Love for a man like Arnav cannot be a mistake. Every time every moment she lived with him was wonderful. He was wonderful. He had never ever made any situation uneasy between them. And his charm, his body, his soul, it was just perfect. He was the man every women would desire. No doubt why each and every lover of him never wanted to leave him.
The little did Khushi knew why his ex-girlfriends never wanted to leave him. It was the power of his money that they craved for. Being Raizada’s girl-friend meant huge money spent behind them. But for Khushi it was their togetherness, their cute fights over non-issues, their passionate nights where they melted into each other and their special moments where they discuss few personal things. It was pure love for Khushi which she was going to miss.
Lavanya kashyap was girl who deserved to be Mrs Raizada, Arnav’s future wife. Khushi chocked with the thought. Mrs Raizada, Arnav’s better half. Did not she feel the same when she was with him during last 6 months. Did not she feel it was she who was could have been best fit for him? But how could she? How could she expect him to commit to her when she was second hand? Yes she was. She was married to someone else. Thought it was not legally done, but still her husband applied sindoor in between her partition. Their parents accepted that marriage. Even she was his wife till she was tired of waiting for him. She never allowed any other man to touch her physically and emotionally until Arnav happened.
Her marriage was like a curse for her, neither she could take it nor she could leave it and today it was a major hiatus for Arnav and her relationship. Lavanya was un married and beautiful, much more attractive and much more fashionable than she was. By their pictures together she was sure that they would make a good pair. But the thought made her heart swell. Her Arnav was never her Arnav. He was meant to be someone else’s.
Nausea hit her hard and she threw it out in the dustbin feeling extremely sick. The thought of someone will be bedding with him soon made her nerve loose. She had dealt with his past, but now that she had been with him for last 6 months and sharing not only his bed but also his life, his need it was hard for her to take the situation so easily.
She glanced up the hotel where Arnav had called her and decided to seat for a while for the nausea to go away. Drinking some water she picked up her mobile. Looking at their picture taken in Maldives when they had visited there for the first time, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She realized that Arnav made her weak. The whole thing, the whole six months made her weak. A tear dropped right at the center of the screen in between their faces, where Khushi was kissing him on his cheeks holding him tightly. The picture was taken by Arnav as Khushi’s both the arms were wrapped possessively around his neck.
“This has to end” her mind said. For their good, for their relationship sake. She did not want to spoil it. She never thought of spoiling it. How could she after all she loved him so much. So much that she even did not know until today.
Khushi decided to talk to him and end it in a happy note so that both doesnot regret this. It had to end, so let it end in a good note. She had her best time with him and that was more then enough for her to survive.
But not like this. Not in some hotel which had no soul. She wanted to end it either at her house, of at his place. Being misha present in her house, that wouldnot be possible. Then why not at his guest house? She thought.
She punched his number and waited for him to pick up the phone.
“Khushi!” he called her in a husky, frustrated voice.
“Arnav” she addressed him painfully.
“Come fast, I need to talk to you”.
“Arnav, can we please go to your guest house? I am not comfortable in the hotel” she said clutching her phone with both her hands.
“Guest house?” Arnav thought that wasnot possible as Lavanya was staying there. “it is not possible today Khushi”.
Khushi frowned in irritation and thought why, why wasnot it possible to meet him in the guest house, when they had always been there. Could it be possible that his future wife was staying there?
The urge of nausea came back once again. Could it be possible that he was sharing the same bed with her during weekdays while he was warming his bed with Khushi during weekends? Did they already made love? If yes then was it as good as they do? Did he…. She chocked… did he made her cry out his name like he does with Khushi?
“yes Arnav, is there a problem in that?”
Arnav did not want to tell her that Lavanya was staying in the guest house yet because he wanted to be with Khushi when he tells her the truth. The entire truth about lavanya.
“Where are you Khushi?” he asked her planning to take her to his home.
“I am right near the hotel. I don’t want to entire there and look like some whore Arnav”.
“Shut up Khushi. How dare you use such a cheap word?” Arnav was shocked, stunned by Khushi’s words. His Khushi can never say such a cheap word. He panicked at the thought that maybe she came to know about lavanya and that’s why she spatted out that word. “stay where you are I am picking you up”.
Arnav disconnected the phone and tossed his BMW key and rushed out of the suite.
He scratch stop the car in front of Khushi and puffed the engine by pushing the acceleration making it sound like a growl.
Khushi opened the door and let herself in. and the moment she was in he zoomed the car in high speed.
He kept on glancing at her and she was looking straight not meeting his eyes. He kept on pacing the car until they arrived at his house.
Khushi did not recognize where he had brought her. She opened her mouth to ask. Her words muffed up against his hard smooch. He dug his fingers in her skin and brutally inserted his tongue inside her sweet mouth. His kiss was so hard and yet it was so passionate that she had tars in her big doe eyes.
He could sense her lips trembling against his lips but he did not stop. He wanted to punish her for using such a bad word. And his punishment was his brutal kiss.
He pulled himself back to check her finally. Feeling bad looking at her bruised lips he pecked her lovingly and cupped her face. “Never ever us that word Khushi. You made me mad by telling that. Did I ever made you feel so cheap of yourself?”, he said in a low voice which sounded more like a chocked voice.
Khushi slowly picked her lashes up and nodded in negative sheepishly.
Arnav kissed her forehead and then wiped her tears. “sorry for the kiss”, he said and did not wait anymore. He got down from the car and held the door open for her.
Without giving her an opportunity to place her foot on the groud he swept her up in his arms and headed towards the entrance.
