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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 17

Part 17

Making You Mine

And from that time onwards Arnav was all over his girl-friend who also had no sign to leave him for one second. She took the opportunity and felt him thought her fingers, hands, body, skin and with all means. Khushi removing her shyness matched every step with her hungry, wild boy-friend. Even their kisses reached another level. The only thing which was left, was tearing off their respective clothes and make wild love with each other, forgetting time, forgetting the place, forgetting everything they have in their minds few minutes ago.
In the bathroom, on the seat there were no places left for them where they did not feel each other. Their hands kneading each other at the right places stimulating each other, their part thrashed with each other making themselves aware of each other. It was simply fiery encounter, which even they did not expect out of each other.
They both wear totally out of their breath but still did not leave each other. The dominance in each move were pronounced.
“Umm” Arnav let out a frustrating groan not able to touch her the way he wanted to, nude, wild, raw. “I cant wait anymore khushi, if you tease me like this I swear I am not going to be one percent polite during our first encounter” he said before catching her lower lips feeling her soft hand massaging him on his hard form. “How is it going to be when she would touch without any barrier” the very thought brought him to the verge of climax.
“Arnav! I am unable to control anything when it comes to you” khushi confessed hopelessly but she did not feel sad, but took extreme pride in confessing something that she felt. That’s how genuine she was with him. Why to hide what she felt? Both of then knew whats their business so there was no point in pretending. And It would have been a lie if she said the opposite. Arnav was indeed one of the most handsome man, boyfriend a girl can ever have. He not only looked good but his hands and fingers worked like a magic. Just by his mare touch he could make any girl scream out in pleasure and khushi was no different. The only difference was Arnav who seemed to be terrifically attracted by Khushi. Maybe it was due to her untouched body, her untouched soul gave her oomph! Factor and Khushi herself was deadly sexy below her innocent mask. She hit the right nerve at the right time and her kiss acted like a drug.
Arnav held Khushi’s hand and dragged her towards the cockpit of the aircrapt. “Where are you taking me arnav?” Khushi asked holding his hand, trying to ease the creases of her dress and brushing her messed up hair due to their hot encounter.
“How about I show you how it looks when we decend down to my bunglow?” Arnav wiggled his eyebrows towards Khushi, who stayed hell shocked.
“was he going to take her inside the cockpit?” the thought itself was thrilling. Strangely the girl who hated take off loved landing. And whatelse can be exciting other than seeing the runway ahead while they land?
Arnav gave her a tug and unlocked the cockpit door, which he had locked while making out. The two pilots jumped out of their skin seeing Arnav and his girl friend inside the cockpit.
He instructed something to the pilots and asked his private airhostess to leave asking one of the pilots to stay back.
Khushi was awed inside the cockpit, and wondered around the equipments present ahead of her and many above her head. She had never seen how it looks. And seeing them thinking how two men manage to fly a plane with the help of these equipments she felt a tight tug in her belly.
Khushi excitedly went towards the window to look through it. “Wow” escaped her mouth looking at the beautiful glittering lights in the islands reflecting in the night sky. It was a paradise she thought. When she turned towards Arnav, to her shock, she found him preparing herself wearing mouthpiece and helmet. Before she could reach him, he sat on the pilot seat and buckled himself. Khushi could only stare at him. How much more can a man look? And Arnav singh Raizada was the greatest example. His ripped muscular arms flexed under his shrit and he look no less than a modern, Greek God when he wore his shades. “Uff! To hot to handle” she couldnot stop her self from drooling the man who stood right in front of her.
Arnav looked at Khushi and smirked. He liked the fact that he had some effect on her. He always had that effect on any girl or woman around but he felt different with Khushi. He wanted to show how manly he was, when it came to Khushi.
He gestured her to come to her and she did. As if her legs that their own mind she walked slowly towards him without blinking even for once. He pulled her towards him and held her by her waist. “agar aise hi dekhti raho gi to phir mujhe mat blame karna apna pregnancy ke liye”. (“if you continue to look at me like that, then don’t blame me for your pregnancy”).
