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ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 12

Part 12

Forbidden Feelings

Khushi gathered herself and instantly regreted of showing her vulnerable side to Arnav. Arnav! whom she hardly knew. Arnav!  Whom she had known for less than a week.  Arnav! Who was just a mere acquaintance for her at the moment? How can she be so consumed about the fact and cried. She named herself as stupid for being such an emotional fool. Before Arnav picked her hand to wipe off her tears she blinked back and wiped it off by her own.
Khushi quickly put her loose tee and slipped into her blue faded jeans and rush down towards the exit door. She check with Mrs Lucy Margerine about Misha’s health and disconnected the call. Slipping her blackberry inside her tee pocket she glanced at the door restlessly and there he was, in between her terrible condition she did not fail to praise his stunning posture. She helplessly admired the man who walked towards her with such grace and elegance. “What was different with him today?” she thought realizing his casual attire. He was wearing white translucent shirt which was sinfully showing his ripped muscles and cascade his athletic body. His lips seemed more pinkish and his damp hair messed up. She was so into her trance that she failed to notice a worried face looking at her.
“Are you ok?” he hushed before her and cupped her face. Khushi snapped and jerked back. “relax! Its me darling” Arnav said steading her on the grounds. He opened the door for her and guided her inside. Khushi sat without any word and concentrated on the figure which she was failing to distract herself from. She watched his every move the way he closed the door in style, then slipping his night glasses, then walking across the car and lastly taking the driver seat beside her. “He looks much younger in casuals…he should wear them often…she mentally noted”.
Before igniting the engine Arnav glanced and her and meet his dark brown eyes with her. He knew she was looking at him and mentally appreciating him. He also knew if the situation was different he would left no stones unturned to tease her. After all he loved to see her blush which she deliberately wanted to hide from him, masking her teeny self from him. The little she knew how much he enjoyed seeing the crimson naturally glowed her face, complimenting her flawless white shimmering skin. Arnav always had taste for everything and looking at the list of girl whom he had been associated with made it clear, Khushi being the top in the chart. She was beyond perfection. With her natural beauty and radiating smile she looks like and angel who was mistakenly born in this cosmopolitan world. She doesn’t belong here. She was epitome of beauty. Any man in her life would be the luckiest to have a girl like her and Arnav did not fail to acknowledge that. Feeling elated Arnav smiled at her simplicity and genuinity. His hand travelled automatically towards her cheek and stroked with his thump as lightly as possible. Khushi felt goose bumps erupt on her skin instantly.
Her gaze fall on his lips instantly, that was the effect of his touch on her skin.
“Did you speak to nisha?” Arnav asked her softly.
“hah!…Misha” Khushi stammered and corrected him feeling slightly dazed.
“Sorry, Misha!” he finally pulled his car towards khushi’s apartment.
“I have spoken to Mrs Lucy, she said that she has informed our family physician”, Khushi looked straight cursing her mind which totally forgot about her best friend’s condition and started to drool on the person sitting next to her. “She is my best friend. In fact she is like my sister” Khushi said thinking why she was explaining him about Misha. he wasnot a person who should know about her personal life and what equation she had with others. But somehow the words did not stop. It could be that she saw the hint of concern in Arnav’s eyes when he said that misha is important. No matter how much she tried but she failed to acknowledge the warmth he had provided to her. She wanted to hug him instantly and tell him that how much she wanted a man beside her in her life during her tough times when she felt helpless and alone, but she feared that like a hawa ka jhoonka (gust of wind) he will reel her life and leave her alone once he was done with her. After all they were not committed to each other like two lovers. This relationship will only give her pain if he dared to take it other ways, lesser emotions, healthier it was for her.
“Thanks Arnav” she said politely appreciating his effort making Arnav glance at her. He did not know why suddenly he wanted to comfort her like a friend..umm maybe like a special person in her life, assuring her that he was there. He raised his long arms and touched her shoulder behind her head and pulled her close to him. Khushi kept her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes feeling content, not wanting to part herself from his warmth.
