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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 7

Part 5

The Wait

“You are going to wear this and go khsuhi?” misha asked checking Khushi out top to bottom
Sliding her cotton knee length dress, which covered her lacy white bra, Khushi looked through the mirror and saw misha.
“Haan kyun?”
Misha came near Khushi and turned her. “you must be kidding Khushi” misha let out an amused voice.
Khushi frowned and checked herself, “why? Whats wrong with this?” she wondered.
“Khushi, you are going to meet Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada and this is going to be your official date dude. you just cannot wear this and go. I am sure your date is going to be disaster man”.
Before Khushi could protest misha turned her heals and went towards her wardobe. Taking out one sexy off shoulder red long dress she walked towards Khushi and handed over to her.
Khushi checked it out and dumped the same in misha’s hand.
“What?” misha make a weird face.
“I am not going to wear any fancy clothers Mish, you know me right? I want to be myself. I don’t want to show him off” Khushi went back to her dressing table and started dabbing her face to clean her sweat.
“Khushi!” Misha angrily turned her towards her once again and held her shoulder.
“Please mish, lets just end this here”, Khushi said making a frustrated face.
“No, if this was some other guy I would have cared a damn Khushi. I know how beautiful you are and I know how guys fall head-over-heels just seeing you. but have you seeing his previous girl friends? Man they are not only gorgeous but also have right amount of flesh whether it is suppose to me”.
“what does it suppose to mean Mish? I am not a whore. We are doing this mutually you remember? And I find all those cheap models mere whores nothing else. And I cannot dress up like them”. Khushi spatted angrily.
“chill yaar, I was just testing you Khushi!” misha hugged her suddenly feeling proud of her friend. She expected the same reaction. Misha never wanted Khushi to change for anybody and that’s what she has done. She doesnot want to change her apprearence for any man. No matter who he is. And Misha was also sure that Arnav is going to fall head-over-heels on Khushi very soon. Because Khushi was different.
“I am so proud of you babes. I was expecting this only”, misha told Khushi while she pulled back from the hug.
“I will never ever change myself for someone Mish! So what he is Arnav singh Raizada. Even I have my own identity beside being his current girl-friend” Khushi said doing her last touch up with her lipstick.
“I am sure girl, you are going to change this Arnav singh Raizada soon”, misha fondly hit Khushi on her shoulder.
“I don’t wish to change him mish!”
Khushi took her over night bag stuffed with her stuffs, which she needed during the night. It consists of her night suit, toothpaste and brush which she would be needing in the morning, her towel and bodylotions.
While fastening her seat belt she took a deep breath and gripped the steering wheel. It is all going to be new and her life is going to change after today. She was going to lose her greatest assest, which she successfully kept intact for her so-called-husband. But the wait looked never ending for her. She was very hurt inside that her best friend never turned up to her, forget about coming and seeing her, he did not bother to check whether she is alive or dead.
She felt like an idiot thinking she had wasted her 20years behind someone for whom she meant nothing. NOTHING.
She closed her eyes and recollected his cute face kissing her chubby cheeks.
Taking a deep breath once again she set ignite the engine and drove towards his guest house.
For the first time in her life she was going to do something, which her heart said. She wants to enjoy life and wanted to experience everything that a girl should enjoy. She knew she did not want to marry anybody in her life as she thought she being a married woman don’t any man to feel that he is her second.
For Khushi the term marriage was removed from her dictionary the very day when she lost all hope on her husband.
She chose Arnav only because she was sure that he is one man who would not want any serious relationship out of their relation and there was no chance he would want to get married.
It was a smile yet beautiful villa. The entrace leaded towards a huge white classy house. Mostly wrapped with glass façade. Very modern. The road had tall tress on both sides.
Before Khushi stopped the car in the porch the security held the door for her.
“good evenung madam”, he greeted her warmly.
Khushi nervously got down.
