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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 18

Part 18

Shattered Dreams

It has been almost 6 months that Arnav and Khushi were going stready. There had been many cute fights better them but each fight ended up in passionate love making session between both of them. The more they fought the closre they became. But both made sure that they don’t barge into each other’s privacy. Their joint project had almost finalized and the plans had been sectioned. Next to next week they were all set for press conference and stone lying ceremony.

Arnav was initially shocked when they completed their month month of courtship then two, then four and now six and surprisingly Arnav and Khushi never confessed their excitement to each other but enjoyed on their own. Khushi had became a part of arnav’s daily life. His mornings felt empty if she forgot to send him a goodmorning message. One day he was grumpy on his own as Khushi forgot to ask him whether he had enjoyed his morning coffee or not. Days and months passed like that and unknowlingly both of them slowly became close to each other.
They did share tiny mini personal things to each other, which were situational. Like what is Arnav’s favourtie food, what clother does he like to wear all the time. He has a conky sister who is after his life for his marriage etc etc. Khushi also got to know that Arnav preffered to have ghar ka khana (home made food) and that was the reason she almost cooked for him everyday and got it to his office. And their office sessions too were hot. They both fed each other not only food but also Ahem!
Some how there was nothing that he did not like about Khushi. She was just perfect. Perfect in all senses for him be it professional or personal things. She was the girl for him. And Arnav loved to spend time with her without getting bored. Forget about bored, for him 8 hours of office was less to be with her. He wanted more and more. Even their weekend sessions did not compensate his hunger. And It was no difference for Khushi. She wanted Arnav like a shameless female. Always wanted him beside her, over her and inside her.
Lot of things started changing between them except one thing, Khushi never used to accept any gift from him and he was tired of asking her to buy something for herself and he never gave up. He still continued to pressure her. The only thing that she accepted was that diamond locket which she only agreed to wear when she was with him. Rest of the time she kept it inside his locker in his guest house. It would be wrong to say that I did not make any difference to Arnav. But it did. A lot of time when he missed her around him in his guest house he used to look at the locket and remember their sweet time when they went to Maldives together for the first time. They made endless love almost everywhere in the mansion and the only thing she wore was that locket while having their private moments. He wanted her to wear it always even when she was not with him. But…
It was a big change for Khushi. Khushi has never thought that she can desire a man like this. Sometimes she wondered was she the same one who hid her in loose clothes feeling not so confident about her looks? And the answer was yes she was the same Khushi, but the man who made her confidant was Arnav. It was Arnav who praised her and appreciated little little changes that she tried to do. He had never put her down. And somehow his praises sounded genuine.
Last month Khushi did a little make over and she was reward with a wild encounter with her boyfriend after that which marked a permanent blush on her cheeks. The only thing she did was making her hair a little wavy with low curls at the end and started wearing fitted outfits.
It was not that Arnav did not appreciate her previous look, but he felt nice that she did something for him. Not to impress him but to make him happy. He knew how skeptical Khushi was about her make over but he also knew she did it just to make him happy and she was rewarded heavily. From that day onwards their relationship took a steep climb.
Arnav’s arrival in Khushi and Misha’s apartment was no more a shocker for them. It was very natural. Most of the weekdays Arnav stayed at their apartment shifting Misha out of their room. Poor Misha had to manage in the storeroom turned bedroom now. But she was happy for her friend. She could see how happy Khushi was with Arnav so without any complain she adjusted with the situation. But at times misha was afraid. What if Arnav and Khushi slipts? And what if Khushi breaks down? Her fear grew more seeing Khushi’s involvement in this no-strings-attached relationship for last month. She was behaving just like a wife behaves around her husband. Every morning she woke up and wished Arnav “good morning”. She made breakfast and lunch for him religiously and took them along with her in the office. Arnav never failed to come and stay with Khushi every night and they both enjoyed weekends at Arnav’s guesthouse. Misha could clearly see the love that reflected on Khushi’s face which Khushi was unaware off.
Misha tried to talk to Khushi about how serious are they to which Khushi clearly said they are just couples who are enjoying what is coming to them and they are not at all committed seriously with each other. The day one decides to slipt the other will respect the decision. But little did Khushi know was that she was deeply into Arnav and it was impossible for her to come-out of it. But Arnav?....
It was a fine morning when Khushi was preparing Arnav’s favourite breakfast upma when her phone rung.
“I want to meet you right now”, Arnav said in a very serious ton.
“Hey sweety what happened? Anything serious?”
“Can we meet in any hotel?” Arnav said sighing hating himself for calling Khushi in some hotel. The very idea he hated when it came to Khushi. I amount of respect he had for her was immense. He never wanted her to look like his kept or mistress. With others he never cared but with Khushi…he did care a ***k.
“Uuu! Looks like someone is really angry”, Khushi giggled from the other end and then became serious when she found Arnav was exceptionally quit. “di ne kuch kaha kya? Marriage thing?”
Arnav kept quiet.
“hmm looks like I am going to have tough time dealing with grumpy Raizada. I hope I will be able to walk properly this time”.
