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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 4

Part 4


“What the hell is heppening to me? Oh! God! No. why the hell am I standing like this infront of a the man I hardly know. Know?
Angel: You meet this freaking guy today only and look at you? Shame Khushi, shame, I never knew you have become so desperate.
Devil: Shut up I am not desperate.
Angel: It is he who approached.
Devil: I did not see you protesting either. Oh come one. Tell me babes you liked what he did, don’t you?
Angel: NO
Devil: was that no for me or for you?
Angel: I met him only today
Devil: and you let him touch you all over.
“Umm! uf you are done with your analysis shall we proceed for the meeting? Erm! I don’t mind if you want to continue what we were doing though”.
Khushi smapped from her inner thought s and looked at Arnav.
“On Man, he is so good looking” her mind cried.
“I know I am drool worthy and I don’t mind you drooling over me”. Came his husky confident voice.
“Oh boy, how can he read my mind? Does he know black magic?” Khushi thought.
“Mr. Raizada, do you think after what you did with me, I would be interested to work with you?” Khushi folded her arms and gave a stem look.
Arnav brushed her messy hair and made it organized, “trust me babes, you would l.o.v.e to work with me after this, you know what I mean?” he said licking his upper lip stressing on the word love.
He turned towards his table and started walking towards his chair.
“you know what, you are wring Mr. Raizada…I am not going to…”.
“Arnav! I have asked you to call Arnav! Wanna listen how It sounds from your sexy mouth” he said and sat on the chair opening his laptop.
“Why should I call you Arnav?” Khushi frowned.
“Umm No bad.. Khushi. You have no idea what effect you have on me right now”.
“What?” Khushi made a weird face not understanding a single word.
“My Name honey”, he said looking at his laptop now typing something furiously.
Khushi recollected him calling by his name few seconds back “ Why should I call you Arnav?”
“You Mr. Raizada, this isnot funny”.
“Who said it is?”
Arnav got up and walked towards Khushi and grabbed her wrist.
Khushi’s eyes popped out, “what the hell is this guy upto?”, she thought.
“Leave me”.
She receiced a smirk, but his hand firmly gripping her petite wrist.
“I said leave me”.
“stop acting like a scared rabbit, when you are not one”.
Arnav finally dragged her towards his laptop and pulled a chair beside his chair.
“look at this” he pointed towards his laptop.
Khushi tried to fight back but what she saw it made her spell bound.
“WOW!” a vibrant smile crept her lips and convert to a wide smile with a beautiful twinkle.
“Arnav this is brillent”.
“shut up, don’t call me sexy!”
“Umm! ok beautiful”.
Khushi looked at him and smiled, “you know you are a jerk”.
“you like it?” Arnav asked.
“Loved it”.
“so can we have another session?”
“WHAT?” Arnav got rewarded with her playfull slap on his chest.
While she started browsing more 3D models of her dream project in his laptop. Not of once she felt uncomfortable and not for once Arnav hesitated to show his design to her knowing the fact that she is still not on board and that she is yet to sign on agreement with AR.
Khushi was so engrossed seeing the pictures that she did not notice that a pair of eyes admiring this side of her.
“Arnav! Do you have any inside pictures of these cottages?”
“Arnav can we replace this wodden roof and put terracotta?”
“Arnav how about a private area about 100 sqft on the water attached to balcony?”
“Arnav can we have a glass floor in the bedroom so that the guest can see the water and the bed will look as if it is floating?”
“Arnav why are you saying anything? I am asking you na?”
“Arnav!” she got irritated and looked at him.
He was smiling looking at her excitement.
“she looked so cute and my name… sounds so nice…wonder how will it sound when we make out” he thought.
Khushi felt embarrassed thinking how jumpy she had been. She gathered herself and got up.
“I am…I am”.
“Well Khushi kumari gupta, if you can spare some more time and sign on the collaboration papers? We will have ample time to discuss on this project”.
“Can I ask you something?”
“why you want to work with our company Arnav? You know you are big and you will be able to handle any damn project and that you don’t need me…”
“I want to date you, simple”.
“what?” Khushi was shocked.
“You want to…”
“yap, you have heard it correct. I want to date you because I’m kind of attracted to you”.
Khushi was dumbfolded.
“and what made you think that I would be interested in this kind of proposal?”
“well to be honest I know I am a charmer and I can get any girl but looking at your back groud whether little information I have about you, it looked tough. But after what happened few minutes back, the way you lost control over yourself, I knew I made it”.
“So miss gupta are you in?” Arnav closed his laptop flap and looked at Khushi with intense eyes.
“I need time to think about it”, Khushi said browsing through her back to fetch her mobile.
“Are you kidding me Miss Gupta? You need time to decided whether to date me?” Arnav looked at Khushi with amusement.
“she is something” he thought.
But surely that statement made him more curious about this girl.
“If you don’t mind Mr. Raiz… well Arnav can I check an important email?” Khushi asked looking at her phone.
“here I am, giving this girl time, leaving my ongoing meeting, and here she is asking me to excuse her for some minutes?”
Arnav sat back and rested his fisted palm against his lips and narrowed his eyes to have a close look at her.
If it was some other chick, she would have definitely wore something much much more revealing to attract his eyes, something see through maybe, deep neck, backless maybe.
But it was really shocking to see some girl in his chamber is absolutely formal outfit, with minimal makeup possible.
And the most interesting part was that she was not bothered about how she was looking.
Her hair was still a messed up
He could see her natural lip colour with was actually closed to her lipstick color.
Her shirt slightly creased.
But the matter of the fact is that she did not bother much unlike other females.
“Different!” his mind registered.
“She is definitely different”.
“sorry! I think I should move now”.
“I so want to see you moving on top of me”, he thought.
She snapped her finger near his face in order to bring back his senses.
Arnav flinched a little which was hardly noticible.
“Well, Miss Gupta are we in or….”.
“I need time, mr Raizada. I told you”.
“how much?” he asked.
“umm…I don’t know…maybe…24 hours?”
Arnav smiled and looked at her, “I will wait for your call tonight”.
“you mean…you think I will call you tonight?”.
“if it was someone else I would have got my answer right now. But as it is you I will postpond that maximum tonight”.
“you are so confident about it?” she asked.
”I know your answer, trust me babes”.


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