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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 16

Part 15

Seducing Raizada

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“hey baby! Are you angry with me?” khushi stood in between his legs and leaned on Arnav sexily cupping his shoulder. Initially shocked Arnav managed to hide his smile. His anger immediately melted seeing her cute move. He appreciated her cute effort to manaofy him so he planned to play with her a little but more before he gave her away.
Arnav straightened his face and looked directly in her inquisitive eyes throwing a blank look. “let me work. I have to make a presentation for tomorrow’s meeting”. The presentation he already made before leaving for Maldives so that he doesnot have to waste his time where he can cozy around with his new girl friend.
Khushi faked a pout and removed his laptop from his lap and kept it securely on the other seat. Arnav raised his eye brows seeing her so messed up but straightened his face immediately so that she doesnot get a single clue that he has already melted. “this place is mine at the moment not some electrical equipment. I want to be on the top of your lap”, she nervously slid her index finger and trailed it on his face making him aware of his own arousal.
“This girl can turn him on by her simplest messy moves” he thought.
Khushi slowly sat on his lap leaned towards his ears which made Arnav close his eyes and gulp. His hands iched to hold her petite waist and rip her clothes instantly to take her then and there in the plane, but he waited to see her moves. He was enjoying to the fullest, khushi seducing him was indeed a dream come true for him. He did not expect this move any time soon considering the naivity of her.
He gulped once again feeling her warm breath, “I am sorry baby” he heard her. “I am sorry for not messing you back. Please don’t spoil our holiday for that stupid thing. I really want to be with you and I am ready for everything…” did she just confess shyly? He wondered.
The next moment he felt her lip on his cheeks. Now that was something pretty unexpected. Woman die to kiss him on his lips. No eat his lips but this female just kissed his cheeks and that to so passionately? “Oh come one what was so passionate about a cheek kiss?” Arnav chuckled. “this woman is turning you into a teenage lover boy. Get a grip dude before you do something silly” he thought cursing his own thoughts. But unfortunately he found her cheek kiss even more passionate than that of any other lip kisses that they had shared in the past. The way her lip testure felt on his cheeks…”oh so sexy”. Given an opportunity he would have devoured her lips fully into his mouth and showed her how turn on he was for her.
Khushi batter her lashes before making her way towards his other cheek and placed an even warmer kiss. Arnav was fully drowned in the ecstasy. Any woman like this was never kissed him. Something about her kisses hit him hard. Probably something, which he wanted to feel many times but never, got back. In one word he loved it. So innocent, so warm, so full of care she was. He couldnot ask for more. He wanted her to continue kissing him just like that.
Lingering her lips for some more time she slowly dragged her lips towards his mouth. She opened her eyes and looked at time. He still managed to look without any expression when he battled for the urge to touch her.
Khushi gulped hard and leaned forward to kiss his lips when he stopped her holding her shoulder. “I think it’s enough. You can go to your seat and let me work. We can sought this out later on once we reach Maldives. I seriously have no interest to get seduced right now.
Khushi felt a little insulted by his harsh words. There she was trying to do something which she had never done in her life, she expected him to help her out but there he was repulsive about it.
She made a small face and gave him a sad smile, whose pain of rejection did not go unnoticed by Arnav.
“I have never been to anywhere without misha. This is the first time. Probably you will think that I am acting like an insecure woman. But that’s how I am. Misha means a lot to me and after my parent’s death she was the only one for me and she still is. I was feeling a little bad and guilty to travel without her. I know it is baseless and something with might be a turn off for you. and I am sorry if I had turned you off by my incompetent behaviour. I have never done this in my life. You are the first”, she said in a low voice while getting up from his lap. “I should have taken care of our relationship I shouldn’t have taken those messages for granted”. Arnav could easily see her holding back her tears. He was about to hold her back when she rushed to the toilet.
She couldnot hold her tears back anymore so she let them out. She has never faced just a humiliation in her life. Before she could control herself futher, someone opened the toilet door.
“Did you keep that door open for me darling?” Arnav leaned on the door jam looking at his cute teary puppy faced girlfriend whose nose his turned red like a cherry.
Arnav pushed himself and entered the toilet and locked the door. Khushi turned the other side not wanted to face him at all. But unfortunately the mirrior in front of her betrayed.
Arnav slip his arms around her waist and pressed himself on her. Slowly he blew away her hair and kissed her shoulder. Khushi turned towards him and hugged him tightly.
“I am sorry honey…I am so sorry” Arnav hussed. “I did not mean to upset you so much. I was just…. Let it be. Please don’t feel bad. Stop crying. Hit me if you want to but stop crying”.
Khushi held her breath and snapped her head to look at Arnav. “Did any girl slap you for behaving like an ass?” she asked in a low voice.
Arnav tucked her hair behind her ear and cupped her face, I wont let such a situation arise. But seeing you crying like this I felt really bad. I knew I behaved over the top. But it was just to see how much you can do.
Khushi opened her mouth wide making an “O”. you played with me?
“before I put something inside your mouth which I am tempted to please close your mouth.
Her face blushed furiously hearing such a bold statement from him. She quickly closed her mouth and punched him with her tiny fist on his chest and Arnav pulled her into a bear hug.
“I am sorry arnu”
Arnav pushed her back to face her. “arnu?” he smirked.
Khushi blushed a little, “do you mind if I call you that?”
“nope as far as you scream taking my first name while I……” he slid his hand to touch her back.
“I could have arranged for misha’s tickets if you would have said that earlier”.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling his warm hand against her skin. “it was not required. Its not practical to be with her all the time special the kind of job that I have”.
“Hmm! But as a girl friend you can still demand that to me”.
“Why should I? I don’t like unnecessary favours”.
“Hmm I know that. Just like you rejected this” Arnav held the diamond locket which he has bought for her during his visit to London.
“You…you got it here?” khushi sighed.
Arnav turned her around and made her wear the locket once again. “where it till you are with me here atleast. No one will make you uncomfortable asking about it her”.
Khushi held the centerpiece while Arnav hooked it around her neck. Slowly she uncovered the locket and rested her head on his shoulder.
Arnav touched the locket and kissed her cheeks. It looks beautiful on you sweetheart. Trust me it is made for you only.
Khushi smiled before turning towards him. She lowered her lashes and angled her face. “Can I kiss you?” she asked him.
He pulled her roughly and answered “for eternity”, felt her lips on his.


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