Last time when Arnav had a fight with anjali, he did not spare Khushi and took out all his frustration on her by taking her hard. Other than Khushi there was no person in this world who actually understood Arnav and respected his reservations. So later when he apologized to Khushi for his brutalness Khushi conforted him a lot and made him understand that it was not his fault and she was happy that he took it out on her. After one a person takes out his frustration on someone who is close to him. But that guilt troubled Arnav for long time until it slowly faded as they grew more close to each other.
Arnav cut the call keeping Khushi wondering what might have happened so bad that he disconnected the phone of her face.
Khushi paged him saying “I will try to manage as soon as I can. Did not know what you would want to meet me right now. Have some work linned up already. I will ask Abhaas to manage them for me. Don’t worry I am coming soon”.
Arnav brushed his fingers over the screen where she had written “don’t worry I am coming soon”. How this girl totally took control over him and how she managed to make a special place in his life that now he cannot think a single moment without her. Unlike Arnav, now he wanted to share certain things with Khushi only knowing that she was the only person who would understand his situation.
Khushi quickly made the upma and chucked the lunch preparation in order to reach Arnav as soon as possible.
She dressed in simple white kurti and a faded denim and stuffed the tiffin career inside her big bag. She was about to leave when misha she was hauled by misha.
“Mish, move yaar I am in a hurry”.
Misha looked at the messed up Khushi and held her hand, “where are you going?” she asked in a straight voice.
Khushi chuckled in frustration and said, “I have to meet Arnav right now”.
Misha searched Khushi’s face and wondered. “To tumko pata chal gaya?” she said hiding the panic in her voice.
“Kya pata chal gaya mish?” Khushi asked trying to move past misha.
“Why are you going to meet Arnav now, Khushi?” misha questioned her unable to comprehend what was going on Khushi’s mind seeing the news in today’s newspaper.
“What kind of question is that mish? What do you mean by why I am going to meet Arnav? Do I have to have a reason to meet him? He is my…” Khushi gulped the term boyfriend, “frined”.
“Khush! Did you read todays’ newspaper?”
“Mish is it a time to ask these? Cant you see babes I am in a hurry?”
Misha jerked Khushi getting really worried for her. “DID YOU SEE TODAY’S NEWSPAPER KHUSH?” she screamed making Khushi jerk back due to sudden anger.
“Relax! No I did not”.
Misha hung her shoulder in frustration and said in a low voice, “then first read it and then you decided whether you want to meet him or not”.
Khushi snatched the newspaper from her hand and stuffed it inside her bag, “there is nothing in this world which can stop me from going to him at any point of time mish. And I don’t have to decide when he had called me.
Khushi reached near the door only to get called by Misha.
“Khush! You are madly in love with him do you know that?”, misha bit her lips.
Khushi turned to misha with a smile and said, “Yes I love him madly mish and lets make this official to you”.
“But khush you know Arnav right?”
“yes I know and I am not expecting his love in return. I know what conditions we have in our relationship and I am fine with it. But I just couldnot stop myself from falling for him”.
Khushi ran to misha and hugged her tightly. “yes mish! I love Raizada”, Khushi kissed her before hoping outside their apartment.
Misha helplessly sat on the nearest chair and looked at Khushi’s retreating back. “I am sorry khush, but you are going to get hurt big time”.
Khushi did her little touch up in the metro and was about to stuff her make-up kit inside her bag when she realized she was unable to stuff it in. She tried few more times but due to the tiffin and the newspaper it was not going in somehow. She took out the newspaper and stuffed her make-up kid and just when she was about to put the newspaper he saw arnav’s face in it.
She smiled and unfolded the paper. He was looking absolutely gorgeous in the black suit. Khushi picked up the paper and kissed it. “yeh misha bhi na pagal hai. She could have said that did you see your handsome hunk?” Khushi nodded thinking misha is crazy. But slowly her smile faded looking at the headlines.
She thought she read it wrong. It cannot be possible. She re-read it. But the line read the same. She looked at the picture of another lady who was tagged along with Arnav’s picture. Lavanya Kashyap. And below her name there was a tagline Arnav Singh Raizada’s prospective wife.
Khushi’s eyes welled up and suddenly everything looked blurry. Only the prominent heading was flashing in her eyes. The most eligible bachelor of town now decided to finally settle down breaking millions of hearts.
Khushi almost forgot to breath. Her heart did not want to believe what she was reading but her mind was reading each and every word printed in the newspaper. Today she confessed to Misha that she loves him and today she got to know that their relationship is going to end what an irony. Her sane mind was telling her to control and think practically. But her heart, her feelings were shouting something else. Her mind was telling her to turn and go back. But her stubborn her was pushing her towards the unknown situation that might spoil their relation forever. Her mind was telling her not to confront him. But her heart banged some sense in her asking her to ask him as she owes an explanation.
The metro haluted at her stoppage but she was so engrossed in the whole situation, she was almost about to miss the stoppage. But she did not. Almost when the train was about to leave she squeezed herself out of the door and falling on the platform, getting hurt in the process.
She did not want to get up from there. Slowly she gave him and started crying bitterly. “what have I done? How could I love him when I knew there was nothing between us. Did not we make sure that we will stay out of any such feelings then why god why? Why did I love him? WHY?” she banged her palm on the platform.

Arnav Khushi’s confrontation and Arnav’s secret


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