She was about to take her bags when the security stopped her from doing so. Khushi saw another person, who seemed like a servant came immediately and took her bag from the security person.
Khushi was too busy seeing the elite khatirdari she was receiving.
She jumped out of her skin when the security asked her for her car keys. Khushi gave him the keys and was soon escorted inside the huge bungalow.
She made herself comfortable in the hug leather sofa, which dominated the ground floor of the villa.
“Khushi Madam, Sir has asked to inform you that his flight got delayed so he will take some time to reach here”.
Khushi was shocked to hear her name. but seeing the kind of promptness in the people who worked for Mr Raizada, she knew it very well that they Arnav did not fail to give any information about her staying in the villa.
“thank you, erm!’
“thank you mohan ji”, she added her beautiful smile. In return she got a shocked expression on the poor lean chap. Little did she know how they were treated by arnav’s ex-girlfriends.
Few seconds later she could see his shocked expression changed into a bright smile.
“Welcome Khushi Madam”, he couldnot take his eyes of from Khushi. He nervously took the glass which he had offered her before giving arnav’s information to her.
“Erm! Mohan ji, can you please tell me where is the guest room?”
“Guest room is closed madam”.
“closed? Well, can you show me the room in which I will be staying?
Khushi stood up and started walking behind him.
“sir, would you like to have anything else?” the air-hostress tried her last resort to impress Arnav. But unfortunately she wasnot lucky enough and Mr. Raizada’s mind was pre-occupied with someone else’s thought.
“Khushi Kumari Gupta”, was her name who current sat in his mind.
It has been four days that he has met her. The London trip was so hectic that he couldnot even manage to find time to message her or talk to her. And in any case when Arnav was at his work, nothing practically nothing was able to distract him.
But the moment he finished his deal and congratulated his new client, his thoughts drifted towards his new girl-friend. Well she wasnot yet qualified to be his girl-friend as they hardly spoken to each other after their office encounter last time followed by lunch which was very formal types as Khushi chose to discuss about their project.  Arnav was highly impressed with her dedication and seriousness. He also learnt that there was not much variation in his chose and her choice. It was almost same. There was nothing, which he did not like about her ideas. He also noted she is a no-nonsense person when it came to work. He was amused to see how he could see himself in her. The only difference is she was just to serious when she was doing all the talking and Arnav was always relaxed and chilled out. Her professionalism was an added bones in her busket as Arnav always liked people who are serious with their work. He secretly wished that she remained like this even after their take forward their physical intimacy. No matther now much he was attracted to physically he was equally impressed with her in the work front also. He mentally noted that it would be fun to work with her.
Moham opened the wenge colour wooden door and leaded her inside the room.
The King sized four coaster bed dominated the whole room which was placed right at the center. She loved the white canopy hung carefully on the coasters and beautifully fell on the pricy Italian marble floor spread.
The colour of the room was mostly white exect or wall, which had a huge life-size picture of Arnav. That was all wrapped with navy blue with as dash of golden wallpaper to give the picture more depth to it.
“Madam, sir has asked me to open his room for you”.
Khushi looked at mohan, who was rooted at the corner of the room bitting his lips.
“Thank you mohan ji, aap ja sakte ho. Umm! where will be the kitchen?”.
“Madam, you are not allowed to enter the kitchen, if you need anything you can page me from his”, mohan showed the counter on the table.
Mohan closed the door behind leaving Khushi inside the room.
The white silk bed spread made the bed look more cozier. And the pillows looked like she will immediately sink inside the moment she place her head on it.
She walked towards the otherside of the room where she found a walk-in closet. Before intering inside, she removed her shoes and then tip toed inside. It was a huge walk in closet, cladded with mirror everywhere… she could smell the familiar musky small that never fail to fill her nose whether she was around him. “It was his smell” she blushed mentally. Her thought went towards their last encounter in the office. “oh! How he kissed her”, she let out an embarrassing sigh before she went inside the washroom.


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