Khushi was so lost in Arnav that she forgot about the house.
Once she was placed on the bed she realized that it was someone’s house. Not a guest house.
“if you are wondering where I have brought you let me tell you this is my house and this is my bedroom and..” she leaned on her dangerously “this is my bed where you are sitting right now”.
Khushi gasped at their proximity. Arnav has never failed to make her jump like a rabbit whenever he seduced her out of the oddest situation possible.
But Khushi knew it very well, if she did not ask him now, she can never ask him in future. He was answerable to her after spending 6 months together. She felt that he was as easy as she was with him and there was no harm in asking him.
“Why did not you tell me earlier? Why did you hid such a big news? Did you think I will create a scene and bad mouth you Arnav? Why I had to read the news about you?” Khushi asked him in one breath.
Just as Arnav thought, the news had spilled the beans already. Wasn’t he the one wanted to do that what Khushi asked? Wasn’t he the one hoping that Khushi will hear the news first hand from him. But how could he stop her from reading it in the newspaper when it is all over the city?
“Khushi I wanted to tell you…”she hard him defending himself but she spatted out in anger.
“When? After your marriage? Or after you share your bed with her in your suhaag raat?” she got up and leveled her eyes with him.
Arnav gripped her shoulder painfully, “how dare you. how dare you talk to me like this?”. Arnav couldnot believe that out of all the people Khushi will not think about the situation. She was the last person to react so negatively he thought.
“What is wrong in the thinking Arnav? I wont be surprised if I hear that you are already sleeping with her”.
Arnav felt a stab, a sharp stab in her heart. How could she think about him like that? How could she think that he was two timing her? How could she even think that when it was Khushi writing all over him, he will go to someone else, forget about bedding that person. Arnav felt betrayed. Betrayed about Khushi’s behaviour. He thought he was wrong about thinking that Khushi was the only person who understood him and always given him benefit of the doubt. But he was wrong. She was just like other feisty, impulsive girl-friends. He knew it, it was over now and he cannot handle such situation. What amazed him was how could he live with a woman for 6 months? And he still craved for her more and more. Right now also he felt like pushing her on the bed and fill her with him hard and fast and take out the stupid bug from her head. But no he wont do that because he was terribly hurt and he said what he shouldnot have.
“don’t try to invade in my personal things Khushi. If you think that I have already fucked her then be it, I will not explain you about what I do with others”. He immediately cursed himself for being such an ass.
“I don’t wish to listen to it Arnav. I don’t want to listen to anything. I am sure you must have felt good while putting yourself inside her and I am sure you must have enjoyed the view of her voluptuous breast jerking up and down when she rode on you” and there she goes couldnot stop her tears anymore.
Arnav slid his hand inside his pocket so that he doesnot do anything inappropriate to her like hitting her for what she had said. He felt pathetic at that moment.
“So be it Mr Raizada, congratulations for your wedding and a goodbye from me”, Khushi felt pathetic to. She did not know from where those words came out from her mouth. She was the last person who would want to say such a thing and that to the person she loved the most.
“Khushi listen to me”, Arnav tried to talk to her and explain her that what she was thinking was all wrong, that she should listen to him and then decided. But she was almost unlocking the door.
“No Mr Raizada”, don’t try to stop me now. to be your mistress is the last thing I want. I understand that marriage was something we have never decided upon and I understand we would have never been married, that’s how how relation was. But not that you are going to get married and now that you have found your soul mate I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to be with you anymore. I wish you a very happy marriage life..” before she could utter further. Arnav hauled her and turned her towards him.
He jammed her hands and locked it like hand calves on the either side of her face and barked.
Khushi was shocked. She felt loss of words. His eyes were dangerous and scary. She has never seen him like this before.
“He was married?” she thought…”then what was he doing with her. Where is his wife? Why isnot there any information about his marital life? If he loves his wife so much then why was he  sleeping around with other females?”
“you…you are married? Where…where is your wife?” she chocked her words.
“SHE IS DEAD DAMN IT. BUT THAT DOESNOT GIVE ME LICIENCE TO MARRY SOMEONE ELSE. THAT DOESNOT TAKE AWAY MY LOVE FOR HER. I LOVE HER VERY MUCH AND I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER TILL MY LAST BREATH”, he lied. He knew he lied. He equally loves the woman who was standing in front of him. He loves Khushi so much that he couldn’t face his wife’s photo which he religiously did every morning. But this woman who stood in front of him got it all wrong. Everything wrong. And he knew if he doesnot let he go now the scene would turn ugly.
Streams of tears were not stopping anymore. She felt miserable and hurt. Such a big confession and he did after 6 months. But somehow the whole confession concerned her today. She felt ashamed of herself for being such an impulsive person. She knew she had hurt him a lot. But her respect for him touched the ultimate. He man who loves and wife even after she was dead and promising himself that he will never give that space to anyone proved how intense the person was. Arnav singh Raizada was a gem and Khushi had crushed it with her own hands.
Without any further delay she unlocked her locket, his love gift and separated it from her skin. It was the saddest moment in her lift. Parting that locket from herself was equivalrnt to part one of her body part. There was no physical pain, but emotionally she was crushed forever. She bundled the locket in his palm and turned to open the door, and before he could stop she ran out of his house.
Arnav held his hand to stop her and call her back but he could not. He was devastated. He turned to glance at the crumbled bed sheet where she sat and lost all his control over his emotions. He touched the area and punched it hard. “DAMN IT Khushi! Come…..back” he chocked before letting his tears fall apart for the first time in his life.


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