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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 15

Part 14

In your Embrace

The rest of the journey went silent. Khushi was ultra nervous as she was unable to handle a cold Arnav. Arnav who had always been warm towards her, suddenly looking at his new aloof side Khushi feared. She kept on stealing glances while Arnav drove with a straight face, which lacked emotions. She had never seen such a cold person in her entire life. Her unlce, misha's father and misha had been extremely warm towards her as she lost her parents when she was very small. Was it another blander she made by committing to a person whose background she was totally unware off. She read a lot about him in business magazines and also in page three, but the man was mystry to her. She did not know a single personal thing about him. She was unable to gauge his current mood. She thought it would be a easy treat if she jumps on him and hug him tight. But right now forget about jumping she was unable to withstand the tension between them. His tough behavior threw her few miles away from him.
Unknowingly her throat felt dry. She desperately wanted to break the imaginary wall, which got built between them.
Screeching the car tyre Arnav pushed the brakes to stop the car. His fingers gripped the stirring wheel. Khushi feared more seeing his anger which was not hidden to her anymore. A single angry look from him, she felt shivers down her spine. She felt terrible in such  a situation. “What have I done?” she thought helplessly looking at his angry figure getting out of the car and slamming the door behind. “Just because I did not attend to his messages he is sulking? But why? Isn’t it that we had made it very clear that we wont expect from each other then why is he so angry on me?” Khushi sadly got out of the car and started walking behind. "but what i cannot over look what i have done. I shouldn't have ignored his messages out right and i need to apologize for my stupid behaviour before him", she thought.

She saw two men in black advanced towards Arnav. They had walk-talky in their hand and were communicating with the pilots. Arnav was way ahead than Khushi. One of the men took his jacket from his and and the other crossed him and came towards Khushi. Khushi took a deep breath and planted a dry smile. “Hello Ma’am”, he greeted Khushi while crossing her. Khushi turned to see what was the man doing.  She saw him taking out their luggage from the luggage car and loaded them in the luggage cart which took the luggage in the plane.

Khushi turned back to see Arnav and saw him walking up the staircase to board the flight. She suddenly felt left out and alone. Tears prickled her doe eyes and she suddenly felt hollow. She pouted and then tucked her lips inside her mouth holding it with her teeth to control her emotions. She never thought that Arnav would turn into such a difficult guy after all those moments shared with each other. Slowly she took guilty steps towards the stair and with heavy heart she walked up into the airline.

When she entered she saw a hot blond babe arranging Arnav’s jacket hooking it in the its dedicated place then turning towards Khushi she gave a warm smile and greeted her “hello madam, which seat would you like to take?” Khushi returned her a small simple and walked towards Arnav.

Arnav who was seated in an isle seat, picked up his lashes once and saw Khushi coming towards him. He purposely blocked the other seats beside him with his long leg crossing on the other one, making it clears to her that he was not interested to sit beside her in the flight and that he is furious on her. Wasn't it like some school boy acting grumpy when not given his desired treat?

Khushi gulped hard noting Arnav's intension. How could she tell him that how much she was afraid of flights after this gesture of his. He practically dismissed her. How she freaked out when the plane geared up to take off. How the noise of the engines made her nausea? Each time she had Misha beside her to hold her and give her strength, but she was not there with her at that moment. “Oh Misha” she let out a small gasp feeling terribly wobbly. No matter how much she was hurt by arnav’s indifference she still asked him in a small voice, “Can I sit beside you?” lowering her voice, which came as a chocked whisper.

Arnav did not made any attempt to answer her back. He picked up some papers from the pile and concentrated on them totally ignoring her.

Khushi not getting any reply from him walked past him and got settled after two rows opposite of where Arnav was seated. She bit her lips feeling anguish and buckled her seat belt around her nervous waist. Her lips quivered feeling scared.

There was an announcement from the pilot’s end that they were ready to take off to which Khushi suddenly started panicking. She gripped the hand rest and closed her eyes shut. Her struggles did not go unnoticed by the man who was seated two rows ahead of her. Arnav folded the paper and turned his face to glance at the shuffling noise. He saw khushi’s face turned totally white like a blotting paper as if all her blood was drained from her face. He could see the tear strain on her cheeks, her hand desperately dug into the hand rest, seeking for support.