It was almost fourty five minutes they had reached khushi’s apartment and Khushi was inside her bedroom with misha, while Arnav made himself comfortable on the huge sofa which dominated their living room. It was a two bedroom flat, very nicely decorated with modern furniture. Most of it was done in white, and few pockets with dominating saffron. It looked face and lively unlike his own house which was undoubtedly grand but felt lonely. Few minutes back he got an uneasy glance from a woman in her forties instantly knowing that she must know him and his whereabouts. He saw her whispering something in khushi’s eyes and then made her way out of her apartment instantly earning khushi’s apologetic look towards him.
His eyes were fixed on the closed door, his legs itched to berge in and asked whether everything was fine or not. But he decided to stay calm and wait for Khushi to come. After all it was her house and there was one more girl living with her. It wont be a very good idea to intrude in their privacy.
After seven-eight minutes he saw Khushi coming out exhausted from the room. She plastered a genuine smile on her face and beamed towards him. Arnav returned back a warm smile and asked her to join him in the sofa.
Khushi dropped herself on the sofa without looking at where she was landing. She flinched feeling something muscular rathar than soft base which she expected. She immediately apologize to him, falling on his lap and was about to get up when he slid his arms around her waist and held her intact.
“Arnav! Let me go” Khushi felt embarrassed.
“Stay” he said nuzzling his nose on her soft skin on the nape. She shuddered with sensation tantalizing her nerves. “how are you?” he asked closing his eyes feeling her warmth once again in his body. “Oh how he missed her touch” he thought.
“I am fine”. Khushi turned towards him and cupped his face, “thanks once again Arnav. Thanks for coming here with me”, and pressed her lips on his lips which held a smile.
“We had decided to be together for the weekend madam, looks like you have a memory problem”, he joked with her sensing the ease in her words.
“I know that, but I did not expect you to come here you know…” she paused, “I think it’s very late now, and you should leave. Misha is fine”.
“Very bad host you are Khushi”, he teased her more earing a frown from her, “I have been waiting her without a glass of water since an hour and you are asking me to leave. Is it how you treat your guest?” Arnav pulled her close to him sensing her small protest.
“I…I am so sorry. Let me get you some water. You want it chilled or room temperature?” Khushi sighed in embarrassment. Here he had come with her, and there she was not offering him a glass of water.
“I want it hot”, his eyes explained it all. Khushi hit his shoulder lovingly and hugged him tight in her arms.
“you don’t know Arnav what this gesture of yours meant to me” she closed her eyes resting her chin on his shoulder.
“Would you or misha mind if I stay over here tonight?” Arnav caressed her back putting his hand inside her lose tee making her skin burn by his each and every touch.
Khushi moved herself a little to face him, “you have to manage in this sofa then”, she said and bit her lips. “you must be kidding Arnav, I cannot let the Tycoon to sleep here, uncomfortably.
“Who said I will be uncomfortable? When I have you under me”, Arnav said naughtily.
“haw! Battameez insaan” Khushi blushed furiously.
“I am serious Khushi, I am not letting you go away from me now. You have to be beside me bas!” he cut her off and pulled her into a passionate kiss, tracing her lips with his saline tongue. A taste that drove her crazy.
“I am not letting you go away from me now. You have to be beside me bas!” she know what he meant but she loved to think it in a different way…more emotionally. How she wished that someone would say that to her and how will it feel if this man meant it the other way. “Don’t be an emotional fool Khushi. just enjoy your life with him, till he is there in your life, relish and cherish every moment and bank all the moments which will help you to smile for the rest of your life”, she reminded herself.
Both of them made themselves comfortable beside each other on the sofa and cuddled up together. Khushi brought a duvet to cover themselves up and Arnav helped her to wrap themselves up inside. They felt each other for the whole night slipping inside their tees and teased each other the hell out of themselves. Both of them enjoyed their first night in each-other’s arms, memorizing every damn detail. After hours of exploration both slept in a peaceful sleep holding unto each other tightly so that none fall from the sofa.


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