“Haan?” Khushi was more confused. Arnav Singh Raizada spoke to her in hindi for the first time. And his hindi accent was as sexy as his English. “Kya?” she tried to wiggle out from his grip understanding finally what he said. She blushed furiously getting caught in her act and she cannot even deny him outright that she was indeed ogling him top to bottom. She lowered her eyes while a shy smile played cutely in her lips.
Arnav held her really close to him and dipped his head near her ears. His warm breath fanned her tendrils while his husky voice made her hair go up in her back. “I want you to look at me like this when I drive you crazy Khushi sliding myself inside you. I promise it is going to be your best time in your entire life”. Khushi closed her eyes getting intensified in the situation. She just loved when he flirt with her. Just like the way he did few minutes back. His dirty words were an absolute turn on for her. He had the ability to make her come with his words only and that’s the kind of effect he had on her. He was absolutely irresistible for her.
“I wont be able to look at you that time” Khushi hid her face against his halving chest.
“I get want I want and I will make sure you look at me when I make you experience the ultimate”, he said claiming her lips.
As they decent down it was a beautiful view. Khushi was not only thrilled but also had the time of her life. It was spectacular view from the air. As they descend down further Khushi saw Arnav flying his jet towards an isolated island. The further they got down the view of the island and the mass was visible to them. Khushi’s eyes widened looking at the property. It was huge and one of the elite properties she has ever seen. The bungalow vast with its private beach on all four sided. Some patches of multiple swimming pools could be seen. She looked at Arnav and then glanced at the property and then she realized she wasn’t dating an ordinary man. She in her wildest dreams did not think that her man can own a bungalow in a island. Nope not only the bungalow but it seemed like he owned the island. Suddenly a tiny fear came in her mind. How can such and extraordinary man date a small town girl? But before she could think beyond that she was greeted by a warn kiss by her man. “Welcome to Raizada Mansion Khush. This is where we are going to have the time of your life. A special place, for the most beautiful girl of my life”. He flew his jet across the whole island to show his entire property. Man, she was dating the most powerful man in India and today she realized that top to bottom.
After a smooth landing in the male airport, they were taking to the premier channel for their immigration. His bodyguards who greeted Arnav and Khushi made sure every formalities done smoothly and quickly shifted them towards the helipad. His private heli then took them to their island.
“this is my bunglow. Come I will show you the way. Arnav held her possessively by her waist and kissed her temple.
“this is beautiful” Khushi said with a twinkle in her eyes.
“not as much as you are” Arnav said nuzzling his nose across her soft skin on her neck.
“Itni bhi khubsoorat nahi hoon” Khushi said punching his chest and distancing him from her.
Arnav grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Looking intensely in her eyes he said “Let me show you how beautiful you are”. With that he pulled her aling with him and ran towards the beach.
Khushi struggled to catch with his pace but Arnav did not seem to stop. He dragged her with him until they reach the shore.
Arnav twrilled her and pulled her in his arms. “I want to see you nude right now under this moonlight Khushi” he dragged his finger tracing her neck, then deep down towards her cleavage.
“Are you serious? I cannot be nude in public Arnav” Khushi said still trying to catch her breath.
“This is my beach and no one is allowed to even hover over this zone” he said taking her in his arms and walking towards the sea.
“Arnav I seriously cannot do it” Khushi tried to protest.
“We will see that Madam. This is your punishment for not picking up my calls”.
Arnav walked till the water was near his knees and then dropped her all of a sudden in the water.
Khushi immerged from water being a little disoriented due to sudden movement. Her white dress totally clung to her body like a second skin and her lacy bra got exposed beneath her dress.
“Care to swim?” Arnav challenged her.
“Its almost late night and you want to swim?” Khushi asked her.
Arnav without any further words dived in the sea and swim till certain length.
“Come on babes, join me here” he called her out gesturing her.
