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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 14

Part 14

Grumpy Raizada

Khushi and Misha were almost done shopping. She needed a good suit for the meeting that was schedule to take place in maldivies. Not that she did not have one, but she had to get a better-cut suit to stand to match up with Arnav Singh Raizada. It was her first overseas venture and it was a big project for her. If she proved herself in his project she knew her future would be set. Being associated with AR is not a small thing. It was THE AR which was recognized worldwide not just in India.
Apart from the suit, she bought some flowy knee length frocks, which ended moderately. Rather than clinging on to her and moulding her figure it gave her a casual holiday look. She liked with her garments gave way to the air to pass through. It helped her specially during summer and summer climate. She never felt comfortable in those clothes, which flaunted her perfect curvy body. She rather preferred to hide herself under her clothes and preferred to remain notice by other men for some reason. That’s how Khushi kumari gupta was.
It was indeed a little emotional separation… In these years she always stuck to misha like a second skin, no matter where she was but she was within her reach. But she was leaving town for good long 3 days. All along these years after Misha’s father death at a very early age when they moved to Mumbai from Lucknow after khushi’s parents’ death, they took care of each other like soul sisters.
Khushi was excited to be with Arnav at the same time a little sad for having to leave misha behind all alone. Misha did say “oh come on cookie, I will be fine. I am not a baby. You better concentrate on your Arnav Ji” she said in a teasing tone. Misha, when she was young couldn’t pronounce Khushi, it sounded like cookie to all. Thus cookie became her second nickname tintin being the first. Her parents used to call her by that name including everyone at home.
“Mish, I am really….” Khushi held Misha’s hand while getting inside her car, but before she could complete the word sorry and apologize to misha for leaving her like this.
“Shut up now, go…you are getting late. And if I am not wrong your phone beeped for the 13th time”, misha said pointing at Khushi’s buzzing phone.
Khushi looked at her phone and sighed.
Misha quickly planted a kiss on khushi’s forehead and turned her heels controlling her tear, which was in a verge of slipping and walked away in the opposite direction so that Khushi couldnot stop her.
But Khushi being Khushi got out of the car and ran behind misha. After all she was her best friend and Misha did not need to tell Khushi that she is crying.
Khushi pulled her in bone crashing hug and weeped with her. “I will miss you darling. Please take care of yourself. Khushi kissed misha’s warm cheeks and cupped her. She Pouted, looking at Misha’s tears. A guilt spread across khushi’s mind. How could she leave her best friend-cum-sister-cum-everything for a man. A man she bearly knew. Just for her own pleasure she was leaving behind Misha. She felt horrible and low of herself. She wanted to ring Arnav back and cancel this trip and tell him to go alone even knowing that how important it was for her career.
“Don’t you dare think of canceling this Khushi!”, misha spoke holding khushi’s wrist as if she could read her mind. And why not. They have been together for such a long time that just as Khushi did not need misha to tell her whether she was upset or sad, similarly misha did not need Khushi to open her mouth to share her thoughts.
Misha turned Khushi by her shoulder and gave her a final friendly push… “GO and GET the happiness that you deserve Cookie. My eyes saw what they wanted to see today in the morning… you better find out what I am trying to mean… Arnav is your future and he will not disappoint you like that ASS. Open up with him, he is a different man altogether. Trust me”. With that she waved at Khushi and finally walked away. Khushi kept on looking at Misha’s retreating from and finally disappeared in the crowd.
Khushi started the engine and headed towards the airport immersed in what Misha had just said. “What did she mean what she saw? Did she see something, which I didn’t? Did she meet Arnav while I was sleeping? What does she mean by he is a different man?” her chain of thoughts broke when her phone buzzed again. She had been ignoring her test messages since she wanted to give her full attention to misha before she leave for Maldives. But this time she check. It was 14 text messseges from Arnav. Khushi quickly checked halting the car.
20: 08 “hey beautiful…give me a call once you are free”
20:13 “looks like you are all geared up for shopping”
20:22 “what are you buying? I am just curious”. Khushi’s lips curled up in a smile.
20: 30 “buy some sexy bikinis which I can rip while I make love to you on beach”. Something flattered inside her tummy visualizing their hot love making session on the beach both covered with sand and the ocean kissing their foot time to time while they hungrily make love to each other.
