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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 11

Part 11

Getting to Know

Arnav smiled agaist her core and she did not fail to notice his lips spread across his face. Pulling her legs he leveled her with him. “aah!” there he was witnessing the desire in her eyes which he craved for. Her eyes had turned dark, her lips parted blowing hot breath on her face, her jaw-line clearly showing the urgency of her needs. “not like this baby” he said in a soft husky voice making tremble in passion.
“Why?” she asked him innocently. She blinked her eyes looking at his and lowered her lashes.
“I want you first time to be special and comfortable. I might hurt you right know. I want this to happen when you are comfortably on bed”, he barely whispered against her lips and captured her.
Khushi, too overwhelmed with his thought, just melted in his arms yet again. “he..he wanted to take it easy…when none of his actions stated that he was a controlled guy…I know how much you wanted it right here…I could feel the pressing need…then why are you so tender with me now…how does it matter to you…?” she closed her eyes drowning into passion tasting herself in his mouth. How different she felt, how alive he had made her, how complete she felt against him. And most importantly she felt she was wanted. After her husband left her, she failed to gain confidence on herself as far as any other men were concerned.
“This is how you test” Arnav blewed her against her lips.
“Arnav this is so new to me”, she innocently accepted. “I have never felt like this with any man…I never had any man in my life who could make me feel this the way you are making me…” Khushi truthfully accepted the face.
“Your husband is a fool to leave you Khushi. He is a moron, how can a man leave a woman like you? You are one hell of a sexy lady”, Arnav embraced her tightly in his arms, kissing her wet shoulders.
“Oh Arnav!” she pressed herself tightly cascading her body with his leaving no air in between them. “I hope I am able to make you feel the way you are doing to me”, Khushi sighed and rested her head on his shoulder slightly nibbling the water drops on his shoulder.
Arnav knew it was all new for her and without disturbing what she was doing he let her enjoy his body. He let her do what she wanted and he thoroughly enjoyed her fresh and innocent touches. He now exactly knew why all men tempted to experience a virgin woman. They were always different, they were always mystery, which all men want to solve on their own and mold them the way they wanted. He also discovered that before this she might have not known what orgasm is like and he was sure that she did not play with herself much, like the other woman tend to do when alone. She had no idea how desirable she was, how her sleek, firm body aroused a hell out of him.
“I loved the way you did that over there” she shyly acknowledged him not looking at him thought trying to hide her teeny expression, not wanting to look like a desperate kid confessing about her fantasies.
“Can someone be so cute?....oh how he loved it only he knows…” one thing he was sure now that, Khushi had zero pretense. She was a woman who cannot pretend and she was a women who can clearly say upfront without hesitating a bit and that was another knock in his desire.
Arnav wanted to play a bit with her. Not that he was one of the people who would like to tease, but with Khushi he was just unstoppable. The moment she came in his life everything changed in a glimpse of it. He found some few new sides of him emerging from his Arnav Singh Raizada fa├žade. “you love the way I did WHAT? WHERE?”
Khushi pulled back and pocked his shoulder, “don’t tease me” she pouted and looked at him dreamily.
“I want to listen Khushi” Arnav demanded touching his nose with hers.
“i…..i like the….” She gulped unable to bring herself from saying it.
“Just say it Khushi…I am dying to hear”, Arnav honestly said immediately thinking why was he so desperate to hear that? he knew what he had done to her and it wasn’t the first time he sucked any female, but something inside him craved to hear khushi’s confession.
“I like the way….you…kissed my…my…my…” Khushi couldnot complete her sentence, when she felt him furiously kiss her lips with lots of passion.
“lets go to the bedroom Khushi otherwise I will end up taking you right here which I don’t want” Arnav exhaled and rubbed her sculp. Holding her waist he made her sit on the floor picking up from the pool and he pushed up his body on the floor with is strong arms.