“Oh Lord, please help me”, she cried out in frustration in her mind. The plane jerked as it took over the speed for take off. She felt numb, her head shifted from one side to the other as if she was senseless, but she was not. She was very much in her senses but her nerves failed to support her.  She felt a strong arm gripping her shoulder and she instantly knew who it was. How can she fail to notice his touch? Wasn’t that what she was seeking? Yes she was indeed seeking for his support, his warmth. She wanted him beside her desperately and when she got what she wanted she just turned to his side and hugged him with all her wit. Releasing her long held breath she sank in his arms.

“I am scared” her words came out muffled and her warm breath brushed his nape. He could feel her quivering lips. Immediately feeling his warm arms circling her she felt at ease. “I am really scared of flights Arnav”, she cried out helplessly digging her nails at his back.
Feeling her literally tremble in his grip he unfastened her seat belt and held her tightly in his embrace, giving her his warmth and assurance. He understood the urgency that he needed to be beside her no matter how mad he was at her. But her fear was not some joke, which he could denied to take lightly. The sight of her weakness made his heart flip in pain. A girl who claims to be so independent was actually seeking for dependency. He could easily bear her hard exterior but when it came to her vulnerable part, he just couldnot control.
“Its ok, relax now, I am here, with you, beside you, you are safe”, he brushed her hair and caressed her back to ease her nervousness.
“Please don’t go Arnav”, she said in a low voice, still gripping him as if he was something which will go away if she loosen her grip.
“I am right her, Khushi”, he kissed her in the air lightly and rested his chin on her shoulder.
Khushi dug her face inside his crock of his neck, while sobbing. Arnav could feel puffs of her breath against her skin.
He practically took her on his lap and settled her with him. Just like a baby she clung onto him. “Relax” she heard him saying.
After 5 mins they were at twenty four thousand feet above sea level when the seat belt sign turned off. Khushi was still on his lap, but her breathing was calmer than before. Slowly she could smell his woody cologne feeling her nostrils.
“you did great”, he patted her in assurance. “There is nothing to be sacred anymore” he said while detaching her from him.
She finally looked at him making a puppy face, feeling a little embarrassed for being clumsy. She then realized her position. She was practically on his lap, her soft butt touching his strong thigh muscles, her soft bosoms crashed against his broad rock hard chest and his neck adored her lipstick mark.
“I am sorry”, she whispered.
Arnav looked at her hoping for an explanation to why she ignored him. He looked directly in her eyes with questioning look.
“I freak out in flight”, came her reply.
Arnav narrowed his eyes and shot a look at her. “so she is sorry for that, not for making me desperate. Why on the earth was I so desperate to talk to her when she clearly showed her lack of interest in me?” he cursed himself. “my work his done, she needed a support and I gave her finished…I will not make a move anymore unless she comes herself” he swear under his breath.
“Do you plan to sit on my lap for the rest of our journey?” Arnav mocked at her making her uncomfortable purposely.
“No…I mean… I am sorry…” Khushi started wiggling on his lap to get up.
“Sorry?” Arnav mocked again… “sorry for everything except the main reason why I am upset. Fair enough Miss gupta, now let see how you make yourself comfortable around Arnav Singh Raizada when he is in his worst mood” he thought.
Dropping her in the middle seat he walked to his seat. Glancing her for the last time he switched on his laptop to work.
“Shit Khushi, whats wrong with you? you said sorry for everything expect your stupid behaviour in the evening… you have to apologize to him for that…come on now go and apologize to him… he has all right to be angry on you…” khushi thought peeping towards Arnav, whose head could be seen from her seat. “But how? What should I do? Not that I have big line of boyfriends whom I had pacified. He is my friend” she thought pouting “and I don’t even know how to pacify men. I don’t even know how a couple behaves during fights”, Khushi sighed with a sharp intake of a long breath.
“Whatever it is, I have to try, after all he is my boyfriend”, she blushed with the thought. “And if he can understand when I was seeking for his closeness, then I should even try to manaofy (pacify) him my way. People learn from their mistakes” she thought.  So what if I fail for the first time... I will still try till I succed. Mr. Grupmy Raizada, I will definitely pacify you, no matter what it takes”. She gathered herself and walked where he was seated. With one blow she shut the laptop making Arnav flinch and look at her bewailed.


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