Khushi had no option but to swim to him. When she reached, she found him bare chest. She gaped feeling his muscles and immediately turned the other side. Arnav approached her and in one go pulled down her zip.
“Arnav!” Khushi gaped and turned towards him wide eyed.
“Shh!” hushing her he slid her dress and exposed her skin. Her nipples ashamedly peaked towards him waiting for him to claim it and her twins felt heavy. He touched her waist and flushed her with him. His hard form pushing on her belly and her nipples kissed his rock solid chest.
“Touch me” he said against her ear huskily and cupped one of her twins. She obeyed his commend and touched him. “gosh!” he was so thick.
Arnav gasped with she gripped his hard form in her hand and started massaging it rhythmically. Slow, deliberate strokes which aroused him badly.
Arnav bend down to claim her nipples, which were ready to get devoured and she let a soft moan, making Arnav go mad. If it were some other girl he would have sucked her bud brutally. But as he knew it was her first time, he had to go slow making sure not to scare her off.
Slowly he kneaded her twins passionately while she increased her stokes. He made her turn the other side so that her back was flushed with his chest now and his hard form perfectly placed in between her perfect shaped butts. Slowly he started pushing himself on her and she felt out of the world.
When he increased his stroked she couldn’t help herself from asking him “ARNAV! I want you…now”.
Arnav smiled feeling warm by her statement. Not only him, it was proved that she wanted him with equal desperation.
He gathered his pants, which floated on the sea and took her in his arms.
Placing her on the beach he removed her remaining clothes which was a matching panty with the lacy bra.
“gosh! Khush you are absolutely sexy babes” he couldnot hide his excitement. She was no doubt a stunning girl, with perfect curves. It was the first time he saw her nude and she was much more than he expected. Her light brown nipples complemented her fair skin.
Khushi closed her eyes in embarrassment feeling absolutely nude in front of a man.
Arnav removed a condom packet from his wallet and wore it.
He lay right on top of her and kissed her furiously before he slowly prepared her stroking his finger against her wetzone.
“I will try my best not to hurt you Khushi, but you need to trust me and be with me. Unless you agree I wont do”.
Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him. She was going to give everything at she had to the man in front of her. Her assets were now going to be someone else’s. She was going to give him every right to touch her the way he wanted. A big step for a small town girl. But yet everything just felt right between both. She felt happy. She felt alive.
“Please Arnav. I want wait any longer. I trust you” she said and closed her eyes.
“I trust you” three words more powerful then “I Love you” and Arnav slowly pushed himself in between her legs. She could feel his form entering her slowly and carefully filling up the vacant space, moving her muscles along with his skin. “I am sorry Khushi” he gave the final push breaking her barrier earning a painful scream. He held her tightly in his arms kissing her trying to sooth her pain, while few drops of tears slid down her eyes. It was happy tears, the man made her feel like a woman today. Whatever inhabitation she had got he had removed it forever. “If you want I can take it out Khushi. Just tell me. I don’t want to do this if you still feel the pain”, he said lying static on her.
“I am fine Arnav. Thanks. Thanks for making this so special”.
Arnav looked at her eyes and her smiling face. She looked content and happy. Overwhelmed with the new feeling. She was tight and wet. After her confirmation he paced up until they both climaxed one after another screaming their name, holding each other as tightly as possible. Arnav had never had such a hard release in his entire life. And for Khushi it was something, which was beyond her expectation. The moment she was about to climax was the best moment she had felt in her entire life. When she could feel nothing but Arnav penetrating inside her. His moves, his technique made her come in no time.
Arnav looked at her and smiled. She smiled back too. “I loved it and I wish to do this everyday now, with you”, he said and kissed her forehead. “If you are not sore we can so more in your bedroom. What say?”
Khushi pulled him towards her and placed an open mouthed kiss on his lips and said “I think I will be able to do it few more times before I quit”.
Arnav gritted his teeth in excitement, “My wild cat, you are such a tease” with that he covered her in his clothes and picked her up in his arms. “be ready for few more rounds then. Tomorrow don’t blame me if you are sore”.


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