20: 45 “keep a spare panty inside your over night bag ;)”, khushi’s face flushed in embarrassment thinking of what he meant. He wants to take her in the aircraft? “Wild”, she thought.
20: 47 “are you a lesbian?” Khushi’s flashed face immediately paled. What has gotten him to write that?
20: 53 “you really don’t need to shop as we will hardly wear anything when we will be alone”.
20: 58 “you have a perfect body, try to get something which shows it off, atleast when you are with me”. “Shit” Khushi mentally cursing herslef for not seeing this message before otherwise along with other clothes she might have brought some of his choice.
21:02 “cant wait to hold you back in my arms”
21: 03 “I want you so badly”
21:06 “this is the first time someone had ignored me for so long. Khushi who was smiling all through suddenly tensed up.
21: 30 “come to my guest, there is a slight change in plan”. Khushi noted the difference between the last message and this message. “oh so someone is angry that I ignored him” a cute giggle escaped her mouth. “I will make it up for this”, she kissed the mobile screen visualizing it as Arnav’s face.
21: 31 “we will be traveling in your private jet. So take your time and come. There is no hurry”. Khushi frowned a little feeling a little said that suddenly he became aloof. She was enjoying his flirty talks so much but suddenly he stopped. She knew she was the reason, but she had her own reasons, which she would explain once she reached.
21: 45 “I expected an answer, but never mind it looks like you are in between some important meeting… much more important than our travel I guess” a sheer jealousy and possessiveness was evident in the tone that he wrote. But why? Why was Arnav singh Raizada jealous? Does he want her undivided attention? “aw! How cute” she thought. After he ignored her whole day now he is trying to make up? She thought like a new couple in love. She pouted. “it serves you well Mr. Raizada. But I am all yours for next 3 days, you can do whatever you want to with me” she blushed crimson and diverted her car towards his guest-house.
There aranv was pretty annoyed with her ignorance and here she was standing at her doorstep.  She rung the bell and waited biting her lips in excitement. Excited to see her man. The man who too in this very house. The house where she lost all her senses. The sense, which that man had full control on. The control that she wanted to loose in front of Arnav. Arnav, the first man in her life. The life, which was pale, stale, un-thrilling and lack of excitement now which took a total U-Turn.
Her chain of thoughts broke when his servant opened the door. With a big smile he greeted his madam getting an overwhelming smile from Khushi in return.
“How have you been?” she asked in a simple gentle tone.
“I…I am fine madam”, he moved to give way to Khushi.
“Umm! Arnav ji?....” Khushi tried to sneak inside to have a look but she couldnot see him anywhere.
“He is in his study madam. Waiting for you”. the servent said crisply.
Khushi did not know why she felt nervous all of a sudden. Her throat went dry as she walked across the huge living area on the ground floor.
She was about to take her seat on the sofa and dial Arnav, when she heard a crisp not so friendly tone, “so shall we proceed or do you plan to be here for the next 3 days?”. The voice was flat and serious.
Khushi’s eyes shoot up at the source of the voice. “Cant he stop looking breath takingly handsome for one day?” Khushi felt his presence, his strong presence when he strolled down the mahogany staircase. In his three piece, creaseless suit, clean shaven, he looked no less than a greek god. He looked much more than handsome in real life then in his pictures. He looked much taller and much fairer and his hair had a blonde sheen.
“I am sorry I could….not….” she couldnot finish when he said…
“Lets not waste more time my jet is ready. We have to drive to the airport”, his words came out in an emotionless manner.
Arnav finally reached in front of her and looked directly in her eyes making her look down to control her desire to hug him right away. His musky smell mixed with his own manly small did not fail to arouse her.
“hug him?” Khushi snapped up and searched in his eyes. Why the hell she wants to hug him? Not that they both shared a very strong relationship where hugs and kisses are natural. They are not like regular couples where they hug and kiss when they meet up or part ways. Khushi fisted her finger and controlled herself from being flung in his embrace.
Arnav narrowed his eyes and looked at Khushi who took two steps back. “so she did not even want to hug me and apologize for not contacting me for the whole day?” Arnav’s anger was bottling up.
Khushi gave a slight nod in approval and bit her lips.
Arnav turned to go when Khushi stopped him holding his shoulder. He tiled his head sideways not looking at her though.
“Are you angry?” Khushi asked him nervously.
Arnav did not answer her back. He shrugged off her hand and walked passed the main door.


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