Khushi stood up on the floor and squeezed the water from her dress while Arnav went inside his sauna room to take fresh towel.
While coming back he saw Khushi bending down to squeeze her wet hair, he back protruding towards him. In no time he pressed his hard form against Khushi prefect butts earning a gasp from her side. “I am craving to take you from back Khushi” he said rubbing himself against her soft yet firm full cups. He held her waist while Khushi straightened her back against his chest, clutching arnav’s finger.
“you cannot enter the house like this Khushi” he whispered against her ear slightly nibbling it with his tongue.
“i…i…know…that’s…that’s what I was wondering…” Khushi stammered sensing his hardened from turning all the more harder against her. She wondered how would his naked skin feel against her naked skin.
“Open your dress” he commended”or you want me to help you with that?”, Khushi heart was thumping against her chest suddenly feeling naked in front of him. Before she could speak, her dress was pooled on the floor and a hot fluffy towel covered her. Khushi smiled and silently thanked Arnav not embarrassing her by seeing naked at the moment. Arnav tucked the towel behind and guided her towards the door.
Khushi snaked her arms around his triceps and walked with him. Entering her inside the room Arnav closed the door behind and hugged her from behind. Khushi leisurely rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
“Looks like you haven’t open my gift” Arnav said swaying along with her seeing the blue wrapped still covering his gift that he has brought from London.
“umm no” Khushi continued to feel his bare chest against her own bare back.
“and why is that so?” he kissed her cheeks lovingly.
“I think we have made it very clear before we gotten into this, that I will not accept any gift from you”.
“Oh come on Khushi! Once a while it is ok, and being Arnav singh raizada’s girl-friend you deserve such pampering from me. And I would love to pamper you my beautiful lady”, he said while turning her towards him.
“arnav, this is really not needed. I am just happy to be with you. I don’t want these unnecessary complications you know”, Khushi said keeping her head on arnav’s chest, her heart felt heavy, her eyes fighting to hold back her tears. “how can I say that I hate gifts. Gifts are always painful when we part ways from our loved ones remembering them.
Arnav was a little taken back. This was the first time a woman rejecting a gift. Other women in his life always demanded gifts from him during their courtship and Arnav gave them more then they have ever expected. That’s how Arnav was. He loved doing it, spending money on his girl friends. But Khushi was different. A smile crept on his lip and reached his eyes. She was indeed different.
“atleast open it and see” Arnav held her in his arms.
Khushi tried to protest but gave up when he promised that he will not force her to take it.
Khushi carefully unwrapped the paper and opened the box.
“This is so beautiful” she gasped. The diamond reflected its blue aura on her face, making her look like an angel.
“not as much as beautiful as you are” Arnav nuzzled his nose across her bare shoulder.
“but its expensive Arnav” she said.
“not as much as your presence in my life right now. I want to see you wearing this one day Khushi. ONLY THIS”, he stressed earning a crimson blush on her face.
Arnav untided her towel and was about to remove it entirely when her phone rang.
Khushi reluctantly reached to her phone and checked the caller ID.
“Misha Calling” Khushi frowned a little and looked at shifted her gaze towards Arnav.
“I have to take this call” Khushi said bitting her lips, she knew misha will never call Khushi, where she was unless it was absolutely necessary.
“Take it” Arnav gave her an understanding smile.
Khushi smiled back and picked it up…”hello!”
Suddenly her face drained, her yes became blank and her body became cold. Arnav quickly reached shoulder and his expression changed into concern. Khushi pressed her hand on his and tucked her lips. A tear made its way rolling down her cheeks.
She cut the call and said, “I have to go home. Misha just now had an asthma attack. She is all-alone. I have….”
Before she could complete Arnav picked her up and steadied her on the floor, we are leaving right now.
“Arnav I can manage and I am sor….” She felt his finger on her lips and his thumb wiping her tears.
“We can talk in the car. Right now we need to home” Arnav said while leaving her in the bedroom to get changed and he made his way towards the bathroom.


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