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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 13

Part 13


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He yawed and flattered his eyes. "aah! My back" he twitched holding his back and tried to stretch. Suddenly he felt something heavy on his chest. He looked down and saw Khushi cozily smuggled on his chest happily smiling in her sleep. His lips automatically curled up seeing the beautiful woman in his arms. He had taken many women in his arms but never felt a stomach curling effect seeing someone like this. He thought he was immune to woman touched but this lady who was in his arms proved it all wrong. Could her virginity be a reason why he felt this special feelings brewing inside him?
It was indeed a special morning for Mr. Casanova. A man who got up with a headache every morning, a man who needed his daily dose of black coffee to remove his tiredness of long activity during nights. The same person woke up peacefully feeling fresh. "My Caffine" he chuckled seeing her doe eyes closed. He knewly exactly how her eyes looked when they were open. How it widened when he tried to get close to her on their very first meet. How it filled with desire when he neared her. How she shut if off when she felt his lips on her lips for the first time. How it held embarrassment enjoying the kiss from the stranger. How she blushed and tried to hide looking at him while they were on his bed in his bedroom. How she felt uncomfortable in the pool. He knew each and every expression of hers.
Unable to resist her plump lips he touched it with his thumb and brushed it lightly feeling the soft texture. Unknowingly Khushi kissed his finger in her sleep and hugged his hand.
"Good Morning!" she greeted him lazily, yawning like a cute kid.
"Good Morning sweetheart", Arnav greeted her back still admiring her flawless innocent beauty. "She is so perfect" he thought. Before he could talk further he saw Khushi drifting back to sleep hiding her face from the penetrating rays of the sun sipping through the white leafy curtain. He smiled and kissed her lips unable to hold himself back, and that made her shift.
Stretching his arms he shifted Khushi on floor…
"Floor?" Suddenly realizing the coldness of the floor he realized that they might have rolled on the sofa and fell on floor in their sleep and the back pain could be due to that. "Sukar hai tum mere upar giri, warna tumhe chot lag jati" (thank god, you feel on me otherwise you could have heart yourself) he spoke to a half sleepy Khushi.
He brought his lips near her ear and whispered, "hey beautiful, yesterday night was nice. Hope to spend some more nights with you just like this in your arms spending the whole night just talking".
"Talking?" he was confused with his own behaviour. Why on the earth he would want to sleep like that doing nothing just talking with a woman? That's so not Arnav Singh Raizada.
He recapitulated the whole incident in his mind and felt little annoyed to himself, that how he indulged himself in such private things? Did he forget his motto of life? He can never be close to woman, not emotionally. Emotion kills a person. Did not he know that? He turned to Khushi's side and saw her angelic face. "No Khushi, don't do this to me…" he spoke to himself feeling helpless about his flow of raw emotions that was emerging within himself.
Arnav closed his eyes in pain and anger and then again looked at the same beautiful face. He touched her cheeks. "This is not right. I cannot feel like this. I cannot feel so vulnerable around you. What I did yesterday was not me, Khushi. It was not me. I cannot be like that. I will not be like that with you, with anybody".
He knew it was too late. He had shown his soft side to that girl and she was not a fool to not understand what was it? She even appreciated his effort for her kissing him politely. Why being there for someone felt nice? "Oh how she hugged him feeling gratified. She is so real". He thought. Why he went out of the way to help her? Why he could not bear the pain that he saw in her eyes yesterday when she panicked for her friend? Why he was there for her, with her, in her house, the whole night, sleeping with her in a couch that barely held space for two people. Why such a short space looked enormous for both of them yesterday night? How they felt each other rather than making love? When and how he started liking foreplay that he did not even pay attention to what he wanted? He wanted her body…and he cannot deny that. Even she knew his intention then why, he wanted to make her first time special? Why he did not take her when she surrendered herself before him? Who is she to him that he almost took oath to make her first time special? Just his new girlfriend? Just like other girls who had been in his life? "NO" she wasn't just his girlfriend. He had never gone out of the way for any girl. Maybe she had become a friend. Yes a friend. Those actions were more for a friend. Being there beside her when she needed him the most was a friendly gesture. Sharing a couch while attending a sick person was a friendly gesture. Taking away the sorrow and lightening up the atmosphere was a friendly gesture.
But friends were never physically attracted. Atleast not for Arnav.
He had few friends, out of which most of them were males…in-fact all of them were males. But he had never been so satisfied doing things for others what he did for Khushi. He did not do anything yet just being with her and warming her up his heart felt nice and over whelmed.
There was something about this girl, which he could not deny and he knew it.
"She was very clear about us from the day one. No-Strings-Attached. Yes I have to stick to that and there is nothing impossible for Arnav Singh Riazada".
He gave a last look towards her angelic face and stood up. Picking her in his arms he settled her on the sofa. Carefully placed her head on the hand rest and covered her up with the quilt. He saw her smuggling cozily inside the quilt just as she did with him whole night and few minutes back.
"Bye Khushi" he whispered and finally made his way out of her apartment.
Khushi was continuously looking at her phone expecting a call from Arnav. But he did not call. "what was the matter?" she thought. Whole morning she had been fussy and grumpy just because she expected him to be there when she opened her eyes. But he was not there. Something made her annoyed but she did not know why. "Ek phone to kar sakta hai na" she scolded him mentally. Immediately realizing what she was doing she thought "nahi Khushi, yeh tu kya soch rahi hai?" she cursed herself for having an expectation from him. She cursed forgetting her set of laws.
Sighing she tried to work on her designs when her phone buzzed. Quickly like a teenager receiving her first call from her boyfriend she looked at the scream. If some was there in front of her could easily see the twinkle in her eyes "Its him", she bit her lips and connected the call.
"Hi!" she said huskily trying to control her excitement.
"Hi Khushi! How have you been?"
"No good" she wanted to say, but it would have looked so desperate she thought. "I am fine, working on our new project".
"Looks like she is not missing me", he thought. "well I have a news for you".
Khushi made a sad face and pouted, "he did not miss me"…. She thought "Shoot" she spook.
"Today night our client will be reaching Maldives and after two day they would be leaving for their US visit. They won't be at Maldives for a month after that. I want to meet and finalize our deal if you are ok and available".
"So fast?" Khushi panicked a little. "I don't have my papers ready yet Anrav", Khushi said in a worried tone.
"Don't think about all that Khushi. Is misha alright? Can you travel now?" he enquired.
Khushi felt overly whelmed by his gesture. He did remember yesterday what had happened. And he asked her about it. "Thanks Arnav, thanks for asking about Misha. She is fine. And I don't think there will be any problem. Even this is important", Khushi said biting back her tears.
"Are you crying Khushi?" his reply came to her like a sudden shock.
"how…how do you know?" she blurted out.
"Baby you are crying? What happened?".
Khushi sobbed and confessed, "nothing I just… " she bit back her words "thanks Arnav, thanks a lot for this… I am fine".
"Are you sure?"
"ok I will ask my assistant to pick your passport from your house and he will make sure your visa is done".
"But Maldives has visa on arrival I guess", she asked.
"Well yes, but I don't want to stand in a queue. Its better we take it from here. And please don't worry about all these.
"Chalo phir see you at night. Will pick you up from your home".
"Nope I have some planes with ? Misha. I will come directly".
"suits me."
"thanks Arnav".
"Bye Khushi".


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