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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 1

Part 1

The Project

Handing over the file to aman Arnav sipped his left over coffee. He twitched her face feeling the concentrated bitter taste of it.
It was his daily intake. No matter how much he disliked to drink it, but it sure gave him a kick every morning.
Aman was a tall man, with spects. Extremely sincere employee of ASR.
ASR, aka Arnav Singh Raizada, a well built man of late 20s, tall, handsome, with grey eyes. He was something to die for. Every girl wanted to be blessed with his touch atleast once in her life time no matter after which he can through him out of it. His persona, his aura was something no one could escape.
He was one word man which means, he preffered to give one word answer to anything and everything which came in his way. He hardly talked, he hardly communicated with people and every damn person was scared of THE ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. No one dared to talk to him unnecessarily.
The same rule applied to each girl he had dated previously and dating currently. Forget about asking them their background he was not even bothered with particular looks. All he needed was a hole to thrust his frustration out. Ek se badh kar ek he had dated models (top class). The thin ones, the busty ones, the curvy ones, he had enormous choice lined up for him.
But strangely he never found someone with whon he could stick for long. Most of them were one night stand kind of a things. And very few like Lisa, Cathy, Michelle, Zoya could make up for a month but not more than that.
Talk about yesterday he broke of with his current girl firned Lisa, for her pushy and dominating nature. He just cannot tolerate his girl to be pushy and clingy everytime. And he just hated those who phoned him during the day time during office hours. No matter how much he enjoyed his nights with girls, he was too serious about his work. He has never ever in his life compromised his work. He was known to be the most successful man in business field.
He too dated few of his emploies but he never brought his bed stories in between his work.
The news about him and his lison was not hidden from the media. But Arnav never cared about them. Pictures of him kissing top models and well renouwned actress were the hot topic of Page 3 sections.
Flipping through some magazine and she was in her deep thoughts. She brushed the name printed in the magazine. Dragging her fingers she brushed lazily a.r.n.a.v.s.i.n.g.h.r.a.i.z.a.d.a. the name itself gave her goosebumps all along her body sending fits of shivers down her spine.
She saw in between her long naturally curled lashes towards misha.
Misha is a girl of 24, khushi’s school friend. She and Khushi run’s an interior designing firm. Their company have done a pretty impressive work last year and was listed amongst the top few budding companies.
Recently they got an offer for some Maldives project. Internationl client ask them to tie up with some architectural firm and deliver them 10 brand new cottages and exquisite interior.
Khushi and Misha had done few jobs in collaboration with few Indian architects before and had done pretty impressive job. But this time the offer was big and she knew he had to approach big companies unlike her other collaboration.
How else would he her choice other than Arnav Singh Raizada, who runs an architectural firm? His success was not hidded from this entire world. And he was not only famous in India, but was famous in the world.
Initially when she did her raiki about this particular Raizada, he found out many things about him. And just like a professional she did not have any problem imagining herself working with him, provided he agrees to work with her. But the very thought about him touching her made her step back. Some how she know she will be trapped big time. If only the name has such a vibration, what will she do when she will see him.
Suddenly she felt pool of warm tingling down her vaginal wall, making her panty wet due to the rush of liquid she felt. She immediately felt embaressed and helpless at the same time.
If someone stars at his mare picture for more than 10 seconds, she is bound to climax seeing his ever hot eyes and intoxicating smirk.
“Misha! We will approach some other company” she said while moving towards her room slamming down the magazine on the table.
“Khushi Kumari Gupta!”
“hmm! When is she coming?”
“Sir, she has an appointment at 2pm”.
Arnav looked up, “did you see her?”
Aman knew where the conversation is going. After all his boss is single now.
“No sir, we spoke over the phone”.
“hmm!” he sighed and concentrated back on his laptop punching k.u.s.h.i.k.u.m.a.r.i.g.u.p.t.a
Few google pictures opened.
Mid length wavy hair, beautiful eyes, least make-up, sexy lips, slim waist, perfect cups, long legs, charming smile.
He mentally noted while lusting over her photo.
He punched his facebook id and searched her name.
Khushi Kumari Gupta
Lucknow, “she is from lucknow? He frowned remembering something”.
Material Status, “Married” his hard form which was ready to tear his thick zip  seeing her sexy pictures in Indian dresses, though she was not wearing anything revealing, but whose covered material gave him more kick to build up his curiosity, suddenly collapsed seeing her status.
He slammed his laptop in frustration and asked aman to leave.
“But we already have an appointment with him”, misha paced behind Khushi.
“I will call aman ji and cancel the meeting”.
“Khushi you cant do this and why are you doing this? You were fine till yesterday knowing every damn things about this man, then what happened today?”
“For god sake Khushi don’t bring your past here. He did not bother to come and see you Khushi. Aur kitna wait karogi? You are 24 now and it has been almost…”
She was cute of my Khushi.
“Please I don’t want to discuss my marriage”.
“It wasnot a marriage Khushi. How can you consider it as a marriage for god sake?”
“Whatever it was my fate has been already written and I just cannot meet this man”.
Misha turned Khushi towards her in one swift motion and jerked her boring her eyes, stop your tocuh-me-not motto Khushi, he is not worth. “You have broken up with guys just because you did not want them to trespass your moral for that fucking moran, who doesnot have a spine to come and meet you these years. Don’t be such a delusional Khushi, no man is pure. You will know what you missed one day when you will find that your so-called-husband might be sleeping around with other girls or maybe he got married.
Listening to Misha’s words she sighed and sat down on the bed. “Misha!”
“I don’t want any explanation Khushi. You really need to fuck someone to get out of this one-cent-for-all”.
“what the hell are you saying”.
Misha came towards Khushi and winked, “trust me Khushi, there is nothing to feel guilty about how you felt seeing Arnav singh raizada’s picture. It is natural and I have heard he is too good on bed plus he don’t like commitment just like you.
“Shut up misha, kuch bhi bole ja rahi ho. I am not even his type”.
“trust me babes, guy like Arnav singh raizada wants different. Cant you see he is bored with those clingy pouty models”.
“this discussion is going no where”.
“Ya just like you pressed your legs together seeing his photo, right?”
Khushi was shocked to hear that. “Was that too obvious? She thought.
“I am your childhood friend Khushi, you just don’t need to open your mouth to say anything. I will tell you what you are going through by seeing your eyes”.
“Get up and prepare yourself to meet the man

Important Note
Updates might be short but I will try to update regularly.


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