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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 6

Part 5

Obsessive Addiction

Resultantly Arnav left her lips where both struggled for oxygen. After a final peck on her lips Arnav pulled back and looked at her.
“Uff! Her swelled lips he thought”.
“Haye!” The way she licks are broken lips with her tongue is so seducing that if he could he could have taken her then and there”.
He brushed her messy hair to bring it in a decent manner so that she doesn’t look messed up with his fingers.
“Khushi! I have to admit that it will be really difficult to work when you will be around”.
Khushi looked at him and poked his chest, “do you plan to shut down your company?” she hid her bubbling giggles.
Arnav pulled her towards him by her waist and started swinging casually in slow motion. That’s when Khushi connected her eyes with him.
“full of desire”
“so much passion”
he oozed from those pair of eyes.
“you know you have the best pair of eyes Arnav!”
Arnav tilted his head a little and smirked.
“this girl is surely something”. When he expected her to say that his lips are magical, she complimented his eyes. But he really liked what she said. Atleast she was honest about what she thought and there was no pretense and artificiality in her words.
He narrowed his eyes and tried to search those mysteries stored inside this girl who is right now in his arms. No matter how much he avoided not to think about her personal matters but his mind automatically got diverted towards the thought that she is married. He wanted to give some time before he asked her about it, considering the fact that it has just been two days that they know each other, infact it was few hours if he counts and also that Khushi denied to discuss anything personal with him. Arnav was a little confused with his growing curiocity, which was unlike his personality. Or maybe before Khushi happened to him he never took much interest in any women.
Whatever the thing is, he also noted that he was actually liking her company. Something he missed for long time. Something he longed for. He knew that he can actually talk to her in any matter and that she is very open minded girl.
The best thing about her was that she never threw herself on him. It was him who was more interested to be with her. Again a stark difference in comparison with the relationships, flings, one night stand that he had.
He wondered how just fondling with her was making him arouse in seconds? How her touches were acting like a spell on him? How she exactly touched him where he wanted her to touch.
He concluded that they both were going to share great chemistry on bed very soon, something, which he was looking forward to. And to his it was Khushi who cleared the air of NO STRINGS ATTHACHED thing by herself which also acted like a magnet.
Drinking the passion she was holding in her eyes for him he leaned to kiss her cheeks and said the most unexpected thing ever, “you have the most beautiful way of looking at me”.
Khushi was expecting anything but this statement. Some how her heart did a little happy dance when he said that. she did not know why she found a romantic side of Arnav thought the thick mask of seductive sheet.
Mentally cursing his cheesy lines he came up with his flirtious comment, “and those perfect carves of yours just set me on fire, which I am barely able to control”.
Khushi slowly increased the gap between the two and set her clothes rightly, brushing her creases, which formed due to their close proximity.
Khushi was confirmed that she has officially madly attracted to his man now. And when he is in front of her, she just loses her control. She memtally thanked misha for making her take this decision and she promised herself that she will never ever regret this.
Her husband chose not to meet her, her husband chose not to show up any more and more over her belief in this so-called-marriage has almost faded from her mind. She knew she has given enough time for him to come back and now that her sixth sense was saying that he is not going to come to her anymore then why should she wait? Why should she hold back her desire? Why should she enjoy life? Why wont she do what she missed? Even she was a human and who knows what her husband is doing behind her back?
If he has the right to live his life, even she has too.
If he can forget her, even she can wipe that memory from her life.
If he considered this marriage to be a marriage then he would have definitely come to her atleast for once.
He was her best friend after all. If he regrets what their parent had gotten them into by marrying them at so early age then he should have had the spine to come to her and say it loud. Khushi would have easily let him go, because for her their friendship was more important. And she could never ever consider him as her husband as their friendship was so strong. No doubt she loved her “L” but at the same time she souldnot have suffocated him by pushing her towards him and chaining him down by giving emotional swears.
Now that she has opened and and finally decided to enjoy her life the way she wants to Arnav was indeed the right person for her.
“No Strings Attached” was something Khushi was looking at the moment and she got it from this man. And she cannot deny it out right that she was liking the effect he had on her.
This was all new for her. Never been touched by a man felt like she missed a big and intigral part of her life. Just like other experience, this was something she knew she had to do as well and she was happy that Arnav was the one with whom she decided to go further into this.
During her background check she found out that Arnav singh Raizada was never gotten into any emotional attachment with any girl. She found pages after pages about his flings and stories about one night stands. None of his affair lasted more than a month. He was a player, who know how to play his game and how to move out when it was required.
“hmm!” he was still drinking her sweet smell of her fruity shampoo swinging with her.
“shall we complete the paper works if you don’t mind”.
Arnav pulled back and looked at her. “Gosh! How can some one manages to look so beautiful all the time?” he thought.
He was again leaning on her, not being able to control his temptation, to kiss, he found her finger stopping him from kissing her further.
He slightly pecked her sleek fingers, which was now placed on his lips and finally pulled back.
“Khushi, you are an addiction” he whispered looking at her with his passion filled eyes.
“I hope it doesnot become an obsession for you”.
Arnav smiled and held her wrist and took her towards his desk.


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